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Foxy Pokemon

Fennekin's foxy 2nd evolution looks like she'll come between Lucario and Zoroark. By a mile, Fennekin is gonna my choice for starter! Also, Chespin looks like a bloated squirrel or something...

Edit: It's name is now Braixen

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I ship her with both, Braixen x Zoroark is life tho.

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And now Greninja apers and steel the gird. Perdón por mi mal ingles.
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Heh no love for Vulpix XD
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Lucraio is like

Lucraio:"Dis is mai girl!"

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Zoroark and Braixen are going to make a zorlakin 
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Behold, it's a trap! xD
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ah "BoxerXSkirt" shipping ftw lol
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fennekin is a boy when u get her in pokemon x and y. i wanted a female Colorful Sad Emoticono Sad Fluttershy Sad chica 
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Just soft reset until you get one. The ration is 87.5% male and 12.5% female. I got a female first go though:la:
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The first Pokemon I ever owned on a Pokemon game was a Torchic and it was female. X3
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I think all my starters was male until I got a female Squirtle in Firered
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Braixen: hi there                                                                                                                *Pushes back zoroark*Lucario: dibs
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I love your art. It's so cute. :3
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I always used to ship LucarioXZoroark 
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True. Zokario would a lot better. Think of their kids!
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Eh, it's for the best that she walks away, she's with Quilladin anyway.
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they forgot the golden rule. BROS BEFORE HOES!!! 
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...My Braixen is female, my Zoroark is male...
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Lol, looks like Lucario and Zoroark likes her
Nice work
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Aww! my Fennekin made new friends
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