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Wow it's been over a year. Crazy Update. 

April 2016: Sadly to say Link passed away. I hit deep depression for about a good year or so, and I was in a dark place and I wasn't myself because I lost a piece of my soul that day. So I stayed away from social media and wasn't as active. He lived a long 15 years and he passed away at home in my arms. We payed a vet to come to our home because I promised him his last moments wouldn't be at the vet. He got to eat a whole roasted Chicken. 

June 2016: Only working 3 months at a new movie theater and they promoted me to Manager! I am so proud of myself, I've always wanted to be a manager at a movie theater! I'm still there and working hard! It's crazy at times but I love my job and my coworkers. I am working even harder to become a Senior Manager! 

Sep 2016: I got another little one. A corgi puppy girl. As a memory of Link I named her Zelda. She's helped me so much. To me, it's not replacing Link. He can never be replaced. It's started a new journey with a little one. And I know he's watching us from the other side. I deiced to make my corgi her own Youtube Channel. Feel free to check it out here: Zelda the Corgi's YOUTUBE CHANNEL

April 2017: I got my first Tattoo! It's a legend of Zelda Tattoo with Linky's paw print on the side. In the paw is some of Link's Ashes too. I had it done on the one year of his passing. The same day. Ever since I got this tattoo, I haven't felt so sad about his passing. Sure I still cry from time to time, but it's like I always feel him close by. My depression got so much better ever since!
I recorded me getting inked, so here's the video for that here! 

I haven't really gone to conventions in 2017 because I've been working very hard at the theater and trying to make it more popular with the remodel and new bar coming. Lots of projects! But I plan to attend as many cons as I can for 2018, and even be part of skits again!
There has been some tears in my last recently but they have all made me a stronger person. And Im taking them as life lessons and becoming a better person as well. 


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Sup everyone!
I really wish I was more active on this. I wish I had just time for Youtube videos lol
My life has been crazy since I've been married. But it's an adventure! 

I love my new Life with my Husband Robert <3 Everyday We grow stronger and closer to each other. oxoxo
At the moment Our Baby Dog Link (who i've had for 14years) has Heart Failure. He is doing pretty good right now thou, He is taking his Meds, eating all his food, enjoys his walks and everything else. 
It's just a lottttt of work me. Lol It's a 24hr hour job keeping a senior dog in full healthy/Happy mode. 
But it's worth every penny. I also can't go to out of state cons because of Link. Even thou he's ok now I want to stay close to him. So I can only go to close by cons and if I do, I can only go one day. I can't leave my Link with anyone for long because he needs so much stuff and I want to always take care of him. 
That's why I haven't been on line much.
Anyway just wanted to give a heads up on why I haven't been on my social media accounts.
Love you all and Here is the list of my 2016 Convention list!

* Anima- Wisconsin Milwaukee (Saturday only)
* Acen- O'hare Chicago (Saturday only)
* Walker Stalker- Chicago (Saturday and Sunday)
* Anime Midwest- O'hare Chicago (I'm going to try to attend all weekend but least Saturday)
* Maybe more stay tune!
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It's been a crazy year!!! I moved out and got my own place and got married! 
I don't live in Chicago anymore, I am now a cheese head in Wisconsin with my amazing Husband Robert and my Doggie Link!

We've been making awesome cosplay videos together, and I've been crazy busy this year attending Anime conventions as a guest. So I'm always working on something. I also fixed up my scanner! So I can start posting Art. Robert got me my very first digital Tablet! I think its smart to work Digital and Traditional Art. I am updating my art Profile so I can get back into the art-World, and make my mark into this world! <3

Love you all! I'll also figure out what anime conventions I'll be attending for 2016 soon xoxo
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How's everyone doing ?? <3 Love to hear from you guys! been a while here =D

Here are the conventions I'll be attending this year so far so Check it out!
And Follow me on Twitter! Because every convention I go to I always tweet where I am, so
you guys can find me easier xoxox

Convention List 2015:

* Acen 2015 (100%)
* AnimeMidWest 2015 (100%)
* Connecticon 2015 (50%)
* Wizard World Comic Con- Chicago 2015 (88%)
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So I am a Speical Guest at two Anime conventions!

sasuke icon photo: Icon sas.png
*** Ramencon 2014: Sepempter 19-21

Radisson Holiday Star Plaza
800 E 81st Ave
Merrillville, IN 46410

Robert and Me will be Hosting a Panel called;
On FRIDAY 4PM-5PM panel Room 3#

death note icon photo: light yagami death note kira avatar icon 5412321.png

*** Rose city anime: October 19th only!

Bailey Theatre
5041 50 St
Camrose, AB T4V 1R3

From this time I'll have my own table booth where you
can meet me and I'll be also selling my Merchandise. 


