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Zombie Boy Makeup Tutorial

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Some people had wondered what I used for the makeup - so I wanted to show how this was a simple process done with cheap, low-quality materials

If you use this tutorial to make your own work, or if the techniques shown here inspired your work - then I'd love to see what you've made! If you comment or message me a link to your photos, then I'll post your link right here in the description
- ~Thurm did a great job with her makeup!…

Full Costume
Zombie Boy Cosplay: Dead Stare by Bllacksheep Zombie Boy Cosplay: Confrontation by Bllacksheep Zombie Boy Cosplay: Lady Gaga Beckons by Bllacksheep
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I just did a test run because I thought about doing this for Halloween :D Black and white eyeliner work well in a pinch, too. Not really great for covering large areas but I didn't have anything else on hand. :P Great turotial, thanks! I only would've wished for some additional angles but I guess I'll just look at some skulls as reference, right? :)
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I can help you with that! :D
Here are some reference photos of Rick Genest aka 'Zombie Boy', the real-life model featured in the Lady Gaga video.

Head, Back, and Hands

Hope this helps! Good luck, I'd love to see it when you're done!
Thank you! Yeah, I know who he is but I still find it easier to stick to my anatomy books. :) His tattoos are amazing but there's so much going on that it's pretty hard for me to focus on the important bits. :/

Not promising anything but if it turns out ok I might just send you a link. (That sounds weird. Sorry, my English isn't the best.)
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I understand about the photos. Even if you don't think it turned out okay, I would still love to see it! I get joy out of seeing what other people create, regardless of their level of experience. And you're English is good! :D
Well, considering I was only armed with some eyeliner pencils I think it turned out alright. (In the end I got some liquid latex and went with peeling skin and bruises anyway)
Didn't really get to use the reference pics and decided to wing it. After all, Halloween is about having fun and not about whether or not something's anatomically correct,right? :D

My webcam sucks so it's a)pretty dark in some places and b)blurry as hell…
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Wow, it looks great! Good work! I'm really happy to see that you used the tutorial to make your own work, and thank you very much for sending the photo along! I'll post it in the description! :D
Darn it, wrong link. Why can't I edit my posts on DA?! Grr!…
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Would the sharpie stick to one's skin tho ?
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Yeah a little bit, but it's not nearly as bad as you'd think! If you really scrub your face in the sink, you can wash it off entirely. It's not as 'permanent' as they say it is :)
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Phew ok. Just may give this a try than *squee* Had to ask with my sensitive skin
Thank you for getting back to me.
Juju B.
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Yeah no problem! If you scrub your face for a while and its not coming off, then I've heard rubbing alcohol works well too.
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Great! i should take notes for the next time x3
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Person in photo two has a pretty mouth.
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I'm happy to say that those are the lips of my girlfriend, :iconnobodyyyyy:, and I think they're beautiful too :)
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