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Mystic Kakarotto

By Blood-Splach
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Yo folks ^^ this is a scene i v imagined when Kakarot will face Vegeta, but what if he learned Mystic Powers from Gohan of Univers 16.
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Bah i can't see it
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I see it now OMFG

But that's not mystic, Mystic Kakarotto would have hair similar to his normal state or like DBS's UI Goku :D
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Y'know I believe that the Buu Saga would have been better if Goku was brought to the Kai Planet by Supreme Kai to free the Z sword and obtain the mystic form from Old Kai, and show up to face super buu.
While his Son obtains the Super saiyan 3 transformation after training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and thus holds off Super Buu alongside Gotenks until Goku returns from the grave.
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maybe thats a nice twist ^^
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What can I say I can imagine and elaborate.
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how did he become mystic he wouldent wait 20 hours with old kai
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Better Question: why should Old Master Kai give the mystic Powers to such Scum? ;)
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Better Question: why turn U13 saiyan into mystic losers?

They already ruined Gohans
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Mystic State is turning Characters into Losers? : O

I had no Idea ... ... ... :XD: =P
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Also Gohan lost his cool when he became a mystic pansy boy :P
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"ARDBZ" ?? (ò_Ô) Never heard of that, i think.

Is it same as crappy as Dragonball Super(bad) ? :XD:
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1.:/ And you know of TFS's DBZA?
2.Nah it's actually cool, but has Gohan hate posted over it (not even the badass form of Gohan - Preteen SSJ2 Gohan could kill Cell)
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I know TFS's Abridged Series von DBZ :D
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Babidi most likely involved.
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Kakarot your power has gone since we fought but I will defeat you!
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the mystic power is no something  you learn :)
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Oh no Vegeta is screwed.
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LOL? No Kakarotto is, as he became "the M word"
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j'adore goku qui regarde gohan genre: "fils, t un tel con et t un tel traître!!! si vegeta perd, t'auras ça sur la conscience et un kamehameha sur la têt!"
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increible! muy bueno y me encanta el tramado de lineas!!chasing llama again 
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a bad idea gohan....
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