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Tsukiakari :: for Ten-chan


Art trade with :iconeternal-s:.
Drawn on livestream. :P

I haven't CGed in two months, I realized. So I reinvented my style. \(-u-)/

(Oh, by the way, it seems I have flipped the image by accident... xD so whatever's supposed to be on one side is now on the other. Sorry, Ten-chan!!)


Characters YunYu(left), XiangRu(right) (c) *Eternal-S
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Both of them look so sexy! And that moon...dat moon...
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They're :iconeternal-s:'s original characters. ^^
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ohes this is simply gorgeous, sonderfull composition everything fits so well and the eye trails accross the canvas nicely <3 and i love this new colouring stye, the clothes look amazing :V
cherriuki's avatar
its beautiful! ilove it! <333
BlackSaiyan's avatar
looks like Lelouch and Karen o_O
xXfullmoon23XX's avatar
the guy looks like sum1 from barajou no kiss anyway awesome work!
Pocky-and-pudding's avatar
WOW then ar beautiful ^^;
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I saw this on livestream <33
I envy your clean lines and woloring. :love:
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it's really pretty.. and it's still beautiful, even though you say you switched styles.
miss your CGs.. (make me one for my 21st bday this year? lol.. xD)
are you back in school already? O:
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Thank you~ ;;
Yeah, I'm back in school. ^^;
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xD np.
i see.. no wonder i've not heard from you in ages! (our email)
how's your semester this time round? O:
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omg you draw the hottest guys :heart:
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awah~ so prettty~
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Gorgeous! I love the colors!
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Damn amazing. How long do these take? I'm especially interested in the hair. I can never seem to get that effect and I feel like I'm spending too much time on it already.
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It was so great watching it on livestream, and now that I can see the finished one it's even better! >w< I love the atmosphere of this piece. It's so calm and serious. And I love the style, too.
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Can I ask who the male character is called?
Takasumi-Airi's avatar
Thanks ^^ From which anime is he from?

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