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Rivkael Dracthyr Au by rivkael2
Alexstraza on tower ruins. by Chiapetofdoom
It Rains Down by Narninskaya
Blood Elf by anornn
Commission: Velarian by Quarriane
Portrait of My Goblin Shaman by Kimchuumi
Prize: Malithara by Quarriane
Warcraft Blood elf Paladin commission by happyfoxx98
Horde 02
Melsara Blackblossom - Portrait by VivyanaIllustrations
Recreation by Rakshemau
Sketch: Janizak is Angry by BirdAttitude
Flames by BirdAttitude
Burning Bright by wawtman
Dawn - Amadea by AmavaArts
Ellu - Commission for a babe by Kikifoo
Ceremony under the Peach tree by Evanyell
Alliance 02
Just Them... by BirdAttitude
Don't... let me go by BirdAttitude
Tyrande by Medori
Both Factions
Swing by DELETABLEjpg
Coffu and Rax by AnryMaryStudio
Liliac sorceress by Noden-s
Marcelette Riftweaver by melqinnee
Mists of Pandaria
Visvra by weremagnus
Kira at Faebelina's Garden Party by lady-cybercat
Nozdormu Plushie by OtterSoIm
For the Alliance by JohnWulffe
Alexstrasza, Call of the Dragon Queen, Warcraft by bshinart
Warrior by Salty-art
Wrath of the Lich King
Fowl - Day 16 - by Nyatimira
Wrath of the Toy Lich King by Moonsler
Veliannas Raventhorn by Faunyr
Lich King by Ogof00
Burning Crusade
Jace Reference Sheet by Quinn-Pop
Amaris [Storm] Stormrage by Quinn-Pop
Death Roll Commission by NeonaItsumi
[COMM] Chibi WoW Archer by AvareonArt
Nathanos Blightcaller by BirdAttitude
Netherwing drake by IIAnnaBananaII
Journey by melimo
Lord Admiral Jaina Proudmoore by ThuwooCreative
WMV-Screenshot-Model Edits
Serene Breeze by Aelston
Summertime Splash - Part I by PureOfHearts
Briarstone RP Mission Board - Warcraft RP by mooncraft3d
What Had To Be DoneIt had been a quiet evening in Eldre'Thalas. The moon hung in its full splendor casting its vigilant light upon the ancient Highborne city. Birds slept in nests that overlooked grasslands that teemed with small mice and hares that retreated from the hungry eyes of predators. And leaves dripped with lazy drops of dew from a rainfall that had passed hours before. The perfect evening for quiet study and reflection. Or so Azaela thought. The highborne elf made her way down the cool stone corridors of the city's eastern wing. A comfortable robe hung close to her lithe figure with the hem narrowly brushing the lonely stone blocks. One hand reached out to tap on the gigantic stone pillars which reached toward the heavens. While the other kept a bundle of dried vellum scrolls, a vial of plant extract, and several small pouches of freshly cut herbs and spices close to her chest Her lips were a thin line across her forever-youthful features, while her eyes shined with the mysticism and magic that was the mark of her people. She felt as peaceful as the endless night sky. Then she felt a sharp pang in the depths of her gut. Her grip loosened and before long her magical paraphernalia scattered across the ground. Her knees shook as sweat ran down the elven woman’s skin. And as her breathing changed to a short grasping rasp, she fell towards the nearest pillar. “N…not now!” she said between tight lips as her shoulder slammed into the pillar. A pain shot up from her shoulder and spread throughout her body. It reverberated off the sickening hunger that had now reached her fingertips giving each digit a noticeable twitch. Her vision sharpened and dulled making the world look as if a veil had been rubbed against her face. The dizzying sensations made her eyes water as she struggled to refind her legs.“Why now…why?!”Her skin felt cold and dry as her limbs quivered from the strain of keeping herself mostly upright. Her heart raced as she felt that terrible numbness spread from her taut muscles and race up from her fingers towards her shoulders. Her eyes slammed shut as she wondered if this time the numbness would reach her heart.“Damn…damn…damndamndamn…I can’t…I can’t let it…”She breathed deeply. Her chest rose and fell with a ragged rapid motion as she sucked in what air she could. She couldn't keep a breath for very long no matter what she tried. She felt frailer than she ever had before.The bout of weakness and pain terrified Azaela. But what sent shivers racing down her spine was that she knew the cause of this pain…and its cure…the only cure that Prince Tortheldrin or his arcanists could devise.A pang stabbed Azaela. The sudden bout of feverish hunger broke her and sent her crashing down to her hands and knees. Her lips parted as drool dripped and slapped down onto the stone. Her nails curled tight tearing into one of the ancient scrolls she had borrowed for her experiment. And all around her were the now forgotten reagents for her planned study.“There’s…there’ time. I’m…” Azalea said as a cough wracked her body. She wiped an arm across her lips and shook her head until her vision cleared and sharpened. “...I’m going to die if I don’t do something tonight.”Azaela gulped those words down and felt a newfound resolve brush against her. The sensation had a foulness to it that was both enticing and damning. But the desperate woman seized that sensation and drew it into herself. And as the Prince’s cure pressed to the forefront of her thoughts, she felt invigorated and fuller. As if the thought of release from this pain was a soup poured down her starved throat.The highborne elf coughed and pushed herself up. She leaned heavily against the nearby pillar as vigor returned to her body. Moment by moment, the woman felt stronger. Then, when she, at last, stood on her own two feet, she turned her head towards the nearby gardens where she and her husband often worked for the good of Eldre'Thalas.If she knew her beloved, he would be there. And it was only right that he serve to care for her needs. After all, she thought to herself, You swore to nurture and care for me in every need.Azalea nodded at her excuse and walked away from her forgotten reagents. She could clean them later.