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Oh yeah btw hi I'm doing SFM again.

Taking some emergency SFM inflation commissions. Need to raise $200 CAD (~$151 USD) ASAP, as my mother's phone service is about to be disabled.

All prices in Canadian dollars.

Default slot is 1 character, any inflation type* (see below), with basic post-production (touchup, color correction, shading) for $40.


- Extra characters for $15 each. $15 more to inflate them too.
- Advanced character models who are going to need editing are an extra $40, additive to above charges, for each model needing edits, as it is very-time consuming work. Alternatively, a head-hack is $15 each.
- Add NSFW (neepnops, dongers) for $10 extra. No explicit sex.
- Full-body is $20 extra. Blueberry is $10 extra on top of that. (I may decline these two if the model is too complicated.)

Other details:
- No ponies. Any characters, as long as a model exists on Workshop or SFMLab. Please look them up ahead of time.
- No blobby WG. Minor WG and stuffing are fine, but model edit charges apply if necessary.
- No popping, as I'm not comfortable portraying that yet.

Payment by e-transfer or PayPal.

Taking 3-6 slots depending on complexity. Examples available on my DA. Send me a note with your pitch.
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