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Commissions status: open

Commissions info

  • All of my plushies are absolutely unique works, made by my own original patterns. I make no copies, so don’t ask me to make something I’ve done before or to copy a plush someone else made. I can try to create something look-alike, but anyway it will not be the same plush.

  • I don’t keep and don’t share my patterns, nether for money nor for free, it’s just impossible.

  • I can try to make any character you like (cartoon, anime, video game, movie, your custom character), but if it too complicated and has a lot of details, it might be simplified a bit.

  • I don’t make tilda dolls.

  • I don’t make MLP (there’s a lot of people who do, ask them, they know their job).

  • Most of my plushies are meant for collectors, not for children, though I accept the cuddle plushies requests.

  • If the character has too few references, I can ask you for additional images, screenshots, sketches etc. Or, if it’s impossible, you can just trust to my intuition.

  • I prefer to use fleece, welsoft or fur fabric, details and accessories can be made from polymer clay (thermoplastic), strings, strokes, beads, felt, wool, silk, nylon, threads, buttons, laces etc.

  • It takes from one week to one month to finish a plush (depends on size, complexity, number of colors and materials used) and almost the same among of time for shipping (I live in Europe, so packages to US make a long way), so if your commission has deadline, be sure to inform me early enough.

  • I ship plushies worldwide via registered airmail, tracking code included. Shipping costs depend on size, weight and destination country. Usually it takes about $10-20 for EU and $20-35 for US.

  • I accept only PayPal payments. I can send you invoice if needed.

  • I start working on the commission after receiving 50% payment. If you want to cancel your commission after the job started this sum will not be refunded. The plush will be sent to you after full payment with shipping cost is completed. If for some reasons I can’t or don’t want to complete your order, I will return your money to you.

  • Once the plush is sent out, it is no longer my responsibility.

  • You can request some customizing of completed work (it may take additional expenses though) or ask for photos of WIP (for free).

  • If you want to start commission, please send me e-mail ( with characters name, prefered size and pose, reference images and (optional) additional requests, style and deadlines. Please be as lucid as you can be.

Price list

Small and simple plushies (5” - 7” (13 - 18 cm) high/wide): $15-25

Medium size plushies (10” - 15” (25 - 38 cm) high/wide): $25-65

Large plushies (15” - 20” (38 - 50 cm) high/wide): $65-100

Medium-large (10” - 25” (25 - 65 cm) high/wide) plushies with a lot of details: $125-250

Your personal World of Warcraft character (18”  - 28”  (45 - 70 cm) high/wide): $200-500

Tauren Shaman - World Of Warcraft by BlodweddenDwarf Shaman - World Of Warcraft by Blodwedden