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Published: January 22, 2017
If it hasn't been obvious, I've been going through a pretty rough time with depression and my art for the past few years.

So I've decided to officially close my dA account. I don't want to lose all of the history so I just put everything into storage. I don't anticipate coming back any time soon.

If you need me, I'm still around... at times. Send me a note if you want to continue following my art (I have another gallery elsewhere I update periodically with mostly sketches because I hate my art and never have the drive to finish it) or whatever.

No worries about me, I'm okay. Life's priorities have changed so I just... I don't know. But I think I'm finally done with dA.

It's been a long and bumpy ride, but I can't say I won't miss it. Hope everyone is well and will continue doing what they do best. Have fun and enjoy life.

Signing off,
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everthianaHobbyist General Artist
Gee, I am a bit late to respond to this as I haven't visited this site in quite a long time.
I still love seeing your stuff so I would like to know where this other gallery of yours is. 
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I've thought about doing the same, but why bother? I'll keep an eye out for you in case you return, I always enjoy your art even if I'm a lurker and never comment. Take care of yourself, you know you'll be missed. 
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EvyCrystalHobbyist General Artist
I really hope things work out for you. Life is hard sometimes and it can suck, I know this all to well. Do what you enjoy and hope you get to try a lot of new things. :)
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anuviaProfessional Digital Artist
You better hit me up with that new gallery >8U
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queenmoretaHobbyist General Artist
awww I am so sad to see you go : (. sorry to hear you have been feeling that way about your art. I guess there comes a time when we feel the need to leave DA and it is for your own peace of mind. I still support your art and what you do! I'll keep an eye out for your other gallery. Take care Blizz!
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Awww, I'm so sad to see you go, I really enjoyed your art.
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RavenTheMagicCatStudent Digital Artist
Aww, I'm sorry to see your DA account go :c Talk to you on skype as usual, though <3
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YattaMuttHobbyist Digital Artist
Aww...i would love to follow you still. 
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Can we still chat on Skype?
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BlizzardWolfHobbyist Digital Artist
Of course. ♥
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You're still an awesome artist.
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can i still follow you on skype at least? :C
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BlizzardWolfHobbyist Digital Artist
Of course. ♥
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