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by RehQwQ

It's really awesome! Your art just keeps getting better with the different subjects and characters you decide to draw! Can't wait to se...

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hidden Haven school: student sigh up
every island, or place needs a school and hidden haven did not forget about that! 
the school is for all kid ages!! there are diffrent form of talons, and rankings of school
rank mastery:
dragonet rank is known as: claws
-this rank is like elementary school 
teen dragons: wings 
- this rank is known as middle school
older teens: talons
- this rank is known as high school 
to get a studnet slot. you fish need to make a charatcher.
allowed ages are 3-20. once they hit 21 they have to get perrsmoins to headmaster of the school to stay longer. 
claws are 3-6
wings are 7-11
and talons are 11-20+
{this is counted in human years}
you will need to also know that, depending on the age. to see if that claw/wing/talon is open to you. if it is not. you will have to change the age, or wait for more to open. 
please fill out this base here:
:iconhidden-sanctuary-wof:hidden-sanctuary-wof 1 2
coin shop
the coin shop is where you can buy bans.
how ot earn coins:
sketches without colring, or anything without folwing doesn't; earn anything
headshot: 5 coins
bust:10 coins
fullbody:20 coins. 
simple shading: 5 coins
complex shading: 10 coins
simple background: 5
comple background 15:
mute ban: means your dragon can't speak. this can be a injurey, or how they are. 
prince: 45 coins
deaf ban: means your dragon can't hear well or not at all
price: 50 coins
blind ban: this can be on one or both eyes. 
price:50 coins{may go up in price}
animuse: means you can control stuff and all that stuff like a nomrla animuse
price: 300 coins
royal: means you are relaivted fully to a royal. animuse doesn;t count fuly for this. if it its therye grandfather or deep within the past
price: talking wiht mods about it, and 400 coins. 
large injurey: means they have a large scar, or miss
:iconhidden-sanctuary-wof:hidden-sanctuary-wof 1 3
grand opening event
wlecome to the grand opening! here is where you can get prizes as it a opening event, and get started!~
how to earn prizes
-to earn 100 coins. you have to make a jounral talking about the group and why you wish to join it
-to earn a free ban. you will need to tagg 10 poeple.{if you don't wish to, please then tag 5}
-this doesnt count for animuse ban. sorry!
that is all, once you have done these things they will be added once you join the group 
:iconhidden-sanctuary-wof:hidden-sanctuary-wof 2 8
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Check out this new group! hidden-sanctuary-wof 
Here is link to Grand Opening Journal:…
I am looking forward to seeing how this goes!
Soren and Bridgette - Sky and Yin

Soren, Bridgette, Sky and Yin were paired against Rollan, Felicia, Oakwood and Canyon... and those two Senior Dragons were TERRIFYINGLY good at swatting Soren and Bridgette off of Sky or Yin, or blasting them with out hurting them or their dragon counterparts. Soren got lucky, he nearly dislocated an arm landing on the ground below. Bridgette wasn’t so, Sky had sent Rollan off Oakwood, and when Oakwood swivelled to catch Rollan he smacked his wings into Bridgette, who landed ON Soren. 

“Hey Rollan! WHAT is the PLAN anyways! Improvise?!” 

“YEAH! You did a blimey good job against those Dark Riders who interfered in the Initiation Test, improvising should be a cake walk! Come on! Try me!” Rollan challenged Soren, and Oakwood blasted them with a bolt of powerful magic. Bridgette rolled off him and Soren bolted from the spot in time to dodge it. 

“Watch it! Or you’ll hit us!” 

“That’s the big IDEA! It’s TRAINING! Here’s a tip, DODGE!” Canyon roared, blasting them again. They narrowly dodged, and Sky And Yin were not helping. 

“GUYS! HELP! DOWN HERE!” Soren yelled up to them. Sky heard him, but ignored him with a mischievous smirk. “SKY!” He rolls side-ways and grazes his knee, then crashes with Bridgette. “FORGET IT! They won’t help, so we have to take care of ourselves!” 


