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Cosplay Tip 52 - Back Supports

These are tips my girlfriend Nobodyyyyy and I picked up when working on our cosplays. We try to give back to the community, and post tips every Tuesday on our :facebook: Facebook!

If this tip helped you with your work, send me a picture and I'll post it here in the description!

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Huh. Great idea!
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Oooo, that's a neat idea.

How much do they usually run? Google says $50-60 USD... More expensive than something I would make at home, but I'm sure they'll be more sturdy than something I would make, and buying one could be a major time saver!
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Yeah that price sounds right, the cheapest I've seen is $40 - a bit expensive. It's definitely a time saver, and it would be helpful if you wanted to attach something heavy and substantial to your back. I had to make my own back brace for my Shiva Sisters costume, to support the weight of that giant headpiece. It was a big production - I probably would have bought one of these if I had known about it sooner!
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Yeah, I saw that cosplay!

Large head pieces. No es bueno.
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Large head pieces. Muy pesado! :D
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(XD I had to google translate that, I know very, very little Spanish.)
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