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Two Wheeler

Humanized Transformer Arcee!!

I somehow see her with short curly black hair. Not sure why, but I think girls with short curly black hair and bright eyes evoke fire and spark, mixed with that tomboyish toughness within their feminine frame. I'm not sure if any of that made sense, but this is how I see human!Arcee :).

She's such a tough bird I love her!!

Also available as a bookmarker for Animethon 2012!
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only transformed arcee necessary
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Wow, very Nice Work, Very Pretty
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yeah ok...umm....WOW
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Ah!! Thank you!!!
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Very nice! I had her pictured with a pageboy with apink streak up the middle.
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Omg that would've been even better!

I want to draw that now too!
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I like the look of her face. You made her gorgeous! I found an excerpt from one of my favorite TFP fan fiction stories, called "When heroes unite".where Arcee is given a human alt-mode. Might give you even more to work with! The woman was 5'6'' and her body was lean. She wore a bright blue silk shirt with straps and blue jeans that hugged her thighs tightly. Her hair was a nice soft light blue with pink highlights that stretched down to her upper back. Her skin was a creamy pale with no freckle of any kind. Her lips were a bright pink that you would want to suckle on. Her figure strongly resembled a super model, and she could make any man drool like one too. Her breasts were well-endowed C-cup size that her silk blue shirt was having trouble containing. A little cleavage could be seen peeking its way out. I would love to see something like this! Don' change her face, I love it!
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I can't believe I didn't respond to this earlier. I would love to draw that! I mean, right now I'm drawing everyone in their distinctive armor, but I would love to see them in casual human gear too! LOL, "gear".

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Another lovely piece; I can't wait to see the rest that you have planned, especially KO and Screamer. :heart:
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Thank you!!! I hope I will meet expectations with KnockOut - he's probably the hardest one for me to translate into human!
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Wow!! Thats amazing!! :clap:
Are you going to do the other bots?
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Thank you!! :heart:

Yeah!!! As many as I can, going just by favourites first or whoever I feel like drawing next. Definitely on the list is Knock Out, Airachnid, Starscream, Optimus and Soundwave. After they're done I'll see about doing Breakdown (he looks so hard to draw :() and Bumblebee.
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Breakdown is a breeze compared to Optimus
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