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Pirate Skeleton

My idea was for an undead captain who was killed by having his own anchor chained to his leg and thrown into the abyss,
which he now uses as a cursed weapon he slings at any unfortunate soul crossing his path.

I suppose this boss fight from Darkest Dungeon was a big inspiration. :)
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Aw dude this is awesome!! I really love the anchor, whoa. The colors are neat too! Would you ever put this guy in a video game? : D
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Thank you!
I actually got the idea as something that'd be a cool boss fight in a game,
though I have no ideas for a game where it'd fit right now. Definitively
keeping it in my mental library of "cool future game ideas" for now.
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Lot of nice little details in this one, like the sea weed hair, starfish eye patch and fish skeleton feather in the hat. Nice design.
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Thanks, I had fun coming up with sealife-themed accessories!