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Goin' Scarfless |Chymeria

Wyngro Ice Pixel Element ^w^ Wyngro Ice Pixel Element

Yo! whats up! Im Jeremy Sease, A.K.A Blizzate, and Im the creator of my Chymixea series! Im a comic artists, and like to draw stuff, make fan-art and Ocs. I'm a fan of pokemon mystery dungeon spin-off series, and love to do PMD RPs.

Some stuff bout me-

-I like to try new things, and make friends; although i can be pretty stupid and boring sometimes x3

-My personality is usually based on the situation, but I like to have a good time

-Loves being weird


-Fascinated by hybrids/fusions!


-Tea Lover

You can also see me on these sites too! :

Furaffinity >>

Tumblr >>

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RPs


Main PMD oc: Riskz the buizel |

Preferred RP rate: Any/Mature rate

RP methods: DA notes|Yes. Discord|Okay.

Favourite Visual Artist
Maplespyder, SpectroliteAAA, Flinchwing, CrunchyCrowe, TsaoShin,
Favourite Movies
PokemonMysertyOfMew, MenInBlack I-III,TheSpongeBobMovie, Akira, Wolf Children, The Wild Wild West, Sonic(1998) movie, Monsters Inc., Treasure Planet, The Trumen Show,DumbAndDumber, AirPlanes,Snakes on the Planes,Zootpia,PiggletBIGMovie, The WIZ
Favourite TV Shows
StevenUniverse, Spongebob, Onepiece, TheLionGuard, Digimon, GurrenLagoon, Berserk, Wakfu, Astroboy(1980&2003), MyheroAcademia, KirbyRightBackAtYa!, OK.KO, TeenTitans, InvaderZim, fairytail, Ben10(series), King of the hill,SamuraiJack
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Gorillaz, Paramore, MichaelJackson, Elfamosdemon, Pogo, Artzie music, Jack Stauber, Eggglub
Favourite Books
Psyren(Manga), Warrior Cats
Favourite Games
Mother/Earthbound, PokemonMysteryDungeon, SuperSmashBros. , Owlboy, LISA:the painful, RivalsOfAether, MarioKartWii&SC, Borderlands, MonsterHunter, SecretOfMana, WorldOfWarcraft, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, CubeWorld
Favourite Gaming Platform
3DS, Switch
Tools of the Trade
Wacom Intuos, ClipStudioPaint,
Chymera Chronicles: Wonder Quest Devlog#6: Work on the project is comin' along smoothly. I wrote most of the details in this post! I also have some gifs of animations to show ya' too~ Pre-alpha demo build available now on my >> Hope y'all still excited for this new demo! Comic Update: I've been working hard on the first 3 chapters of the comic and am currently on the 3rd! But here enjoy some more design concepts I've been workin' on! ^w^ "LeoHeart" is a new character I design for the comic! He's kind of a underdog newcomer sorta of character to the story. I'm also making design for the first antagonist who'll appear in the 3rd chapter! Her name is PinkMaw, she's very stylish mawmare and but her fashion taste require the features of other chymera. So she hunts others down for their looks yikes! o.o Last for now we have Munelyte, updated for the new werehusky design, I made a couple small
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Chimera Vote Time! This time the votes are 🎁Helpful Elf, 🦌Reindeer, and ⛄Snowman chimera for Christmas!

1 vote
🎁Helpful Elf❄
🦌Flying Reindeer❄
⛄Chilly Snowman❄
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Chymera Chronicles: Wonder Quest Devlog #6: Hey everyone, Thought i'd give ya'll a small update on the game so far. I came up with the idea of making template sprites so the sprite creation process would be simplified for me. This way I might be able to make overworld sprites much faster! Doin' this kinda' saves me the math work of animating, and I can just follow my guidelines! I think I'll just keep a idle and walking animations which will double as the sprinting animation, to save time so I can get that alpha demo release out asap! If anyone is interested in trying out the current demo release, here's a link to the Pre-alpha Demo! If you feel behind on updates heres a special devlog I posted on my! >> HERE! I hope y'all thanksgiving was nice n' cozy, and hope you enjoy your Christmas! ^W^ Stay cool(or warm) beanies!
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Well thank you for the Llama! :dummy:

oh course! yw, thank you too! ^^

Happy Birthday!

oh thank youuu!!!! Heart for you :hug: ;w;

You're welcome :heart:

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