“We need to learn to cope without them! That must be why YIN isn’t helping... maybe? Come on! I have an idea.” Soren spots a weakness in Canyon’s attacks. He hesitates after he fires or he goes flying backwards. “First we need a way to knock Felicia off Canyon. We need to split, then provoke him to fire. I’ll do bait, you knock Felicia off... got it?” 

“Yeah! So... that means when he strikes we need to time it right... LOOK OUT!” 

Lance and Ryan - Duststorm and Fireworks

“That all you got you two?! Come on! You can do better than that!” Olivia mocked them, while Violet smashes them with huge stalks grown from the ground. Shaun and Smoke aren’t doing anything, just supervising. 


“We need to learn to cope without them.” 

“BUT IT’S DRAGON RIDING! HONESTLY!” Lance shriekes and falls forward as the ground gives way beneath him. Ryan drops forward and catches him. He manages to catch a glimpse of Bridgette and Soren, Soren was waving his arms to get the Senior’s attention, and Bridgette was... somewhere else. Probably part of a plan where Soren was bait. 


A PLAN! That’s it! 
“Lance we need a plan! Now!” 

“Yahoo!” And Violet dive-bombed them, Olivia was sparking magic from her hands... sparking an idea from Ryan. 

“Lance, draw their attention! For a second I swear!” 

“And you’ll do WHAT?!” 

“Trust me!” Ryan bolts and hides behind a boulder, keeping an eye on Shaun and Smoke in case they decided to participate. He recounts several spells, pulling out the hasty written manual he had tucked away in his shirt, and casts one. From his hands came whips and rope of fire-light, and he threw them at Violet and Olivia. One snared Violet’s foot, the wrapped around Olivia, and Ryan pulled. Olivia yowled in surprise, and Ryan span circles while she did. Shaun watched intently as Ryan randomly threw her in one direction... which to his lucky surprise was into Rollan, about to charge Soren. He fell off Oakwood with a yell of surprise and he and Olivia landed on feathers as Sky caught them. 

“THAT WAS AMAZING! Awesome job dude!” Lance cheered, then backed up. Ryan whipped to see Smoke take-off and charge... not at them, but at the Dragons. 




They dodged, barely, in time, but Fireworks tripped on his own foot and smashed into Duststorm, who crashed into trees. They were fine though. The two boys ran to their dragons’ side and hopped onboard just as they were about to take off. Soren and Bridgette managed to sneak up the trees Yin and Sky were on and hopped onboard too. The four re-grouped and then faced the remaining two riders, Shaun and Felicia. 

“You guys are naturals! Ryan that move was amazing! Very creative!” Felicia congratulated.

“Too bad you didn’t get to do Soren’s plan.” Shaun added. Ryan smiled apologetically at Soren, who gave him the thumbs up. Positions wise, left to right, Sky, Yin, Duststorm And Fireworks were lined-up together... and they and their Riders grinned. But suddenly Marine appeared, flapping frantically, and she smashed into the four. Yin and Duststorm pulled out in time, but Sky And Fireworks were smashed into and Soren and Ryan barely kept hanging on. 

“Marine! What’s wrong?!” Shaun freaked out, because he didn’t usually see the Elder get surprised like this. 


“Terrified? Of what? Of who?!” Now Rollan, Oakwood, Olivia, and Violet joined them. 

“OF SOREN AND SKY!” And she faints. 


“Why would they be afraid of Sky and Soren?” Lance said, worry creased his brow.

“Afraid? Ninnies! This guy’s awesome! Dragon too!” Bridgette protested, waving her arms to emphasize her point. 

“Well... some people recognise Sky’s aura, those whose villages were...” 

“Were attacked by the Dark Riders. I was there at hundreds of them as their leader’s dragon. Of course they’d recognise me... I should have known!” Sky cried, whimpering in a ball. Yin hugged her, and stroked her back with her tail. 

“What about Soren?” Nearly everyone else synchronised. 

