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Squishy Pokemon

By Blizarro
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I love Goomy! Cute and squishy, I must train one! Here's his welcome party ;p

Edit: The fashionably late:…

Pokemon copyright Nintendo and Game Freak.
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The facial expressions are great!
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So Cute . I like itI CHOOSE YOU POPPILO! Icon pokemon gif sylveon 
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Omg Swalot's face lol XD
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Puddin' Pokeymanz!!
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Cute... 😅😄
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Look at how squishy they are! Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
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This be hilarious! Good work!
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all i can hear when i look at goomy...
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Hahahaha!!! This just made my day! You my friend just earned a watcher! :D
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This is beyond adorable!
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now to add Pyukumuku and of course alolan muk and grimer
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Plz do a alola pokemon update plz
Baby Dory - Icon 
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it's so cute for meFree Meowth Icon Leafeon Licky~! Pika Lick Icon Kissu Lick Your Best Tem check out this cute pokemon :pokemonmlg: pokemon eevee gif sleep 
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Very adorable:pokemonmlg: Free Meowth Icon Lillipup check out this cute pokemon Ditto Pika Lick Icon 
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I love goomys expression
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