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Hey Fellow Deviants!!!

After feverishly working on GI Joe, Transformers, Scoby Doo and Batman Brave and the Bold, Brandon finally has some time to return to one of his favorite projects:  Drawing your characters!!  He'll be doing black and whites on 11 x 17 Bristol board with the option to have your original piece hand colored or colored digitally. He's even able to frame original pieces if desired. Deviants who he's done commissions for in the past know how much he enjoys bringing creative ideas to life and drawing great characters!  Drop us a note and we can talk over what you're looking for and send you a price list.  

Keep checking in for new submissions. Look forward to hearing from you!  

Brandon's wife and new personal assistant.
I'm going to be helping Brandon with some initial correspondences.  
He's so busy now he needed to hire a P.A. and I'm all he could afford:)
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crud! no wonder my post didn't get answered....I forgot to press add comment!!! GAH! I was wondering when you say "draw your characters" does that mean that he will draw the characters we make up, or will he draw a character that someone else has already made i.e. Wolverine, Batman...the Smurfs...whatever?
And if it something that we come up with, do we just send a pic to him or SKYPE it up to give him useful info on the character?
And am I making this more complicated that it really is?
I think so.... :oP I'll send a note for pricing inquiry
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Long time no see, McKinney/Chris!

We should do an art trade again sometime, presuming you ever have enough downtime!
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I might have to commission Brandon again. He did an awesome sketch of my character the Peacemaker from City of Heroes. I was just thinking of Brandon today on my way to work when I added the last few City of Heroes comics from his Blue King run to finish my collection. Chris, it's a pleasure to meet you.
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Woo! We'll have to hook up for another commission sometime. Nice to meet you Chris! ;)
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Nice! How much are the pieces?
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Yeah, this would be helpful info :)
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