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you are precious! uwu <3
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That Chymerian Rush by Blizzate, visual art

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Chymeria: Fearless Fellas [Cover Art] by Blizzate, visual art

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Goin' Scarfless |Chymeria

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Yo! whats up! Im Jeremy Sease, A.K.A Blizzate, and Im the creator of my Chymeria series! Im a comic artists, and like to draw stuff, make fan-art and Ocs. I'm a fan of pokemon mystery dungeon spin-off series, and love to do RPs there.

Some stuff bout me-

-I like to try new things, and make friends; although im pretty stupid and boring xd

-My personality is usually based on the situation, but I like to have a good time

-Loves being weird

-Furries are neat x)

-Fascinated by hybrids/fusions!


-Tea Lover

You can also see me on these sites too! :

Furaffinity >>

Tumblr >>

Open to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RPs

Main PMD oc: Riskz the buizel |…

Preferred RP rate: Any/Mature rate

RP methods: DA notes|Yes. Discord|Okay.

Favourite Visual Artist
Maplespyder, SpectroliteAAA, Flinchwing, CrunchyCrowe, TsaoShin,
Favourite Movies
PokemonMysertyOfMew, MenInBlack I-III,TheSpongeBobMovie, Akira, Wolf Children, The Wild Wild West, Sonic(1998) movie, Monsters Inc., Treasure Planet, The Trumen Show,DumbAndDumber, AirPlanes,Snakes on the Planes,Zootpia,PiggletBIGMovie, The WIZ
Favourite TV Shows
StevenUniverse, Spongebob, Onepiece, TheLionGuard, Digimon, GurrenLagoon, Berserk, Wakfu, Astroboy(1980&2003), MyheroAcademia, KirbyRightBackAtYa!, OK.KO, TeenTitans, InvaderZim, fairytail, Ben10(series), King of the hill,SamuraiJack,The PJs
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Gorillaz, Paramore, MichaelJackson, Elfamosdemon, Pogo, Artzie music, Jack Stauber, Eggglub
Favourite Books
Psyren(Manga), Warrior Cats
Favourite Games
Mother/Earthbound, PokemonMysteryDungeon, SuperSmashBros. , Owlboy, LISA:the painful, RivalsOfAether, MarioKartWii&SC, Borderlands, MonsterHunter, SecretOfMana, WorldOfWarcraft, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, CubeWorld
Favourite Gaming Platform
3DS, Switch
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Wacom Intuos, ClipStudioPaint,
Hey everyone. I know i haven't been very active lately, and thats cuz i been trying to give myself a break, i sorta developed workaholic tendencies and find it hard to stop and take a breather Haha XD But anyway I just wanted to let y'all know how I was doin' I'll be working on the next scene of the webcomic when i start back up, but for now, Imma just chill. How are ya'll doin?
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Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In Trailer out! Hey everyone, the trailer just premiered on YouTube. Hope you enjoy! ^^
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Trailer Premiere! I dunno why i'm doing this! but I've set the tailer to premier this coming Monday! I hope it goes well, didn't have much to work with lol >w< don't miss it! >>
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Pixel Star (free to use)


Pixel Star (free to use)

Chymeria Ver.2

My original action fantasy series, mainly aimed for a +13 audience. A thrilling world of mystery and folktales. Which is inhabited by "chymeria", crossbreed able creatures, with impressive abilities. Experience the dramatic and action-packed adventures this series has to offer! 

I hope to find translators who can help make this comic accessible in various other languages as well! So let me know if you want to help out!



Please do not copy my work, you'll get reported for doing so, thank you for understanding.

Learn more about chymeria on my website! >>

I also have merch for sale on redbubble! >>…


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Thanks for the faves and all, but I think you made some mistakes. Buckums and the bunyip aren't hybrids or fusions. They're 100% purebred. Buckums is an extinct carnivorous marsupial, and the Bunyip is a large mythical beast.

Ah i see! thx for pointing that out, still awesome art! x3

Fear not. I DO have some hybrid monsters for you to feast your eyes upon tho. I have the Dingbat, the Zebrosteros, the Grizzly Barracuda, the Hippeliomant and the Tigorilladile

ooh~ o.o

ill check that out!

Thank you for visiting the Secret-Santa-Network group! :hug::heart:

I really like how you put effort on your drawings as they're really good! Keep it up! :)

Woah thank you so much for all the favs and the llama! I really appreciate it! :D

Dawww! you're welcome! I love your character designs <3 ^w^-

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