Free JackFrost Give Away!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 3:09 PM
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Hey Everyone, It's been a while!
I'm so sorry I haven't been updating here. But I am giving away a Jack Frost
Action Figure Give Away!

Rules to win: Just watch my Newest video Here:…

And comment "you're Favorite Moment in the movie Frozen. I will choice one winner and announce them in the next Video.
Note: Please comment ON THE VIDEO. NOT on this journal to enter. ;D

More Awesome-ness to come!


Future cons and Meetups I'll be attending 2014:
* Acen 2014
* How to Train your Draon- Movie night with Joey
More info:…
* Ramencon 2014
* More to be listed ;D

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Thank you all for wishing me Happy Birthday! It was Oct 5th. I always forget my Birthday lol. Anyways Thank you for being by me all these years on Youtube. I promise to keep on moving forward and making more amazing videos. 

WIN A FREE JOEY SIGN Mavis Photo for Halloween!
Just like this Page and we will randomly pick a Winner before Halloween!

*Anime Con List I am going to:
Reason why I am not sure on some is cause of Job and Money;
-Daishocon 2013: November 20-22; Wisconsin Dells (80% Im going)
-Anime los Angeles: January 10-12; Los Angeles (70% Im going)
-Acen: May 16-18; Chicago (100% Im going)
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Omg sorry I haven't been on here for a while. anways...
It's next month!!! Sep 20-22!

Come to my Panel! "Cosplayers on Youtube"
It's Friday 7:00pm-8:00pm; At Panel Room one

Radisson Holiday Star Plaza
800 E 81st Ave
Merrillville, IN 46410
***More info:


* FOLLOW my Twitter HERE :
And you can set it where you get my tweets on your phone like a text because
I will be texting thur out the whole weekend con where I am at and what Im cosplaying
so it's easier to find me. cause Im doing meetups and i like to hang out with you guys <3


fry futurama photo: fry 2EvXj.png
Futurama "Fry

host club haruhi photo: haruhi m_28e337cdbc64c672f3473a191d90178b.jpg
Host Club "Haruhi" *** I WILL cosplay her for my Panel on Friday at 7pm at the Panel ROOM#1.

rainbow dash icon photo: RD rainbow_dash_avatar_081.png
My Little Pony "Rainbow Dash- Human Verison" 

regular show mordecai photo:  Mordecai-in-the-pilot-playing-rock-paper-scissors-regular-show-21075463-447-350.jpg
regular show "mordecai- Human Verison" 

Note: My Girlfriend Crystal will be Pair matching some cosplays with me. Like LeeLa from Futurama and Margaret from Regualr Show. <3

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It feels so werid to go to a anime convention after 7 months! O___O

Acen 2013:
When: May 17-19, 2013
Where: Hyatt Regency O'Hare. 9300 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Rosemont, Illinois, USA 60018 (Tel: +1 847 696 1234)

Here is my cosplay List for Acen 2013


jack frost photo: jack frost jack_frost_9.jpg
Jack Frost; Rise of the Guardians

mavis hotel photo: Mavis (Hotel Transylvania) mavis01.jpg
Mavis; Hotel Transylvania


crona soul eater photo: Crona Soul Eater Crona3.png
Crona; Soul Eater (I don't have the full cosplay cause I wanted to make my own Punk Verison but I have the wig)

matt digimon photo: Matt digimon_i05_matt.jpg
Matt; Digimon

onceler photo: boopboopboop boopboopboop.gif
Onceler; The Lorax (Hell YAY!!)

Whatever I'm in the mood lol
(Most likey Jack cause it's the most cozy lol)

Other Anime conventions I'll be attending this year:

Anime Expo 2013:
When: July 4th- 7th, 2013
Where: Los Angeles Convention Center
1201 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Phone: 213-741-1151

Ramencon 2013 (I am a Guest at this con!!)
When: September 20-22
800 E 81st Ave
Merrillville, IN 46410

Follow Joey on Twitter and Like on Facebook!…

My LA Trip!! Planing on visiting for Anime Expo

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 19, 2013, 2:01 PM
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oh snap! I am sorry I haven't updated this in a long time. A Lot of crazy things have happen this month.
And I was busy planing my Trip to LA.