~~~ It didn’t take long to reach the gardens of Eldre'Thalas. It was practically a second home for her and her husband. A place for them to grow plants that would add beauty to the ancient home of their people as well as help grow the herbs and spices used in so much of the Highborne medicine and cooking. It was as much the heart of the city as Immol’thar’s prison. At least it was once. Eldre'Thalas had been starving as the demonic energies from Immol'thar had ceased providing the succor required for the people of the city. Every day saw more of the elves doubled over in pain crying out for relief from the damnable hunger that plagued them. And each was aware of the loss of the vaunted immortality that the people had known for countless millennia.So it was natural for eyes to turn away from the simple pleasures of dinner spices and colorful buds and towards the more necessary thoughts of survival. As such, despite it being her and her husband’s passion, Azaela had to watch as the gardens became overgrown with weeds choking down the lovely plants that dotted the aisles of flora. As the city starved and suffered Azaela walked through the narrow aisles of the gardens like a phantom. With little sound leaving her except for her barely audible breaths and the back and forth swish as her hem kicked up mounds of freshly turned soil. Her passage made the scent of peppers, roses, and sodden roots cling to her like an earthen perfume. She kept one hand outstretched, brushing the glowing and dew-kissed leaves of magically infused plantlife. Her fingertips were covered in water that reflected the luminescent whites and blues and purples of flowers countless and unknown outside of the lands of the Highborne. Her other hand was tucked beneath the folds of her robes fingering her dagger’s grip. “Bolrendil…” Azaela called out in a soft whispering song “...are you near?” Someone shuffled to her left. Three aisles down just past this season’s violet blooms. Azaela looked over the silhouette of her husband as it played against the pulsing glow of those vibrant buds. “My love, I’m here.” said Bolrendil. “You are back early from your studies.” Azaela stepped through the rows of plants. Her long legs arched over the plots of fresh plants. One row, two, then a third until she was a few feet away from her husband. A tall lean purple elf was kneeling snipping at dead and withered growths. He looked into his wife’s eyes and smiled. “Did you decide to join me this evening?” he asked as his eyes wandered over Azaela’s figure and garb. Azaela bobbed her head. “Indeed my husband. My research hit an unruly snag and I thought only you could help me past it.” Bolrendil clapped his hands together. “Wonderful! You know I would help you with anything you need. What plants are we snipping today?” Azaela smiled and shook her head. Her lips parted to speak, but she found herself unsure of what to say. Her husband was, by all definitions, a good man. He had a calm and pleasing nature to him and was devoted to ensuring that she had everything she could ever desire. He was much like a dutiful puppy in that sense. But a puppy could not forestall the pangs from killing her. And neither could he. Bolrendil blinked and leaned his head to the side. “Azaela? Lady Witherbloom? Is something the matter? If aught can be done to help, I would.” Azaela squatted down and leaned her face close to her husband's. He breathed in her scent with a soft purr escaping his throat. The purr turned into a happy eager growl as she pressed her dew-soaked fingers against his cheek and neck. Their eyes met and locked and he puckered up waiting for a kiss. “Oh dearest husband…” she said, “I am afraid you misunderstand my intentions.” Bolrendil blinked. His lips formed around the obvious question. But he could only groan and wince as he felt Azaela’s dagger lodge into his chest and slice down towards his gut. The puppy of a man gazed with eyes wide open in shock. He grabbed her shoulders and coughed blood across her face. His quivering lips formed around words he couldn’t quite say. But Azaela understood. “Why? I assure you I wanted to find another way. But, every day our people are starving…dying. And today I knew that I would as well. The Prince came across a solution that will save all of us at the expense of a few. Please understand that the sacrifice of some will ensure that any of us could survive.” Bolrendil's brow arched in obvious anger. Azaela shut her eyes as she murmured the arcane words. Her body glowed as magic suffused her being and spread outward until it covered her dear husband's being. Small beads of light floated up from his wounds draining the color from the blood that poured and oozed down his body. The beads spread over the highborne woman's flesh like a funerary shawl. It covered her in a sensation that was both warm and slick. Then as she spoke the last of the ritualistic words, her being opened up to that magical essence and she felt fuller as her spirit absorbed her husband’s essence. His fingers loosened their grip. A final curse left his lips. And he collapsed into the dirt atop the once pristine rows of violets and roses. Azaela stared at her husband’s corpse. She bowed her head in mourning and murmured that it had to be done....

