Help with video editing?

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I want to figure out how to speed up a video of me painting. ;_; I have no idea what software to use. 


What do you like to use? AAAAAaaaa I wish I was better at doing technology thhiiinngs....
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I always use Windows Movie Maker. It's free, intuitive, and really easy since all you really have to do is speed it up.
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I use Adobe Premiere, and i can guide you through the process of speeding up your video if you decide to use that program :) I find the program intuitive and easy to learn/use. I learned to create my videos in a 30 minute video tutorial. And whenever i need to know how to do something, i google it and there are many people using it and answering such questions
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Others really like Premiere too!! I'm just sad that I can't afford to buy it. 8( 
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Shotcut is a good program for that, and free :). Once you load a video by dragging it onto the timeline, you can just go to the properties panel, change the speed option to whatever you want (2x, 3x, etc) and then encode the file as an mp4 video.
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I use OBS to record, Windows Movie Maker is fine if you're doing something simple - both are free and decently user friendly.
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Looks like somebody has a good idea about Movie Maker!  If you need to capture, you can do a Livestream and tell it to save the video.  You'll have to go and download it from their site once the stream ends, and it's not very high quality, though...  Somebody's probably got better ideas for that.  ^^;;;
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I'm not sure what is free.. uhh I'm only familiar with adobe ones LOL;; 

If you're on Windows, I believe they all have a default Movie Maker you can use.. All you have to do then is to edit the time span of your movie to speed it up 8D…

Hope that helps! ^^
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I use OBS! It's very easy to set up, just make sure to set the encoding to something that will work with your editing software (mp4 usually works). :heart:
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What type of  video software do you have?
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currently nothing! And looking for advice on that!
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Ok. I do a lot of video editing but I use Adobe Premiere which is an EXPENSIVE program. There are some cheaper/more affordable programs out there that you can get. I am not sure of how to do the same things in them that I do in Premiere. A lot of things I learned from watching Youtube videos.
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I use Premiere Pro too but though expensive...well if you know a bit about hacking, well let's just say you can download that and many others related like it for free! :D
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Well, of course. :) I am afraid of hacked software because who knows what else is in it.
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LOL, true, i took the risk with it though and well so far so good, there's also anti-gen software you could use to get rid of any viruses it may contain or bring! 
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Where did you get it from?
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Pirate Bay, got most of my stuff through that as I also use 3DS Max, After Effects n other designing software I got through it as well
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