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Commission: Warcraft Elf Girl Portrait in Dalaran by RinaRinara
Pete, Phe and Mudwiggle [C] by SUOMAR
Tyrande Whisperwind (SFW version) by PuffercatART
Locklia Placeholder Moon Guard US World of Warcraf by hwonxx
Okria by PalehornTea
To Walk the Line of Discipline by xlilpo
[C] Beel'Zul June by Zenjaka
Fire in the winter by JankaLo
Horde 02
The Archer by baohoang3009
(C) Last Stand by Hanonaut
Blood Elf by Aron-Gabor
The Rogue by Galder
For Teldrassil by OmusaSteelhorn
:BG: Devaleen by Fominado
Commission Worgen by Sofiko-PNG
Majathia's Raven - The Beginnings by silverfirelove
Alliance 02
WoW - My Hands Are Small by SpicePrincess
Commission: Artiemesia by Quarriane
Iranden by Sad-Sehna
World of Wacraft Commission by YumiBaker
Both Factions
Artwork From User OC 110 by lordtrigonstar
WoW Sketches Part II by woostersauce
Commission : Olivia and Ness by Isbjorg
.: Unexpected Feeling (Gwyl) :. by JackaloppStudios
Mists of Pandaria
Urong + Oronguul by Der-Khan
Jade Forest by Ch3rrydwen
Young Song by Shadoca-Art
Valley of the Four Winds by michal4269
The Flames of Revenge : Deepholm by Stenhjarta-MA
Happy Valentine's Day in Cataclysm by NinaTsuki
Deathwing the Destroyer by Kresto-The-Artist
World of Warcraft - Deathwing by Seth19931
Wrath of the Lich King
Ashbringer - Corrupted Ashbringer by onitenshi79
Frostmourne by davidlohyna
Frostmourne concepts by davidlohyna
All Must Die... ! - Lich King Fan art - Warcraft by LittleAmava
Burning Crusade
Xiuhcoatl Commission by DaniSeik
Laurel Voidstrider Reference by Icepher
Eredar Princess Pinup by Obhan
Warcraft: Dreadlord by Variones
I'm sorry, It felt so Real... [Warcraft FANART] by LittleAmava
Stormsaber by WiIdpaws
Darnassus by RemarkWatson
New Hearthstone by midsummer1942
WMV-Screenshot-Model Edits
Frostfire mage by schneissy
About new Blood Elf Character Customization (eng) by Flive-aka-Nailan
WOW: Sindragosa by ERA7

Mature Content

Sri - Night Elf by mooncraft3d
Warcraft WITH other Xover
Pinkie Pie possessed by N'zoth [MLP / WoW] by Chansuchan
Warcraft WITH other Blizzard game
Arcane Infused Gem by coskoniotis
Demon Hunters
Demon Hunter by Aron-Gabor
Unfinished Pieces
Moonkin by sangwiss16

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WELCOME! Group Information

Welcome to the one of the largest WoW groups on deviantART.
:flagus: :flageu: :flaguk: :flagcanada:


This group is for both
:bulletred:Horde and :bulletblue:Alliance so feel free to join and add your art.


I, Zemiki, was the original Founder of this group and have been given the seat back. I run things a little differently as my views are a bit looser. I will sometimes just accept your pieces in and just move them to the correct folder, as it is easier than having you wait a week to re-submit it, but I will ask you remember next time which folder to put it in.
Mature art is back, check the Rules below as to what is and isn't allowed. Have fun!


1. Do Not Submit Stolen/Traced Pieces. We Will Report You
2. We now accept Mature pieces. READ THIS.
3. We DO Not Accept Screenshots. Artistic edits may be accepted ONLY when Submitted to theWMV-Screenshot Edits Folder.

Helpful Tips

:bulletgreen: We have a standard of quality. All unfinished pieces or sketches should be submitted to "Unfinished Pieces"
:bulletgreen: Submissions are not restricted by time. //Unlimited per Day//
:bulletgreen: Do not delete your submission correspondence. This is the only way you will find out whether your submission has been accepted, rejected or expired.
:bulletgreen: You may argue your piece's declination, and hopefully we can come to an understanding somewhere.

Gallery Folder List

:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:Anyone can have only ONE artwork this folder.

:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:Prominently Horde faction based pieces.
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:Prominently Alliance faction based pieces.
:thumb327624782:Both Factions
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:Pieces featuring both factions, relationships or battle.
:thumb327624782:Mists of Pandaria
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:Pieces focused on Mists of Pandaria
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:Pieces focused on Cataclysm expansion content.
:thumb327624782:Wrath of the Lich King
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:Pieces focused on Wrath of the Lich King expansion content.
:thumb327624782:Burning Crusade
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:Pieces focused on Burning Crusade expansion content.
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:Lore Characters without main faction or expansion.
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:Any pets, mounts, minions or other creatures.
:thumb327624782:Cosplay and Crafting
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:Costumes, Cosplay, and real life crafted items.
:thumb327624782:WMV-Screenshot Edits
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:For anything made with a Model Viewer or Screenshots.
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:For Comic Strip, or Manga style Pieces
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:Pieces focusing on Armor sets, Weapons and spells.
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:For Usable Media. Wallpapers, banners,UI Designs or stamps.
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:For any written works. Role Play stories. Poems.
:thumb327624782:Unfinished Pieces
:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:For Unfinished artworks, line-art, or Work in Progress pieces

:thumb329091933::thumb329069423:For Mature artworks. Please read rules before submitting.

:note::: If Your Submission is Declined ::
- If you want an explanation, just ask in your submission correspondence.
- If multiple pieces have been declined, feel free to send a note to the group, and Zemiki will check it when she can.
- Please don't resubmit declined artworks without permission. We will only decline again.

Thank you for reading :)
Hello, everyone, how have you guys been?

Hope everyone has been well.

So every since the site changed.... I have not been able to figure out how to see submissions. So if you have something waiting and it expired, I would like to say sorry as I attempt to figure out this horrible and annoying revamp of DA. 
Until then, I hope all is well and be safe. 

Please be sure to read below for any info you might need

Characters that YOU DID NOT CREATED I.E. ARTHAS, JAINA, SYLVANAS, THRALL etc... belong in Npcs-Lore   - I grow weary of having 10 waiting due to being put in the wrong folders so I will be declining from now without reason on until it is placed in the proper place.

Any images with any type of nudity, etc goes into the MATURE folder and REQUIRES mature tag. I check each one and will decline any without it with no comment on why.
The image itself needs to be NSFW, if you have a LINK to another page for a NSFW... it doesn't go in the mature folder. I would like to think you have the proper precautions on that OTHER page for blocking the content.

Also, please refrain from posting ads for commissions in the Literature folder, this is for writing works only please.
If you like, you can post a link on the front page, seeing how people don't post there often so it will stay there for all to see.

Thanks for your help and understanding :D


:bulletgreen: I try to stagger accepting the art so you guys don't have a HUGE amount in one shot. I know, for me personally, seeing 50+ in one stack tempts me to barely look through it at times due to not having time to so if you submit something, fear not, it will go through eventually in a day or two so please refrain from double submitting.

:bulletpurple: Another thing, for those who continue to submit sketches into the regular folders I ask you please think about it before submitting: 'Is this a half done sketch, should this go into Unfinished perhaps?' I have no problem with detailed pen / pencil works in the regular folders but only if its a completed piece, please. :heart:

:bulletred::bulletorange: Images taken with cameras - please try editing the image better. Seeing a half-darkened image with most of the actual art looking lost in the shadows isn't very appealing. I'm sure you guys don't like how it looks in your own gallery. I want to see your work :D  Not the desk and darkness of your camera~!

And please remember that the FEATURED folder is for one work per artist, whatever you think is your best goes here :D
So choose carefully ~!


:iconnaviplz: Hotaru Shidosha :iconnaviplz:
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Group Info

World of Warcraft ONLY

:bulletred:For the Horde?
:bulletblue:Glory to the Alliance?
What side are you on?

Join and share your artwork so we can see.
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The book contains also artworks and is amazing written!
Can be found here:

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The story is great and yeah... I love Aramar Dorn and Murky :D and the Undead Valgrimm
And the Nightelf... I'm not sure about his nyme, maybe it was Thalyss?
Yeah here:

Come on guys... draw this stuff and ... share it ^^, its wonderful.... I dont play WoW but I love the Artworks, movies, clips on YT, your Art here on DA... and this "childbook" (it was made to inspire kids to play wow^^) is just good...
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