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Bloops Superhero Wallpaper



OUTDATED! - I've released the new pack with twice as many backgrounds

You can download it here:…

All the superheroes I've made (47 so far) Available for download as Desktop Wallpapers

Due to the limitations in file size I was only able to upload one resolution, so I chose the largest (1920x1080) I also made a set of 1280x1024 which I can upload upon request.

Hope you all enjoy these!

These wallpapers are for NON COMMERCIAL USE ONLY!
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I came by your Wallpapers by accident. I was checking out Mattahan's page to grab me some buff icons for my desktop and somehow I found your wallpapers.

I downloaded them because they looked very cool. But it was only when I put them on my 24" 1080p LED Screen that I was blown away.

First, these are not any super hero wallpapers. They have a unique character (on top of who they represent). I think the way you presented each of them was very unique and it gives you the perception that they are there standing with all their rippling muscles without having to.

The second thing that caught my eye and that quite frankly I just love how it looks. Is the texturing you gave to the style you used. Even a print wouldn't do them any justice how good they look, in some cases like the Joker or Colossus, the texturing looks like sponging. Whenever I get to build my man cave I am calling on you so you help me paint it with a wall of The Thing and a Wall of the Joker...

I have 4 computers in my studio all with 24" 1080p screens and they each have a different super hero and they all look so slick. Almost like if they were drawn from a Comic Book, which brings me to my 3rd factor that makes me like them so much. I really like the ink on Spiderman, The Thing and I like how the Joker's face is just not cut and pasted it looks like you matted out the white and then painted the joker on top of the surface and mixed all of those elements in the texture.

I know I am as far from a professional art critic as I am from being an expert on Penguin anatomy, but when I was applying the "rating" on this deviation, I dwindled if I should give you 4.5 stars because some people might think there is always room for improvement... But I gave you 5 stars because you should be recognized for making some amazing wallpapers. You should consider painting them on a real canvas and selling them. If you do holler me and I will buy a couple.