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Doctor Who 50th Wallpaper

I tried uploading this earlier before the Day of the Doctor but DA was being a twat and wouldn't let me. So here it is now, the wallpaper version for anyone who wants it:] Just whack that download button and it's yours forever! I think I'm going to leave uploading individual Doctor until such a time when I know what the 12 Doctor's outfit will be, I'd like to include him in the roster!

Now how awesome was day of the doctor?!?:la:

Doctor who Copyright BBC
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Doctor Expressions (left to right):
1 and 2 are sad
3 is mad
4 is sad
5 is sad
6 is freaking out
7 is pouting
8 is scolding the War Doctor
War Doctor using his favourite excuse
9 is also getting mad
10 is skeptical
11 is sad
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Thank you so much. This wallpaper looks awesome! I set it to span across my two screens and the first eight doctors are all on my monitor, while war, 9, 10 and 11 are perfectly on my laptop screen!! Its fantastic!
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Poor War Doctor :'(
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my favorite would have to be the 5th Doctor. In this drawing, I mean. Not in real life. 
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He is the one who did it...the one who ate the cake!
i love how hurt doctor is just like "dude I made the cake several regenerations ago, I should get to eat it!" And all the other doctor that are like " *gasp* no cake?*
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mind me if I sound stupid, but why cake? is that a reference to classic who?
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No. The war doctor is eating the cake. This was for the 50th aniversery so they have a birthday cake for doctor who
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ooooh. I get it now. thx!
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I kinda realized, the way you draw John Hurt, he kinda looks like the Emotion Lord from Bravest Warriors...
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This says so much with so little.
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Awesome, love this! :D
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John: "CAKE!"

Everyone else: "....Why'd you take Tom's cake, man?"
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'What I did... I did in the name of peace... and I'm hungry'
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"...Still not cool. Here Tom. Have a Jelly Baby....or ten."
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"Or Twenty..."

-pours whole bag onto head-
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that wall paper is awsome..

for the day of the doctor, I was disappointed that only Baker had a cameo
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True, I thought they could've gotten McGann to shoot something what with his appearance in Night of the Doctor, like maybe when all the doctors were flying around gallifrey a few shots of him running around his console saying something smart and funny;p shame Eccleston didn't put in the effort at all but Baker absolutely nailed it! I love the possibilities of who he is:la: 
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hahaha awesome. :D 
Now how awesome was day of the doctor?!?La la la la

On a scale of one to ten? Eleven.
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On a scale of one to ten, all THIRTEEN!!:la:
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