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Mass Christmas Gift

By blizzard98
Happy WhateverYouCelebrate!

1st row: :icontser: :iconeleziek: :iconkiwiburd:

2nd row: :iconchakotaydgryphon: :iconflowingwinds: :iconembergryphon:

3rd row: :iconleiko: :iconstormphyre: :icontallonroe: :iconevlon-shape-shifter:

4th row: :iconrainbowmare: :iconsilvermoonnw: :iconsnow-huntress:

5th row: :iconwyandotte: :iconlluviawolf:
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leiko's avatar
I just right now noticed the comment you left on my gallery page...

It's a little Leiko head!

*huggles you*
EmberGryphon's avatar
*squee!* Been outta state, didn't see this till now, but OHSOCUTE. =D Thanks so much, Blizz!
blizzard98's avatar
TallonRoe's avatar
Awww spiffy! Happy (late) holidays, Blizz!
Stormphyre's avatar
Eehee! Cute XD Thanks Blizz!
kiwiburd's avatar
aww thank you hun <3! i hvaen't seen you in ages!
blizzard98's avatar
You're never around the Guild anymore :o
kiwiburd's avatar
i know :( i feel bad now XD i don't even have a username on the new board i don't -think- how bad is that!
blizzard98's avatar
aaw. well you should pop in.
silvermoonnw's avatar
Wheeee Guilders!

Thanks Blizz, hope your holidays went well.
blizzard98's avatar
Of course and you too :]
ChakotayDgryphon's avatar
*2nd Squee!* I even get a cross necklace....
*is slow on such details after 1am*

:love: *purrs in adoration anyways...*
blizzard98's avatar
x3 Yes. I figured that detail would work well with you~
ChakotayDgryphon's avatar
AWW~ *uber-happy-pounce-tackle-squee!!!*

They are all SO cute! ....:idea:..... *gasp!* :#1: *leaves you hanging in suspense*

Thanks so much, Blizzy. And Merry Christmas to you too! :aww:
Wyandotte's avatar
=P AW! Thanks Blizz! :hug: Machacka looks so cute! They remind me of those animal heads that people mount and hang on walls. :D Hehe, Chicken. Thanks so much. And merry day after Christmas! :D

I'm making you something too, I have the lineart done, just gotta color it. It'll be up in a few days. :D
blizzard98's avatar
Chicken just stuck in my brain with you. Dunno. xD (Is that okay? o_O)

Machacka is fun to draw. And I'll keep an eye out ^^
Wyandotte's avatar
Haha, yeah, it's fine. I just thought it was funny. :D

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