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Hullo, wonderful people! I was just wondering if you would be fine with other people drawing your Blobs?

Perhaps some other users, like myself, have gotten inspired by your Blob and would like to create art of it!

I totally understand if you don't want other people drawing your Blobs but I just thought this would be a cool idea to get everyone to interact with each other and I know that I'd be stoked to see these Blobs drawn by different people.  

( I mean there's so many awesome people in this group with really nice art styles and AHHHHHHHHH you guys are so wonderful. I hope you know that. )

If I and other users have your permission to create art of your blob please comment down below with the link to your blob

I'm sorry if this seems silly and childish... but I'm super excited

If you do create some art of other people's Blobs make sure you put it in the Showcase Folder so that other people can see your art!
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★ Welcome ★


♫ About Us ♫

Thanks for visiting us!
I'm so happy you're here!!!

This is just a group where we can chill out, hang out and relax

If you submit things to the Review folders you may or may not be featured in a future "Deconstructing Deviantart" video.

♫ Leaf Blob Fanart ♫

Did you just create some fanart for Leaf Blob? ♥ Thank you so much ♥ Please submit it in the Leaf Blob Fanart folder so everyone else will see it too!!

♫ Introduce Your Blob ♫

Once you've created your very own Blob let your cute lil' blob say "hi" to the world in the Introduce Your Blob folder

♫ Showcase Art ♫

If you've created some random art and would just like to share it to the world please submit the piece into the Showcase Art folder. Don't be afraid to submit things even if you're just starting out!

♫ Art Review ♫

Do you want some critique on your artwork?
Simply submit your piece of art into the Art Review folder

♫ OC Review ♫

Did you just create the best character ever? Or the worst character ever? Want another person's opinion on it?
Submit your OC into the OC Review folder

♫ Deviant Review ♫

Want someone to take a tour through your wonderful gallery and comment on random pieces of art and share their thoughts about your gallery?
Submit a random piece of artwork into the Deviant Review folder and I'll take it as a submission for a Deviant Review

♫ Templates ♫

This is where you'll find templates for the monthly "Challenge Me" video series. Have fun downloading them and joining in these challenges.

♫ Contact Me ♫

If you find that you can't submit something or have questions please send a note to LeafBlob. I'll try my best to help!








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i was curious
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may I ask are most blobs self
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Umm LeafBlob did you cancel the Challenge #2
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Y̶e̷s̵,̴ ̵j̴u̸s̸t̸ ̷p̴u̷t̵ ̸a̶ ̵m̸a̶t̶u̶r̸e̵ ̶f̷i̴l̴t̴e̷r̷ ̵o̶n̷ ̵i̶t̶
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Though... Should I dump all 31 of my works, since I have made them all?
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