“Well... I have no clue! They never said anything about why they feared you young one!” Marine apologized, bowing her head in defeat. 

“No it’s fine Marine! If I have to prove they shouldn’t the two us” he gestures at Sky. “Then so be it!” He finished, clenching his fists in determination. 

“Yeah! We’ll prove it too! We’re a team! We do anything together! Everything together! Am I right you guys?” Bridgette is grinning, and she smiles at her friend.


“Yeah we are! Calm down Lance.” Lance just elbows Ryan, and says: 


Soren and Lance’s House..........

“Coool! You guys got your own PLACE! Nice!” Bridgette takes in the view from the balcony... (What? I may change a few things with their house!). Soren and Lance invited Ryan and Bridgette over to their place, along with Fireworks and Yin who were busy going around to the back door, the Dragon Door. After school of course! For some reason the house seemed to have grown bigger since Soren and Lance were last here. “Oh DUDE! This has got rooms for all FOUR of us!” 

“ALL FOUR OF US?!” Lance gawps, and checks it out. Yes indeed! The house had grown! Magic was how the houses were built, so then they could also fit more by growing bigger and expanding to fit new possible inhabitants. Finally, the dragons entered the house... but Sky bumped into a wooden support pillar and smacked into Fireworks, in turn he crashed into Duststorm, Yin was at the very back and avoided all this. Ryan decides he was too in awe to stay conscious. 

“Yeesh.” Bridgette sighed. “I CALL DIBS ON ROOM NEXT TO SOREN’S!” And she bolted for it too. Soren groans, and hoped for the best that Bridgette wasn’t noisey. 

“Ryan, get up!” Lance kicks him, and he bolts upward. 

Time-Lapse... Bridgette has moved into her new room, because it is official they are living as a team in the one house, Ryan’s moved into his, and now they were working on a research task... on a certain, assigned to research, race... the Animalities.

Kelekonia Kingdom - Inhabitants - Animalities
Kelekonia, or ‘The World of Dragon Riders’ as other world people call it, is home to many a race of people. Humans, elves, dragons, dwarves, goblins, trolls, gnomes, griffons, are some of the most common. Another race includes the Animalities, the half-human half-animal hybrids, who can disguise as normal humans and morph into full animal forms too. Animalities can be Dragon Riders, like elves and humans, but they are rare as dragons have a habit of not liking another animal riding on their backs... on the account of several dragons interviewed beforehand. An animality in disguise is usually hard to tell out from humans and animals, one feature can be told out depending on the Animalities animal species counterpart. 
Foxes - They usually have red-hair that is too russet-red to be natural, that and they usually spring tails when caught off-guard with excitement. 
Bunnies - Human ears are usually more elven looking, but rounded. 
Birds - If they’re caught off-guard and caught in the act, they’ll squawk. 
Cats - They love cat puns, and females especially, their nails are claw-shaped. 

Bridgette yawns in boredom, Ryan is just annoyed and kickes her and keeps reading. So she gets up and goes to see what Soren and Lance are learning from the dragons. Ryan sighes in relief, mainly that she is off to bother someone else. Something vibrates in his pocket, his phone. (Yes they have phones) He checks who his caller is, it’s his big brother... one of them anyway.

Oh I’m in trouble now! I forgot to tell them where I am... and that I’m moving out... shoot. 

Yeah hello? Ryan.” 

“Where are you little brother?” 

“Oh HEY big brother! I’m in trouble... aren’t I?” 

“Mother’s was on a rampage in anger through the house when you didn’t come back after school. How was it anyway?” 

“Great! We were put into teams, or groups, that we work with each day at school... and about that umm...” 

“You’re moving in with yours?” 

“Aye... that’s why I didn’t come home! I FORGOT I’m sorry!” 

“*sighes* It’s fine little brother... you know Dad was home right? He’s hardly home these days... no freak out! He’s staying till further notice.” 

“Which means?” 

“You’ll see him tomorrow! He’s the one who calmed mom down. Hang on...” Ryan’s brother goes off phones for a while, then he comes back.
“Lucky dude! Here’s father!” 

