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Special thanks to my friend, the artist: :iconcharleian:
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OK that was a close call probly they're going after something else and they just happened to be there, and wait 1 second, is that a gun turret on the top of a police car? OK seriously just how bad is it that you can get automatic weapons on civilian security forces? I dare not think about what the military has since I know that they always have something a little bit more hidden in the shadows. God in heaven, If San Diego is still part the night States in your campaign/comic, I mentioned the entire county's one giant military fortress at this point.
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Must be a bit of a challenge for all the civilians in the area, the food producers would definitely be among those kept safe. Someone like me could at least work as logistics, also known as military FedEx.
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People with weapons: No big deal drive on
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WHAT THE....REAL COPS? guess they just wanted a shortcut?
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