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Orctoberfest 2022 by Sk-8080
Warcraft WITH other Xover
Bar Diluc Ragnvindr by UrhangrZerg
Warcraft WITH other Blizzard game
Commission [13] by IadeniumI
Demon Hunters
Rivkael symmetry headshot by rivkael2
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WELCOME! Group Information

Welcome to the one of the largest WoW groups on deviantART.
:flagus: :flageu: :flaguk: :flagcanada:


This group is for both
:bulletred:Horde and :bulletblue:Alliance so feel free to join and add your art.


I, Zemiki, was the original Founder of this group and have been given the seat back. I run things a little differently as my views are a bit looser. I will sometimes just accept your pieces in and just move them to the correct folder, as it is easier than having you wait a week to re-submit it, but I will ask you remember next time which folder to put it in.
Mature art is back, check the Rules below as to what is and isn't allowed. Have fun!


1. Do Not Submit Stolen/Traced Pieces. We Will Report You
2. We now accept Mature pieces. READ THIS.
3. We DO Not Accept Screenshots. Artistic edits may be accepted ONLY when Submitted to theWMV-Screenshot Edits Folder.

Helpful Tips

:bulletgreen: We have a standard of quality. All unfinished pieces or sketches should be submitted to "Unfinished Pieces"
:bulletgreen: Submissions are not restricted by time. //Unlimited per Day//
:bulletgreen: Do not delete your submission correspondence. This is the only way you will find out whether your submission has been accepted, rejected or expired.
:bulletgreen: You may argue your piece's declination, and hopefully we can come to an understanding somewhere.

