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The Grim Adventures of the KND

Edit: Finally rearranged the pics so that they overlap. It was bugging me for some time now :)

Just finished watching the Grim Adventures of the KND and loved the pictures shown at the credits, so I decided to share them with you :D

None of these are mine, I just put the pictures together.
(c) belongs to the people, who invented the characters - Maxwell Adams and all the rest :)
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My favorite crossovers are Evil Camp Carne, Ed, Edd n Mandy and Samurai Mac

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Nice. Just one problem: WHY WAS MY GYM PARTNER'S A MANDARK NECESSARY??!! I love Dexter's Laboratory, don't get me wrong. It's not the character from Dexter's Laboratory that angered me, it was My Gym Partner's a Monkey that angered me!! I'm sorry, but MGPaM was very unnecessary!!
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This is so cool!
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lol  I like ed edd n mandy
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Class of Number 3000!
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I'm surprised I remembered Class of 3000 even existed.
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A strange little show to be sure. 
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I want to see Ed Edd n Mandy and Class of Numbuh 3000.
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I'd watch all of them :D
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I imagine Ed Edd n Mandy would go like this-

Double D- Nooooooo! This is disastrous! 

Mandy- Gonna rip that hat off...

Double D goes faster, and decides to go for help. 

Double D- Louise! Youve GOT to help me!

Louise- What's wrong?

Double D- Mandy tried to kill me, Ed and Eddy!

So... yeah. My avatar shows Double D frightened. He's like Run Away 
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oh my gosh
This hit me right in the childhood feels!
I remember all of these shows!
And oh my gosh I laughing so hard when j saw these crossover covers XD
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Right there with you :D
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"My Gym Partner's a Mandark" still amuses me more than the actual show.
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How about Steven Universe and Uncle Grandpa crossover? 
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I have yet to see either of those shows, heard good things though!
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Yeah, you got a problem?

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Evil Camp Carne is my favourite :D
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I do love crossovers!
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