“Wait DAD?!” Ryan was standing and now he’s falls over in surprise. Soren pokes his head out from the Dragon Quarters, and Ryan smiles to show things are fine. 

“Have a nice trip Ryan?” 

“Dad! You’re ACTUALLY home!” 

“Aye! Heard your in your team now, how big?” 

“Why does size matter- including me it’s four Riders and four dragons. We... haven’t decided on a leader yet, like your team has. But there’s Lance, he’s a lot like you are father! He’s overenergetic for one. His dragon is Duststorm, he’s really nice and friendly. Then there’s Bridgette, the only girl Rider in the team, and she’s also outgoing and friendly... very loud too. Her dragon is really calm and quiet, her name is Yin. The final member is Soren, he’s a lot like big brother! You know, when we decide to pick leader... I’d vote Soren! He’s amazing!” 

“I CAN HEAR YOU RYAN!” Said guy shouts, in order for him to hear. 

“Yeah... His dragon is named Sky, she’s... a girl. And she’s SOO much like Bridgette.” 

“Heard that.” Both girls snorted. 

“They got sensitive ears to hear you Ryan. Best you don’t-“ 

“Yeah yeah yeah! I know! Annoy them... got it! Speaking of girls... how’s big sis? (For your information Ryan has twin older bros, and an older sis as well as a mother and father... and a baby sis :3)” 

“Who Vix? She’s FINE! Doing great! It’s your younger one... let’s say she is WAY too energetically... enthusiastic. More than I was I guess... then again so was the older one.” (A voice in background says “Who you calling old dad?!) “No one! Mind your own business!” 

“Yo Ryan! You on a phone? Dude we’re supposed to be doing homework!” Lance says, waving notes in the air. 

“Yeah I know! Sorry dad... homework...” 

“On? Well, don’t get in trouble and forget to do it!” 

“Unlike you used to.” 


“NOTHING!! BYE!” Ryan hangs up and bolts with the book to the others. 

Dragon’s Quarters.... 

“So wait... animalities disguise as normal humans and animals... why?” Soren is doubting about that, he and the others were sitting on the comfy hay bed Yin made for them. 

“So they could fit in with society better!” Sky grins, she’s only guessing. 

“Exactly. Animalities were quite hated by humans for looking like ‘freaks’ they’d say. Humans used to ‘kill on sight’ any they’d see... even children.” 

“MONSTERS!” Bridgette’s horrified they’d do that. 

“Yes... But it’s true... and still happens in many parts of Kelekonia. Places like this Dragon Rider base are safe havens for them... and they’ve been born with internal magic power like dragons. They use it to hide from any and everyone... because of fear they’ll be killed or beaten up and bullied.” Yin explains. Yin learn’t all this from research and listening to Elder Dragons... That and she was a lot older than she looked. 

“Do YOU know any?” Ryan asks, curiousity sparking his eyes. 

“No. They blend in too well with humans and wild animals their auras seem to blend over time with them. Guess some humans may have animality blood and not know it.” 

“That would be awesome!” Lance and Bridgette say, excited, and they high-five. 

“Ryan, May I ask you something?” Now that was unexpected from Yin. 

“Uh sure! What is it Yin?” He says with a smile. But Yin stares deep at him, as I feel to read his aura (aura is magical presence)... and recoils in surprise. The other dragons do too, as I feel they were secretly reading Ryan’s aura as well. 

“What? What is it?!” Bridgette gulps, worried about the dragons and oblivious to the fact it was Ryan they were recoiling from. Oh... except Fireworks.

“Ryan... are you SURE you yourself don’t know an animality? Even among your ancestors?” Yin whispers, but that’s her normal tone and everyone hears her. Ryan opens his mouth to say something... but hesitates, And tribes say something but Sky interrupts. 

“Plural ‘animalities’... are you SURE you don’t got one or more animality ancestors?” She says, broadening the details. Now Ryan’s spooked and he is frantically afraid of telling the truth. 

