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Alright for reals which one of these things is better?

  |  132 votes
  • Redbubble
  • Society 6

I'm making Eeveelution necklaces for Katsucon! 8D Which...

  |  333 votes
  • eevee
  • jolteon
  • flareon
  • vaporeon
  • espeon
  • umbreon
  • leafeon
  • glaceon
  • sylveon

One more question as I try to get out of my lazy streak...

  |  389 votes
  • Totoro: totoro and a squirrel eye each other over the same acorn
  • My Little Pony: Princess Celestia and Zecora, in a field of heart's desire flowers
  • Adventure Time: Princess Bubblegum and Marceline, sitting in the cotton candy forest together and composing a song
  • original character illustrations aren't on this poll because I'm gonna go draw that stuff anyway regardless of poll outcomes. :P

If I did a fancomic, WHICH ONE OF THESE THINGS:

  |  336 votes
  • Sailor Venus x Kunzite (A relationship cut short at the end of the Silver Millenium. Strange monoliths appear on Earth, Beryl cuts a deal with 3 of the 4 kings, Kunzite enjoys his day off work by initiating a chain of horrible pranks on V.)
  • Dark Link x Saria (Link and Zelda go off to be happy, but the world around them is still in pieces. Saria can't be carefree again after being a sage, Dark Link escapes his prison and finds he has already served his purpose. Now what?)
  • Korra x Tarrlok (Tarrlok is made to teach Korra blood bending as punishment for his crimes. Teaching Korra anything at all is definitely a worse punishment than death.)
  • Glorfindel x Aragorn (A human child grows up among elves. He wishes to see the granduer of his own people. Elrond's friend may be able to take him far to the south, where the stories of humans are strongest.)
  • There should be a My Little Pony fic in here somewhere, but none of mine are developed enough to be launching into any time soon.

White borders or close cropped? (I'm asking about borde...

  |  583 votes
  • white borders Underworld Overworld by blix-it Eevee and Eevee by blix-it
  • close cropped Inari Fox by blix-it Destined Legends : Glass Dragon by blix-it