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Silent Downfall

:iconblph: ~BlPh and myself present:
A collab!
A peaceful yet desolate landscape from which you can see the beginning of the end for the planet it orbits.
His version (same thing but if you fave mine, fave his!)
[link] [link] [link] [link]
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May I use this for a SSBM tournament called "downfall?" please respond ASAP. It will be the background for the banner of an art project I'm working on. Thanks!
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What software did you use for this? I'm new around here and want to start doing artwork like this. I can do it on paper, but I have no clue where to start on a computer. Thanks!!! Its amazing!!!
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This was actually a collaborative effort with BLPH , but I believe we both used Adobe Photoshop exclusively. If you need any tips regarding any specific element in the image, feel free to let me know!
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I don't even know what to say! It's brilliantly discouraging to less talented artists such as myself. But it is also a very big inspiration for the rest of us. Outstanding!
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I want to use this picture, how do i contact you?
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I have no problem with it, but you will need permission from *BLPH as well; this was a collaboration.
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for a book cover, I'm willing to pay.
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I still can't give you permission on my own. As a collaborative work, he has equal rights to the finished piece. I'd be happy to accept a commission to create a book cover for you (as would he probably), but if you want to use this exact piece I'll need to get in touch with him first. Can I get back to you after I speak to him him?
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yes. I'll wait.
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This is intense, great photo. Very forlorn feeling it evokes, you've done a great job. The blacks and greys were perfect for this
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This was actually a collab. I was responsible for the planet and coming up with the idea, and my collaborator did the rest, check his out as well!
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Very nice and interesting, I loved the dynamic.
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This is just gorgeous.
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Absolutely amazing piece of work!!!!
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Epic, Kinda reminds of a different piece ive seen in DA tho, cant remember off hand. Def wouldnt want to be standing nearby when this happens.
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right, this one is more realistic.
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Makes me think of an album cover. Like the overall ominous feel to it. Lovely!
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