“He’s got animality ancestors.” Everyone’s attention snap to Fireworks. “What? Think a dragon can’t tell his masters ancestry? He’s got animality blood! Hence... his hair. I mean SERIOUSLY! It’s way too red to be normal! And yeah, I know that stuff about dragons usually not picking an animality as a Rider, even ones with obvious ancestry to them! But hey! I DID!” And Fireworks scoops his precious Rider into his arms and rubs his red-hair into a mess. No that you pay attention... he’s a red-head with extremely fox-red hair. Bridgette is jealous, but amazed how no one noticed that simple little fact. 

“Umm to be precise...” Father’s gonna kill me... but they’re my team... and gotta know. 

“To be precise what?” Soren, Lance and Bridgette say at the same time. So do the dragons except Yin. 

“First, Fireworks put me down.” He does so, with a unusually worried expression. “And second......” 

Fireworks is telling the truth, Ryan’s ancestors were Animalities... but what he does know too, but didn’t say... 

An immediate yelp or gasp and shriek of surprise was expected, wide-eyes too... Ryan showed his little secret... 

Was that Ryan HIMSELF was an animality.

Time-Lapse…… Ryan and the others, dragons included, are inside the house... Ryan revealing he is an animality. 

“You guys are taking this in a whole lot better than I thought you would.” 
Bridgette is absolutely terrified, but in expression. Lance had fainted. And Soren wasn’t any of those... or any expression or reaction Ryan was expecting... he was cool with it! 

“You mean Soren’s taking it in easier than you thought?” Duststorm gulps. Fireworks kicks him, and Sky hisses at Fireworks. 

“Defendant of your boyfriend Sky?” Soren teases, Sky smacks him hard. 

Lance is conscious, and is noticing Ryan’s animality features. 

Ryan had sprouted a long, red, fluffy tail which ended in white fur... as if it was dipped in paint. He also now had long red ears that blended in with his red-hair, except that they had black-fur tips and fuzzy white fur inside. His eyes were now a striking gold colour, with animal-like slits instead of round pupils. He was guessing he had sharp teeth too. 

“Dude, seriously! Yes, all of us were DEFINITELY surprised at you being an animality... but it think it’s really AMAZING!” Soren gives him a hard pat on the back. Fireworks snorts and Sky giggles. “Your a Fox right?” 

“Aye. I am. Also... my father’s gonna kill me for telling you guys! But since we’re sharing a house, and we’re a team, and we’re friends... you all have the right too know! Besides, you’d figure it out eventually.” Ryan rubs his head, and smiles with worry and apology. “I’m just telling you guys... no one else. Please do NOT tell anyone else! I BEG you!” 

“Totally cool dude!” Lance grins, slinging an arm around his shoulder. 

“Okay!” Bridgette agrees, snapping out of her trance of surprise. 

“Absolutely!” Soren agrees, slinging his arm around his other shoulder. The dragons nod too, no one’s saying anything about it. 

“Thanks you guys...” Ryan’s ears perk up a bit, and he smiles back at the wide-grins. 
The tour was quick but very detailed! Soren and Lance were shown every part of the school with quick and informative chats, and Sky And Duststorm were shown the parts that dragons used of the school... or could actually FIT inside of! Some parts were crossover zones for dragons and the rider students and staff. That’s where they regrouped with their dragons and the other riders and dragons. Sky grabbed Soren, tossed him onto her back, and flicked Lance up onto Duststorm’s. 

“Hey to you too Sky! Please be careful next time, that really hurt!” Soren groaned, rubbing his back. Sky snorted, and whipped to Oakwood and Rollan who were tossing Talia onto Stormchaser, playfully. 

“So how was your tour you guys?” Sky grinned, teasingly. 

“Oh shut up Sky. How was yours? Ladies first.” Soren retorted. 
Lance sniggered, Duststorm gawped in awe, the others... they were just oblivious. Sky swatted her Rider with a powerful flick upwards of her wings to teach him a lesson for that.

