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I aim to quease
LOL, sandwich.

Rules and FAQ

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 6, 2008, 1:29 PM
Oh, crap, she's talking again

Welcome, Welcome

Hello there, and yes, welcome to my humble stock account, with which I hope to provide you with all your bloody needs. If there's anything you can't find or need help with, feel free to give me a shout and I'll see what I can do for you.

All of my stock and resources and free for you to use within DA, as long as you abide by my few simple rules.


:bulletpurple: I have to "credit" you if I use your stock or resources, right? But how exactly do I go about doing that?
If you use my resources at all, please credit me in your description by linking back to my page or the image you used and then send me a link to your piece in either a Note or leave a comment on my main page. I don't mind if you leave a comment on the actual picture or brush set that you used, but it will take longer for me to get round to seeing it. There is no need to state which particular piece of mine you used unless you want to.
:bulletpurple: What about crediting you for Prints? Am I even allowed to make a Print? Do you expect a cut of the profit?
If you'd like to make your submission available as a purchasable Print, you may do so, but please notify me. You needn't do this before you submit your Print, just let me know at some point that you have. If there are any sales, no, of course I don't expect any of your profit, I'm not a monster.
:bulletpurple: Can I use your stock to make my own resources?
I provide my own brushes for you to use, so you cannot use my stock images to make brushes unless I've given you prior permission, but feel free to use it to make other resources.
:bulletpurple: Can I display anything made with your resources on any website other than deviantART?
No, my resources are for deviantART use only.
:bulletpurple: But I thought you used to let some people do that? Don't you anymore?
I'm afraid not. I got sick and tired of too many people not even asking permission before posting it elsewhere, so unless it was posted - with my permission - prior to February '08, my stock and resources are strictly for use within deviantART only.
:bulletpurple: Do you have any regulations regarding how I use your images on deviantART?
Yes, I only ask that you:
:bulletblue:Do not submit your deviation containing my work in the Photography section - you didn't take the photo, I did.
:bulletblue:Be creative! I don't care how skilled you are as an artist, as long as you're as creative as you can be. I will, however, not accept you simply changing the colour or contrast of one of my images or slapping a few of them together over a badly cut out picture and calling it your own. C'mon, that's pure laziness. I reserve the right to have pieces using my stock removed without given reason.
:bulletblue:Make sure that the providers of any other resources you're using don't mind how their work is used - some people won't be too pleased to see pictures of their children covered in blood, if you catch my drift.
:bulletpurple: Duly noted, but can I use one of your un-edited pictures as a preview image or something similar?
You may use my un-manipulated stock as a preview image for your poetry/prose etc. without asking as long as you clearly state that the image belongs to me. Whether you notify me you've done this or not is completely up to you.
:bulletpurple: But what if I want to use an image of yours to make a logo for a T-Shirt that will be going on sale?
If you'd like to use my stock in the making of a T-Shirt logo or CD cover, etc. then I may let you do so if you give me the specifics of what you'll be doing and where.


Is that real  blood??
Yes, some of the images are of real blood which was purchased and/or stolen from my charming local butcher, Terry. The rest is fake blood which I make myself, but a couple of the images are of my own blood after I've had a nasty accident, usually involving a waffle iron and my face.
Not really. I don't own a waffle iron.
So, not all of it's real blood? How can I make it?
A lot of people ask me this and it's getting somewhat annoying now. I'd appreciate it if you'd ask me over MSN or try to catch me around in dAmn if you'd really like to know, that way I can explain properly and help you improvise quickly if you don't quite have what is needed.
Why do you love blood so much?
I don't! I just have the means so I try and provide useful stock, I've no blood fetish, I don't wish or think I'm a vampire and no, I wouldn't like to come over to your house and drink blood, but thank you for the many, many offers.
I don't like your stock, I think it's disgusting. How do I go about complaining to you without the lovely LawrenceDeDark and UnicornReality buggering me half to death with their PV sticks?
If you don't like my stock, then that is your own problem, sorry. If you've a nasty comment to make or you'd just love to tell me how repulsive it is, please don't or I'll set robinism on you for making me cry. If you have a serious problem, for example you think that one of my pictures violates the rules, then please Note me about it and I'll try my best to rectify the problem or, failing that, remove it.
I took some photographs of blood, do you want to see them?
No! Again, thanks for the offer, but no, I don't even like blood and see enough of it as it is, so you showing me that you can do better's just not very appealing at the moment. Sorry.
You take requests, you say?
Requests are currently closed, unless you're a special case, but it's worth asking, I might be in a good mood.
If I use your stock will you :+fav: my work?
Most probably, if it's well done and I like it. If I haven't done so please tell me because I've probably just forgotten or missed the link.
And if I +watch you, will you watch me back?
That depends entirely on who you are - I don't watch many people with this account. If you add me out of the blue or ask to exchange watches, forget about it, I only watch people who comment on and use my stock, so do that and expect a watch in return.
I watch you, you watch me - why aren't you commenting on my work?
This is my stock account, I only comment on and :+fav: work containing my stock, or if I see something spectacularly spectacular or hilariously funny. I don't even have the time to comment on works featuring my stock at the moment, and I can barely find the time to reply to and answer any questions, and I'm sorry.
So, I heard you were gay...
Yes, it's all true.
How old did you say you were again?
I didn't, so mind your own business. But, yes, I am over 18.
So, are you seeing anyone?
I am indeed. Now go away.
Okay, okay, I'm going. Just a few more questions first, please?
Oh, go on then. Fire away.
Are you interested in joining/affiliating with my club or group?
If the topic's somehow related to my stock then I guess so, ask me first, obviously, but I don't see any problem with that.
Are you always this bad-tempered?
No, I'm quite nice, really, I'm just PMSing today.
Are you going to take pictures of that?
Only for you, baby.
Okay, thank you for all of that. I think I'm going to get the Hell out of here now, before you start talking again...
Thank you, come again.

If you'd like to add a question to my FAQ or if there's anything else you need to know about my stock or myself, feel free to ask, I don't bite.


Endorsing self-harm! If you're a cutter, or feel the need to start cutting up someone else, then I'm very sorry, but I do not really want to know about it.

Side Note

Please, please look when you go to link to me, I am NOT BloodStock or blood-stock and I'm sick of it! Surely when you go to leave a link to your work on their page you'll see it's not the same person, no?
If I see you've accidentally credited them, I won't be mad, but if I ask you to change it, please do, otherwise I will be pissed.
If you're having trouble or are not sure how to credit stock artists by displaying a link or avatar, read this:
FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?

Thank you.

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A huge thank you goes to the wonderful ClaireJones for this lovely CSS and to the gorgeous UnicornReality for the fantabulous avatar.

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Thanks for giving me the inspiration i needed and keep providing amazing stock like that. +fav 
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