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What in carnation?!

Finally! Venusaur looks as pretty as he feels!

The Kanto starters got Mega evolutions and Venusaur comes with one bitching, arse kicking flower! Flower power, yo! Is it me or do they look like parallel universe versions of the originals?

Anyways, hope 'thistle' make you laugh;p

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these are so wholesome
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Venusaur, you're beautiful! Don't let all the nay-sayers get you down!
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It is so great you used charizard Y instead of X
Somoko's avatar
I'm sad Blastiose did not go water / steel and get solid rock / filter
Merfyz's avatar
Hahahahha nice. 
sonicfan40's avatar
Venusaus face looks like a cat 
Tristan-Marlowe's avatar
Yeah Venusaur now you are OP Kitty Jessica Neko Emoji-41 - (Kawaii Waving) [V3] 
EzioAuditoreSAltair's avatar
Matt577's avatar
Also Venusaur got a fricking butt flower
OFroakieStarO's avatar
meanwhile in a parallel universe where pokemon get mega evolutions
Peni-Hearts-Make-Art's avatar
she so PURRTY! //^U^// :iconblushplz:
Blizarro's avatar
haha this made me laugh:D
Peni-Hearts-Make-Art's avatar
:D i have that effect on some people!
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venusaur feels so pretty =^_______^=
Blizarro's avatar
i believe its what the kids call 'swag';p
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You know what Venusaur gets?

Nox1468's avatar
still picking venusaur.
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I've finally found it, the Iblis Trigger the original image!

I've seen this image floating around on tumblr, but never with a link to the source.

I'm really liking Mega Venusaur's face here, reminds me of some of Alphonse's 'expressions' in the Fullmetal Alchemist manga. Hmm, I may have to name my Bulbasaur "Alphonse" or "Al" now...
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I wonder if all starters and an X form and a Y form. Because Charizard already has to forms now...
Nox1468's avatar
nope, they're playing favorites again.
Blizarro's avatar
Apparently not which is a shame:[ I'd have loved blastoise and venusaur to get a second mega form, Charizard gets 2 because of fan service
EB-the-GAMER's avatar
He looks so much better than the others to me.
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