“What?! You ARE a lady Sky!” 

“Pfft. You just said that to annoy me HOWEVER.” She huffed, trying to sound dignified.
Lance snorted at that, but a swift glare from Sky and Duststorm slapped him with his tail. 

“Alright everyone. No need to get violent.” Oakwood yawned, he seemed tired from the earlier excitement and mayhem of the initiation. Stormchaser was the worst, droopy wings and eyes, limp body, and constant yawning... before she collapsed in sleepy ness with Talia collapsing forward on top of her. Oakwood caught her before she slammed into the floor from Stormchaser’s back, the dragoness was VERY tall. 

“Great... guess who’s dragging Stormchaser home AGAIN.” Oakwood sighed, annoyed as he had to carry her home when he himself was tired. 
Rollan handed both Soren and Lance schedules, satchels, workbooks (what? It’s a school!), stationary, ink, research books, scrolls and parchment, and some proper riding gear. 

“First school day starts tomorrow morning! You’ll know when students should be waking when you hear Marine and the other elders knocking on doors... wait that’s mostly the Senior Riders. Well, guess you’ll figure it out when the gong sounds twice. It sounds once for opening, twice for starting of school! Got it?” He doesn’t wait for an answer. “No or yes, I am NOT good at explaining things.” And Rollan barks an order at Oakwood, startling him out of his sleepy wobble, and he bolts for the Senior Rider Quarters. 

“Wait Rollan. There’s quarters for Riders already around?” Soren said, kinda worried. 

“I know, I know. You guys gotta place of your own. You live in this years quadron of houses for students. Each year a new plot of houses is built depending on the ‘prophesized’ amount of students and citizens that will begin to start living here! So umm... they kinda keep building or popping out of nowhere, magic stuff, all over the year... so to fit the growing population. Most of our people aren’t Riders or Magic-Users though.” Rollan explains, grinning. “Also we just refer to our area, kinda of area because several Senior Riders live in the general vicinity, as the Senior Riders Quarters. Me, Talia, Riley, Alex, last two are friends of mine and Talia, friend zone, live in one house with our dragons. Talia’s Ryan’s cousin, random fact- GET UP OAKWOOD AND GO TO BED AT HOME WILL YOU?!” 

“Oookaaaay.... guess we should be going then! Guess we’ll... look around a little around the village, before we head home for the night. Right guys? It’sfinewithyouokayGREAT!” Sky grabs Duststorm and drags him off outside with Lance onboard. Soren waves good-bye to Talia, Rollan, Stormchaser and Oakwood. Tomorrow is another day!


Both the new riders thought school would be worrying to go to, especially since Soren wasn’t from the World of Dragon Riders (as he calls it). He was right. Many students immediately noticed he had something different about him, dragons especially, and Sky had a habit of swatting any dragons who she’d catch staring. 

First day of school and already people are staring at me like they hate me.

Totally kiddo. 

Don’t DO that Sky! You scared me!
Sky mentally raspberries him. 

They enter class, and boy were there stares. First class for new students included their dragons being with them... not good as Sky felt short-tempered today and was staring at everyone she got ‘vibes’ from. 

“I don’t like this ONE bit kid.” She murmurs to him. 

“Since when do you call me kid?” 

“Alright everyone! Welcome to Dragon Rider Academy! Or... whatever other people tell you to call our school!” The dragon at the front starts off. Soren quickly finds and empty seat beside a female rider with a Dragoness who blocked out every sound. Sky was wide-eyed at the dragon, and Soren realised it was Marine the Elder Sea Dragon. “PLEASE refrain from staring at the new student, Soren, (*mentally* Hi! Remember me?) and focus your eyes and ears on ME. I am your homeroom dragon teacher for the day, rosters will keep your teacher, more like monitor, different each day!” 


