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Working on this at work. Not sure if I'm going to take it any further but who knows?

EDIT: cropped, bg darkened.

EDIT: Thanks, spaceart chat! (especially ChrisCold )
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Thanks! Did it look weird to you? In my browser it was sideways and weirdly stretched. I've re-uploaded the image and it should be better now.
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No; not at all. It looks very natural; almost like the picture is taken by a real camera :o
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Thanks, this is one that I like as well ;)
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Wow!! I would love to learn how to do this! Did you use the twirl filter?
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Sorry, no, I just freehanded it :P
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This has got to be one of the most detailed and brilliant close ups of a galaxy I've ever seen. Perspective, texture, lighting, even down to the colors are unique, realistic, and spot on. Seriously, impressive job!
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Thanks! I actually think I could've done better, I've seen better depictions of galaxies, but I feel that this was a pretty decent attempt, especially in light of my previous attempts.
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Very cool =) i love the colors, its very nice =D
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you are welcome =D i also do some space art (not that good as yours obviously)
could you see some of them and tell me what do you think of them? tips to improve my works would be very welcome =D
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I looked through your gallery and to be honest, I don't have any specific crits. Just keep working at it, adding in details and refining your techniques. Don't be afraid to put any amount of time into a piece, the longer it takes the better it will be!
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thank very much =)
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May ask how u did it ?
im still buffled as to how digital space art is made....and i have been on dA for some time !
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Well this: [link] is a good place to start. As for how I made this, there isn't really much to say, I mostly used my nebula brushes:[link] along with the default brushes in Photoshop and painted it :P
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I like the feels very natural. Nice work!
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btw, love this one
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