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To hell with the story line, here's some straight up smut I wrote one night!
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This story is 100% instant arousal.
slashinflation's avatar
Keep it up. It `s genius.
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Tbh I would love to have you as my irl gf XD
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"A spray of sweat and wet rubber slaps into you as you’re knocked to the floor by the force of the blast. As the pink scraps flutter down around you like confetti you close your eyes and inhale the lingering scent of pussy." I think that's the best ending sentence I have ever read in an inflation story. You are a great writer, it really feels like you are there, thriving to be inflated and popped like an over sized blimp. Between this story, ""You're Sure I Won't Blow? and "Inflate Me!" I don't know what's the best.
Succisuccubus's avatar
That was amazing! Love it so much. Thank you for writing it! :3
AintLifeSwell's avatar
Mmmmmm God yes!! Just what I needed! ;D
OK, that was absolutely amazing... Thank you for sharing!
carnatichall's avatar
Aww yassss! I just opened up dA and thought I recognised the style I saw in the intro, good to have you writing again. Have you heard of the sexyblimp Patreon for audio stories. Think you'd like.
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