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StartOrbz v3.1.a

December 14,2010
Public version 3.1a
-Added ability to enable/disable the start tips with regfiles.
-When using Visa, it would still try and apply userframes and start tips. (I missed this one in 3.1)

These are the only two changes in 3.1a. If 3.1 worked for you, then you should NOT install this. Well you can if you want but there is no new features.
I also included StartOrbz 2.1, since this loaded up fine for most people.

There really isnt much more to do with StartOrbz, so only expect bug fixes. If you have suggestions, please let me know. As always, post any bugs, comments, or suggestions.

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works at 125 dpi?

If anyone breaks their windows 10: ctrl+shift+esc (this will open task manager) > Press "File" at the top > Run new task > type cmd > check "Run with administrator privileges" > Hit Enter > Type sfc /scannow > wait till verification completes > restart > fixed

it makes every image much a circle
Great man!Works fine with windows 7.THANK YOU!
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I am very interested..Is this working on window7? please let me know.Thanks.
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sorry but it screwed my win10, now i have to repair win10. sorry but your put a big warning NOT TO USE WITH WIN10
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Wow, I was near to download it when I saw your comment... I use Win10
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Lucky i found a way to repair the stuff up. I do advise to make a backup  copy of explorer.exe in the windows folder so you can repair the explorer any time.
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Hi.. How did you fixed it?

wont connect to virtual customs .net please fix thank you
please fix one for windows 10
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Hey, the program works great but I have one question. Is there any way to make the start orb bigger? I made a custom start orb for my girlfriend and I and I noticed when I applied it that it's a lot smaller than the default start orb was before. Kinda bugs me, because both her and I put a lot of work into this and you can hardly see it.
Sorry forgot to tell you about my configuration if that  may be of any help to solve the problem:
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.
Note that I changed all explorer.exe to default both in the Windows folder and the SysWOW64 folder. There are no issue whatsoever restarting explorer only issue remains that previous orb is back when rebooting.

Hello guys,
I have the same problem as katsuba here the orb changer works fine until you reboot windows.
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Uh, how do I get my standard windows orb back?
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Hi Blizo, first I really want to thank you for making this program. I tried it and really enjoyed it. But whenever I restarted my pc, the usual orb was restored and I need to re-apply it again. Any idea how to make it permanent? Thanks!
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Hi there, Blizo. I really enjoy your program, StartOrbz, but now I am very leery to use it, as a week ago, it caused me a lot of trouble, as it could not or would not re-open Explorer, after it closed it to apply the orb I had made.
A couple of problems I feel you need to know about this version of StartOrbz is that much of the time when saving a newly made orb, the program saves it inside the same folder with other orbs I had made using the same xml file, so when I go to select a specific orb to either edit it, or apply it, even though the image showing is the orb I want, after pressing my mouse key to select it, a totally different orb shows up, so I click cancel, but can never get the orb I wish to work with to show.
Due to the above problem, is why I think the program could not restart Explorer. One problem after another arrived for me that day when StartOrbz did this to me, which ended up in taking me 3 days before I was able to repair my Windows 7 64-bit OS, and a mighty dollar or $200 to repair the PC enough to sign onto it.
Please do some updates to this program soon, Blizo, as it is so very delightful, enjoyable, and I do love having the ability to make my own orbs in the fashion that I wish.

Thank you, and take care.

can you tell me where it puts the backup, my taskbar and everything changed to windows classic and i can't change it back :'(
oh, and i can't open the program anymore
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