“Ahem, so beginning with the fact we DO have a new student...”
Soren silently groans and slumps in his chair. “I’ve decided we should introduce ourselves! Like every OTHER year we do! No matter if there is or is NOT a new student! Oh why do I not just say RIDER?! We’ll start at the front!” She looks at the rider sitting on the desk in front on the left. A male rider with a sleepy dragon who seemed to be a Snow Dragon (Snow and Ice are two different dragon species). “Please say your first name, possible nickname or PREFERRED name. The name of your dragon companion, and a random fact about you.” the boy got up and introduced himself as Gray. 

“Name’s Gray, this is my friend Orca (the dragon), and my family are refugees.” 

“Next.” a female rider with a constantly twitching Dragoness. 

“Hi! My name’s Summer, this is MY friend Sparktail!” Sparktail was twitching as if to hold in a ball of fiery energy. “And I was born here in town!” Sky ‘oohs’ at this, and Summer smiles back.

They could become friends. Marine and Soren think simultaneously.

“Next rider.” Another female and dragoness. 

“Name’s Roxy, this is Crescendo. My family love music.” Crescendo is nodding and bopping her head to a beat she’s humming. 

“Next.” A male rider and dragon. Introductions continued smoothly. 

“Dylan and this is Cerulean.” 

“Ryan and this is Fireworks.” 

“You can also call me Flame! Classic Fire Dragon name!” Ryan slaps himself. Ryan was one of the new students at initiation. 

“Luna and this is Crescent. Try not to mix her up with Crescendo... please.” 

“Gale and this is Hurricane.” 

“Kent and this is Zephyr.” 

“Harper and this is Shadow.” 

“Will and this is Ray.” 

“Lance and this is Duststorm.” Soren falls backward when he realises his friend had snuck into class when he wasn’t looking. 

“Nate and this is Rowan.” 

“Bridgette and this is Yin.” The duo sitting next to Soren and Sky. Sky waved at Yin, Yin nodded back. Soren notices Bridgette is staring at him as if to tell him something. She was the one hissing for his attention this whole time during introductions.


Meet me later! Outside, by the giant oak! 


Just say you will!

“So today everyone, thanks for the introductions- Sky, cool it! Geez, everyone quit STARING at Sky and Soren or I will personally give you all the SLAP!” Several grumble, mostly everyone but Ryan, Summer, Lance, Bridgette and their dragons. Then it hits Soren. No one else he’s ever seen have a rider of the opposite gender! Female riders have female dragons, male riders have male dragons! Only Dark Riders did such a thing. “Okay! Now that that’s out of the way... let’s begin with schedules! This is homeroom, just pointing out, so it’s where you meet at the start and end of every day, capiche? For different studies we have put you in groups with certain riders and dragons who we think you’ll get along SWELL with!”

Ocean pun! Get it? She’s a SEA dragon! Swell... something to do with the sea... 

Isn’t it with the waves or something? WHY AM I TALKING TO YOU NOW? 

Bridgette raises an eyebrow at him. Soren frowns back. 

“First group! Will, Harper, Kent, Gale and Luna! Then Ray, Shadow, Zephyr, Crescent And Hurricane.” The five in that group grin. “Second Group! Nate, Dylan, Roxy, Gray and Summer.” They smile too. “Third and final group! Ryan, Lance, Bridgette and Soren! With Fireworks, Duststorm, Yin and Sky! You can assign group LEADERS or what not... they do it every OTHER year!” Marine grins, happily. “SOOOOO! Group Names are a thing too! Try to brainstorm one so it’s easier than Group 1, 2, 3, etc! Some classes are bigger, by That I mean homeroom... so they’ll have more groups.” She turns to the covered chalkboard behind her and pulls off the sheet. “Group 1’s first class is Proper Dragon Care! Group 2 is History (they groaned)! And with ME is Group 3! We are doing Dragon Riding training with the seniors! Isn’t that EXCITING?!” Ryan and Lance faint, Bridgette whoops, Soren is focused on his surprise, Sky whoops, Yin nods, Duststorm faints, And Fireworks ‘YAHOO’S’ in excitement. “P.S. we may get new students later on in the year, meaning more may be added into this homeroom, meaning more groups! I AM PUMPED!”