Gallery Folder List

:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:Anyone can have only ONE artwork this folder.

:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:Prominently Horde faction based pieces.
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:Prominently Alliance faction based pieces.
:thumb327624782:Both Factions
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:Pieces featuring both factions, relationships or battle.
:thumb327624782:Mists of Pandaria
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:Pieces focused on Mists of Pandaria
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:Pieces focused on Cataclysm expansion content.
:thumb327624782:Wrath of the Lich King
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:Pieces focused on Wrath of the Lich King expansion content.
:thumb327624782:Burning Crusade
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:Pieces focused on Burning Crusade expansion content.
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:Lore Characters without main faction or expansion.
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:Any pets, mounts, minions or other creatures.
:thumb327624782:Cosplay and Crafting
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:Costumes, Cosplay, and real life crafted items.
:thumb327624782:WMV-Screenshot Edits
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:For anything made with a Model Viewer or Screenshots.
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:For Comic Strip, or Manga style Pieces
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:Pieces focusing on Armor sets, Weapons and spells.
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:For Usable Media. Wallpapers, banners,UI Designs or stamps.
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:For any written works. Role Play stories. Poems.
:thumb327624782:Unfinished Pieces
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:For Unfinished artworks, line-art, or Work in Progress pieces

:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:For Mature artworks. Please read rules before submitting.

:note::: If Your Submission is Declined ::
- If you want an explanation, just ask in your submission correspondence.
- If multiple pieces have been declined, feel free to send a note to the group, and Zemiki will check it when she can.
- Please don't resubmit declined artworks without permission. We will only decline again.

Thank you for reading :)
Hello, everyone, how have you guys been?

Hope everyone has been well.

So every since the site changed.... I have not been able to figure out how to see submissions. So if you have something waiting and it expired, I would like to say sorry as I attempt to figure out this horrible and annoying revamp of DA. 
Until then, I hope all is well and be safe. 

Please be sure to read below for any info you might need

Characters that YOU DID NOT CREATED I.E. ARTHAS, JAINA, SYLVANAS, THRALL etc... belong in Npcs-Lore   - I grow weary of having 10 waiting due to being put in the wrong folders so I will be declining from now without reason on until it is placed in the proper place.

Any images with any type of nudity, etc goes into the MATURE folder and REQUIRES mature tag. I check each one and will decline any without it with no comment on why.
The image itself needs to be NSFW, if you have a LINK to another page for a NSFW... it doesn't go in the mature folder. I would like to think you have the proper precautions on that OTHER page for blocking the content.

Also, please refrain from posting ads for commissions in the Literature folder, this is for writing works only please.
If you like, you can post a link on the front page, seeing how people don't post there often so it will stay there for all to see.

Thanks for your help and understanding :D


:bulletgreen: I try to stagger accepting the art so you guys don't have a HUGE amount in one shot. I know, for me personally, seeing 50+ in one stack tempts me to barely look through it at times due to not having time to so if you submit something, fear not, it will go through eventually in a day or two so please refrain from double submitting.

:bulletpurple: Another thing, for those who continue to submit sketches into the regular folders I ask you please think about it before submitting: 'Is this a half done sketch, should this go into Unfinished perhaps?' I have no problem with detailed pen / pencil works in the regular folders but only if its a completed piece, please. :heart:

:bulletred::bulletorange: Images taken with cameras - please try editing the image better. Seeing a half-darkened image with most of the actual art looking lost in the shadows isn't very appealing. I'm sure you guys don't like how it looks in your own gallery. I want to see your work :D  Not the desk and darkness of your camera~!

And please remember that the FEATURED folder is for one work per artist, whatever you think is your best goes here :D
So choose carefully ~!


:iconnaviplz: Hotaru Shidosha :iconnaviplz:
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