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Bloop's New Superhero Wallpapers



This took WAY too long to assemble, I'm sorry.

I've compiled all the new and old superheroes into a new set of backgrounds.

Taking the advice from the last wallpaper pack I've made the heroes for this one centered. This should allow more customization and easier re-sizing.

Download it and let me know what you think! (There should be around 100 of them this time!)

Let me know what you guys think!

These wallpapers are for NON COMMERCIAL USE ONLY!
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All I have to say is that this is amazing!

You put some hard work into this and I can see why...

But this is truly outstanding!

Good job old sport you did it again you amazed me once again....
Once again my friend....

Once again....

NAH that's not all! This has lots of creativity put into it! And I'm proud of you my friend I'm proud of you! This is probably going to fill up the whole comment section buts it's amazing and I love your never disappoints me...good job old sport.......good job and also it's nice to see your truly is amazing