Mickey Hates the Internet
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Published: October 29, 2007
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Yet, he can't pull himself away from it...
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2007. Jesus Christ, this drawing is ten years old!
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Wagatha-the-Pootis|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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:iconrageplz: I DON'T LOVE GOOFY THAT WAY!!!
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FakerFakerLuvPower's avatar
FakerFakerLuvPower|Student General Artist
I don't want to guess or know why.
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nintendobros64's avatar
look like he just saw one of the fetish pictures of him & his half brother doing somthing naughty...:iconhurrplz:
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Ben-Keen| Digital Artist
Ha! Crazy eyes...
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RawleyNigoki|Student Digital Artist
Mickey, look my metroflog :la:
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StrawberryDani|Hobbyist Digital Artist
hilarious!Micky REALLY hates the Internet!:D :D
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...Because he can't stop thinking about his new nemesis, evil Hannah Montana!
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PurplePhoneixStar|Hobbyist General Artist
Mickey is angry. And he should be right. What Miley has done to his image.
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NotNights|Hobbyist General Artist
Yep, one of the greatest shows in the world, and taken down by a young bratty teenage girl, and made into a show for kids 5 and under.
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Rayquaza820| Interface Designer
LOL Great!
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JollyLink|Hobbyist Digital Artist

omg this is so funny and really good work! :D :D

but if he hates the internet so much then why can't he get away from it? <xD lol yeah this is awsome n hilarious. good job! :)
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spleen2's avatar
Those little pukes are breaking my Disney's copyright! I'll chop them up and feed them to Pluto!
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T-rexSusan's avatar
I think he saw deviantart.

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Skystalker|Student Digital Artist
His expression is freakin' priceless. :giggle: I think I'm one of the few who noticed his lip too. I dunno.

This is very creative! And I love the thick, bold lines you used. Really brings out the energy in...Mickey Mouse hating the internet. =P

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taeshilh|Professional General Artist
Why does his expression make me think of Al Capone. That's just the most random thought ever. Maybe it was because of that Looney Tunes thug.. his LIPS.

Mickey is a thugster, searching on eBay some nifty price for pistols. *Hit*

I LOVE this. Best colouring ever, the blue seems to fade on his body so NATURALLY.. and I love the eyes. So full of colour! I've been meaning to fave this in a long time.. but now I got the chance and it still puts a grin to my face.

Are those fingers on his chair?
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BLKMKT-ARCHIVE|Student General Artist
Haha, now that you mention it I'll never unsee those fingers on the chair. No, what that is is the little dial on the back of some swivel chairs that helps adjust things. Thanks for the fav!
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blurukus|Professional Digital Artist
dontcha just hate when that happens?
looks liek his face is glued onto the screen lol.
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CactusBuddy's avatar
awwwww hes so cute
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Mizu-no-Tenshi's avatar
WAHAHHAA, this is a MUST fav. :rofl:
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