Glad to see the TEACHER is enthusiastic!

Bridgette bursts out laughing hysterically, and Soren slams his head on the table. And soon enough people leave to find their way to class, while Group 3 remain in homeroom with Marine till the seniors show up.

Time Skip:

“Thank you SOOO much for taking time out of your days to come help us teach CLASS today you guys! Soren, Lance, Ryan, Sky, Duststorm And Fireworks... you may recognize these two!” Marine points to a rider and dragon duo... who happens to be Rollan and Oakwood. Soren waves hello. Bridgette is bouncing inside from excitement, filling her still active telepathy-link with Soren full of excited thoughts. 

“It’s an honour to be here!” Rollan grins at Soren and Lance, Oakwood playfully bumps Duststorm. “I’ll introduce the others. This is Olivia and her dragoness Violet, she’s a Nature Dragon. This guy (points to the only other male rider and his dragon) is Shaun and his dragon Smoke, he’s a Fire Dragon. And finally, this is Felicia and her dragon Canyon! He’s an Earth Dragon.” Oakwood bumps him, and he shoves back. Smoke just kicks them back at each other. 

“All of US are in the same homeroom group!” Felicia grins, proudly. Canyon nods and Shaun just seems to groan in boredom. “Hey Marine where’s-“ 

“That don’t matter! He’s busy right now and can’t attend as my rider... unfortunately. ALRIGHTY OH! I’ll let you seniors do the talking... and WHERE’S THE OTHER GROUPS?!” Soren notices that no one else has showed up, multiple groups for one class... and their’s was the only one. His heart plummeted. 

“We can’t exactly wait Marine.” Smoke sighes. “We should just get it over with.” 

“Agreed.” Shaun walked off to Smoke and hopped on. Bridgette seems to be bouncing around on the inside and Soren decides to hop on Sky. 

“Fine... you guys start, I’ll find the others!” 

“Sounds like a plan to me!” Bridgette says, climbing on top of Yin, who was meditating the entire time. “So what do we do first? Stunts? Battle formations? Tell me!” 

“Patience young one, or your over flowing energies will knock your friend over.” Yin points to Soren, who is still mentally linked to Bridgette, who is appearing to look sleepy. 


“Haha! Nice ideas Bridgette, but let’s see what Shaun decided on. We got him to choose, otherwise the rest of us would’ve argued on one.” Rollan jabs a finger at bored-faced Shaun. He was mentally running through the discussion he had with Smoke before and sighed. 

“We decided on practicing Battle Training on Dragon-Back. Pair-Up with a team-mate, Soren and Lance preferably no with each other, and then we’ll pit you against two seniors.” 

“GREAT! That means we can be team-mates! Right Soren?” Bridgette celebrates by elbowing Soren while both are on Dragon-Back. 

“Uh Yeah... sure...” He looks at Lance, who is fist-bumping Ryan. 

This may not end well for my stomach. 

What? It’s BATTLE training! Not stunts! You afraid of heights? 

Sorry for the lack of activity!
But I got no idea what to do right now with this artists block! Well I am working on that crossover picture in the Status Update below! But still....

Who wants to chat? I know I do! :D Anyone got ideas? I keep asking... :3
I decide I have Writer’s/Artist’s Block.
Got no clue what to do. 
Ideas anyone? (Asking OCs)
Dragoness Kwami: Kwamis! Fan Heroes! Fan Kwamis! Both!
Eota: Original OCs (like herself)
Calandre: *punches Eota*
Baybreeze: Dragons! Animals! 
Sky (Dragon): Dragons with Human Riders! 
Eclipse: I don’t care.
Everyone Above: Seriously?!

(I am doing crossover picture of Sky and Soren from World of Dragon Riders, Dragoness the Kwami and her wielder/the hero Dragoness (me), Eclipse the Wolf From Eclipse And the Theatre, Baybreeze, And Eota And Calandre the Griffons.... doing Soren on Sky’s back will be a pain in the behind! :D)



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