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WP7 Lock Screen by blnkdsgn WP7 Lock Screen by blnkdsgn
There are a thousand ways of attempting to get your phone back if it is lost. One of the best ways is to rely on “good people” to willingly return it. Unfortunately, when something is found, it’s a difficult task to return. How does someone contact you in case they find your beloved WP7? Aside from looking through your phone at your every text, picture, video, and tweet to find out who you are and browse your personal items, there isn’t much one can do aside from turning it in to the authorities. However, most people won’t put that amount of effort in to it. In combination with setting a lock screen password, I created a Photoshop template that allows you to place all of the important information right there on your lock screen. Your name, contact information, photo, and even a line of text explaining that there is a cash reward for your phone if found and returned. I’d be willing to pay $25, $50, or even $75 to someone who was nice enough to go out of their way to return a phone that I ignorantly lost. Here is a preview of how the WP7 Lock Screen is designed for your phone, download it after the preview.
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Yeahh, Good idea ! ;)
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