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Kimi ni aete...

[ game version : [link] ]

I got this scene in my head during lecture, so I drew it. ^^; Done partially on Livestream.

[Project Cliche, Ryou's route]
Ryou suffers from a currently undetermined congenital disease and has a near-death experience in the middle of the street, where he is found collapsed in the snow by Yuuko.


Ryou, Project Cliche (c) me.
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s-so sad and beautiful :iconitsbeautifulplz:
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the arm looks really short... but nice job!!
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Owwww ..
why isn't the game in english TwT"
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Omg.. I love the look in his eyes! He looks so happy! Like if it was his love who was laying beside him and he reached out his hand to her/him and smiled at that person, both with his eyes AND mouth! OMG!! I'm in love..
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AHA, so you're the one who drew this!!!
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owo Hm? Did you see it somewhere else?
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It's all over photobucket and people use it on GAIA for their character's picture in a role play.
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.....TT____TT Links please? Argh this is my own original character too.. OTL
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x-xI just see it everywhere. If you type in 'anime boy' he's in there somewhere. DD: (on photobucket and other photosites)
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OTL Ah well... I guess it's my own fault for posting stuff online... /should just stop -_-;
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Although it does mean people love it u.u still bad that they uploaded it to photobucket to save and then other people liked it to and saved it to theirs.

Do you put a no steal thing on it? Like a license?
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Haha, no such thing as licenses when all the internet is available for right click -> save as. = u=;
Ah well.. I'll just suck it up and kick thieves as I find them individually. -.-; /spite
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aawwww.... how cute!
I love that!
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i totally love his expression! <3
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Wow, he looks so at peace <3
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waah this is so pretty~. ;__; I love the snow and the coloring~ so muchhh. AND HIS OUTFIT is pretty cool, as are his eyes *w* :heart:
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he looks pretty happy for someone who just collapsed ^^
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Poor ryou, he looks like such a sweet chara ;_;
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*gah* pretty!~ love the snow..
your game sounds like it's coming on pretty nicely.
expression looks good here too.. ^^ *thumbs up*
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awwwww >_<
He look so poor thing =(
Nice anyways xDD
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me encanta!!!!
i love it!!!!!
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beautiful colouring, as always. a wonderful piece - nice work! :thumbsup:
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I love the expression > <
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