Azeroth a la Google Maps

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If you've ever wanted to get a proper birds-eye view of Azeroth and then zoom in to your favorite questing spot or hangout you're in luck! Cal Henderson, with the help of the Google Maps API, recreated the entirety of World of Warcraft - including raids, dungeons and Outland on his site.


If you are interested in the technology, the author posted a very in-depth explanation of his process here:…

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l33tn3rdzHobbyist Writer
Someone once asked me in an RP once, how is it that I can track people on the lands?

I told him, it's simple, I just go onto Google Azeroth (Get it? Because this is Azeroth instead of Earth?) and select the real time tracking mode.
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RavingHatterGraphicsHobbyist General Artist
If you use the addon that you can download from, you can have this map in game as your personal map. I've used Carbonite maps for years now, and you can zoom in and look at all the details on it, and I've found some very interesting hidden places because of it. =D