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This blog was also posted over at, a mod-site for Blood.

So I've been doodling with OpenRPG which, if you've never heard of it, is an Internet application that allows people to play Role Playing Games in real-time over the Internet. It's fully customizable and blah blah blah dice and charts and whatever. This is what it could look like:…

Over the years I've been looking into modding other games to fit the Blood-universe, such as Mordor: The Depths Of Dejenol, MUDs, Rouge-like games and that Lokemundux Cruo demo I made a while back.

The reason I've been doing this is mostly because I've always wanted to take the role as a Cultist and go through the daily perils of worshipping the Tchernobog and keeping the zombies out of the brain-storage and whatnot.

While playing Blood I've come upon moments where the enemies seem to have been roaming free as if they've had their own goals to fulfill. Maybe I've been playing this game for too long...

OnRPG has a learning-curve so I'm no expert with it. Maybe there's a better program to do this? My dream would be to experience the Blood-Universe and go through the various ranks of the Cabal because I've always felt that this is an angle that could be developed further.
OR why not live as a Zombie for a day? Or an Innocent Citizen? Or maybe even a Rat?

Sorry if this was bit of a rant, but this is one of the few things I'm really passionate about.

If you know of a better program to use, or if you're just interested in trying OnRPG one night, please leave a comment!