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A Jobert Wedding by blondewolf2, visual art

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Ren Honjo Black White by blondewolf2, visual art

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Double Delicious Cake: But only half the calories! (2)Double Delicious Cake: But only half the calories! (2)Double Delicious Cake: But only half the calories! (2)Double Delicious Cake: But only half the calories! (2)Double Delicious Cake: But only half the calories! (2)
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4623 75th street


Kenosha Wi. 53142

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Bio: Hello there! I am Joey,

My DA is my random art work and Cosplay. everyday life.

I am very easy to talk to and can start up a conversation with people I just met. I act and say very random funny things at times.

I am an artist school teacher for grade school.

I love watercolor landscape painting, and I also love the anime/manga style. and YES someday I would love to bring my story into a graphic novel and share with the world. I want to reach my goals & accomplish them to the fullest extent. I want to make something on this earth that will last forever by creating my own Neverland. My Story. My Manga.



Tip on Becoming a Manga Artist: (since you guys always ask lol)

*Study other styles beside anime. I know you love it, but you got to keep an open mind about other styles and maybe somehow be inspired to make you're own.

*Study the Culture of Japan, don't be ignorant.

* For now till you make it in the art world, have a Plan B-Backup job. Not saying expect to fail but the economy sucks and it's smart to play your cards right and have some actually income coming in.

*Study EVERYTHING about art. anatomy, vanishing points, perspective, color studies, etc...

*DONT. EVER. GIVE UP. ON SOMETHING YOU TRULY LOVE IN LIFE. EVER. no matter what others words say.



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Wedding Singer and BOLT
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Zelda Nintento 64
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art, eatting, film making, wolfs, dogs, gutair
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Hello!~ I feel bad I only update a post once a year >.< I'm just too busy keeping up to date with so many social medias. 2020 was a very depressing year for everyone. I miss my friends but I understand we need to be careful and work together fighting this virus. Good news thou! Since anime cons are still getting canceled I'm hosting another online anime con! I hosted one back in May 2020, So I'll make another one on discord again this May as well! Joeycon returns! I'm working on contacting famous voice actors, hosting panels, a rave again and more. It will be a FREE con too. I know money is very tight with the economy so I don't want to charge anyone. Please follow me on my social medias for the future online con, because when its ready I'll be announcing all the details and where to join on my main social medias
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I haven't wrote a journal in a year. lol But I've been more active on my other social medias' Feel free to follow me there~ ~~~~ I started working as an art teacher this year! It's super exciting and fulfilling! And I picked up a part-time job working at a dog store where I can bring my Corgi Zelda with me! So life's been great =D I finally found some jobs I'm not only happy with, but give me the time to work on my videos/Art. Robert and I have talked about adoption and next summer were going camping with foster children. It's a volunteer program for our church. I know I'm gonna cry like a bitch when i'm there. Seeing stories on kids get
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Wow it's been over a year. Crazy Update. April 2016: Sadly to say Link passed away. I hit deep depression for about a good year or so, and I was in a dark place and I wasn't myself because I lost a piece of my soul that day. So I stayed away from social media and wasn't as active. He lived a long 15 years and he passed away at home in my arms. We payed a vet to come to our home because I promised him his last moments wouldn't be at the vet. He got to eat a whole roasted Chicken. June 2016: Only working 3 months at a new movie theater and they promoted me to Manager! I am so proud of myself, I've always wanted to be a manager at a movie thea
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Happy birthday sorry it’s super late. But it’s the though that counts. Love your art, pictures and videos.
Happy birthday Joey! You've been a huge inspiration to me for almost 3 years.
Happy Birthday Joey! Best wishes! :)
happy birthday joey
Nice gallery

Have a bunny
thanks, nice mask
I miss being 14 every time I watch any of your videos. Hope Link is okay now as well.