I got to finally meet my Bestie Matthew Lush "Gaygod"
And I also got to hang out with Brandon Rogers! "Hotbananastud"

I had so much fun! and we made some collab videos on our channels! Check them out!

Matthew Lush:
Brandon Rogers:

Ive been thinking of moving to LA for sometime now. And I hope it will happen this year. Only time will tell lol, its a hell of a lot to plan. we shall see. All my Illustration, manga networking lives in LA and so does my Youtube networking. I also have conections to a famous artist who lives in California and is going to contact me and kinda guide me with the whole Illustation bussiness. Im so ready to start my life in LA. SO I'll work super hard to make my Art/youtube dreams a reality!
Plus I really don't do good in cold weather. Link would love the warm California lol.

But anyways, I know I'll be going to anime Expo this summer in July. I am really looking forward to that!

Check out our videos we did! I promise you will laugh at all of them!:

Warm bodies Parody: Twilight sucks…

Ex-Boyfriends Files:…
Ex-Boyfriends Files Bloopers:…

How to build muscle:…

Here is a few pics I wanted to share~

Brown face. Wait? This is still going on?

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 2, 2012, 2:27 PM
Omg She wored make-up. She is black/brown face!

To be honest. I don't care what the comments say.

People who call others racist, bitch, assholes, die, etc, isn't really making themselves look good. It's only proving you are a bully who is angry. And people who make a big deal out of this is only making "Black face" exist more. I have seen such beautiful Korra cosplayers on Da and tumblr. And when they use make-up on their skin, I find it more amazing. It just shows how some people really are determine on making their cosplay look as much as the character they want. I mean people even go to buy color contacts to match the eyes, so why can't their skin be the color they want too? It's a lot of hard work! I don't know how to put on make-up, but I know it's not cheap. And these korra cosplayers don't mean to be racist or ignorant in any matter. People should have the right to cosplay whoever and whatever they want. And I am not going to sit here and say "I am sorry you are hurt. Boo hoo." you don't like something on line, don't look at it. End of story. Don't go off and make tumblr pages dedicating to people who you think are being racist. Their are ALWAYS going to be people you hate or disagree with on line or in real life. You really think two laywers who are frighting on the same case are going to make webpages about each other and talk crap on their job? Grow up. you will be laughed at and looked down in the real world once you grown up.
What a waste of energy. Seriously? That's what you do on a saturday morning? use your wisdom and energy to find a cure for Cancer, read a nice book, go to school, go to work and make some money, Etc. Were all going die, you might as well do it while being happy and not so filled with anger and cursing people out to die and etc.

And I am sure people will comment with their long paragraphs and write how I am wrong and how they are right, using big words they don't even use that were found in the dictionary, fight me in you're little groups, again I don't care. I am only going to laugh. But if it makes you feel better you having the last word. so be it.

In the end, I am not going to lose any sleep on this. I am going to live my happy life traveling the world and nothing is going to stop that. =)

Plans for Japan

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 7, 2012, 4:48 PM
So this Saturday i have a group intership. I have applied to be a english school teacher in Japan for children.
Off course I won't go for a while because it takes a lot preparing and stuff. Plus I am still building up networking and working on my Art.
I have a lot of goals I want to achieve. And everyday is hard work, but worth it.

I made another youtube where I will post Japan videos when I do go back to Japan. I did it now so no one took that Youtube name xD in the meantime I'll post mini japan videos I didn't post on my other accounts.


click to my Japan Youtube Account.…

Japan Videos!

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 17, 2012, 11:08 AM
  • Watching: host club films

I finally Finished the videos!! Sorry it took so long... I had to go thru 136 video clips and then tons of photos and touch them up.
Lot of work but it all paid off! And Im so happy to share these  VERY special videos with you all =D



*** Click on the videos below:………

Vote for Joey!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 11, 2012, 10:23 PM
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Help out a onceler cosplayer!

Please vote for me for this cosplay contest!

Im helping some people who can't afford to go to cons or get cosplay if i win.

~~~  ~~~  ~~~

Here is how you can vote:


Help spread the word!


7 Things you may not know about Joey

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 4, 2012, 8:14 PM
  • Watching: My youtube videos... lame

1. My body rejects ALL alcoholic drinks...idk y. (Wine is ok but VERY little) I hate being force to drink and sometimes at parties I'll pretend Im drinking beer and act drunk so I can "fit in"...

2.  I am a religious person. I always believed in God and go to church every Sunday, Don't like? Suck my left nut. lol

3.  I master the mexican game "ball in a cup"!!!

4. Donuts r my fav food. And salmon sushi.

5. when I was little, I used to believe if you had a child, you would never die. (if tat was true, let me pop one out now! XD)

6. I don't believe in divorce. EVER. If I were to marry someone and then years later they cheat on me and divorce me, I'll never re-marry again. I believe once Ur married to someone, ur with them with your soul for life. A piece of divorce file papers doesn't mean SHIT.

7. When im alone in the house and bored, I will react the WHOLE Lion King movie in my room while the movie is playing, using stuff animals from the movie... I always play Scar.
( watch the video of me doing this...…)

Acen 2012 Video

Journal Entry: Sat May 26, 2012, 10:12 AM
  • Listening to: Super Psycho Love by: simon curtis

sorry im super late, i had alot of traveling to prepare right after Acen. >.<

anyways enjoy! there is some fans in this video, so if u were at acen, you just might see yourself in it!


Video one:…

Music video: TRUST ME~ song…


now i have to edit the Japan videos..... 136 clips of them X_X
im also going to post a onceler - how bad can i be music video first week or two or June!

Acen 2012 is Over + Japan Plans

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 30, 2012, 7:54 AM
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I had TONS of fun!! I don't feel like writing... So I made a quick Blog video lol

Watch Here:…

JAPAN: so yea I'll be in Japan May 7th-15!
I didn't want to say anything yet because there is also a chance something can happen and plans cancel that. But yea, looks good and everything is good to go! I'll be going with my Travel friend BILLY!!

Look out for Awesome acen and Japan videos SOON! <3 < 3<3

Acen 2012 PLANS!

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 21, 2012, 10:24 AM
  • Listening to: Super Psycho Love by: simon curtis

This video explains everything:…

Here is more info:

Event Acen info:…

Follow me on Twitter: you will need to, to find me lol!/Joey_Pacheco


ok listen up queers! this is a photoshoot for vocaloid on Acen!
They dont have one on friday so im making one myself lol.

When: Friday
Where: meeting infront of the water fountain
Time: 7:00-7:30pm

im sure it will be cold, so were just meeting around that time and moving somewhere else insid the holtel. I just picked the fountain because its a good landmark to meet up. lol

Another Embarrassing Story at Work...

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 16, 2012, 6:53 PM
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I'll Never Learn..

you can read my last journal Here: about me shitting into a bucket..…

Anyways Here's what happen today.

A guy and his girlfriend came in the movie theater and I was at the box office. The guy had a medical eye patch.
Before he bought the tickets he saw the price and freaked out.

Guy: wow, movie prices are very pricey now these days huh?

Joey: I guess so..

guy: Is there a way I can get a discount since im "handicapped" ? just kidding lol

Joey: Well, if you want you can ask my Manger if, since you're only seeing half the movie you can get half price?

Guy & Girl: WHAHAHAH!

Joey: *Thinking*: ...oh shit.... I did it again...  -_-'


so yea, when i get  too comfortable around you or just the environment I'm in, I end up saying and doing stupid stuff. But its cause im very happy. LOL Im lucky they found it funny or I would of gotten in trouble HAHA!

In the end...


Embarrassing Story at Work

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 21, 2012, 8:04 AM
  • Listening to: &quot;Let it Grow&quot; lorax movie

True Story at Work last night. I work at a Movie Theater =)

So Me, a Manger and a Co-worker were talking about how old people are so cheap. Here's our conversation...

Manger: Yea, when they pay they ALWAYS want to pay the exact change.

Co-worker: Yea really. When I was little, Me and my grandma went grocery shopping and while we were paying she would look for coins on the floor and make me get them in front of people.

Manger and Joey: Omg! LOL!!

Co-worker: It was so embarrassing, I had to pass thru people waiting in line too.

Manger: My grandma could be cheap too lol.

Joey: That's nothing! Once Our toilet broke, and my grandma refuse to get a plumber so we can to shit in bucket! lol

Co-worker: ...... O_O'

Manger: ..... O_O'

Joey: .. What?

There is some Story not MENT to be shared

Yea... I love my job a little TOO much that I think Im a little too comfortable. LOL!
I need to make a video about the funny stories that happen soon! xD