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Quick Project Info:

Point Right FAQ
Point Right Fate Fatale Tumblr (lots of useful asks on here)
Point Right organized by Cinnamoron and blix-it


Fate Fatale is a tarot card deck that will be a giant collaboration with a bunch of artists! Our goal is to print both majors and minors, so we are hoping for a bunch of artists to want to participate! The FAQ has the most detailed info on what we're looking for, what portfolio to submit (a DA folder of your 10 best is great!) scheduling, and what it pays so do have a look at the FAQ if you're interested! c: 

It will be a really pretty printed project, with both the box and back of card having gold foil on them! 

We are open to a variety of styles and mediums! We are most interested in a manga or indie style, but as long as an artist has a good handle on color/contrast, composition, and anatomy these foundations glow in all styles. c:

Thank you for viewing our project and considering applying!  
- A+C

I want to figure out how to speed up a video of me painting. ;_; I have no idea what software to use. 


What do you like to use? AAAAAaaaa I wish I was better at doing technology thhiiinngs....

Floral Frolic FOXY PARTY Jan 30th, 3-5pm at Bear and Bird Gallery in Lauderhill FL!!

We are gonna be signing books and having fun!!! And we really very much hope we won’t be alone in this??? ^^; COME JOIN US! There will be coloring pages, food, we will read Floral Frolic out loud and you can see the original paintings all framed up and beautiful! c:

Thank you to everyone who has supported the kickstarter! We are so happy that now we get our dream of a gallery party for the book! c:

And we get to go to warm Florida right after snowzilla in Baltimore. I’ve been digging the car out for two days now. :/…;

Cinnamoron is cleaning up some lineart from Floral Frolic on Picarto. ^^

I’ve never been to Animazement and now I’m goiiiiing!!!!! 8D Come see me there!!! We will both give you a free postcard if you come to us with a receipt after having backed our kickstarter project Floral Frolic!

We are also giving away those pretty promo cards for people who have never heard of Floral Frolic. ^^

I've been playing it. <3 

Their next registration window opens on the 17th of Nov. 

Come play with me? 8D If you already have an account, I am lilindar on there. 
This is an over tardy writing about Amya's kickstarter, but as it turns out, waiting might be okay because Cinnamoron and I might get to have a short story in it!!!! 

Amya is a fantasy graphic novel that is beautifully written and has gorgeous art!!! Please check out its kickstarter!! Amya has a core continuing story written and drawn by the same team, and then there are side short stories written by the same writer, but illustrated by other artists. The stretch goal I would be involved in is one of these short stories. Having the stretch goal funded would mean I would be paid to make a thing and it would be a thing I'd be really excited to make!!!! c: 

Cinnamoron and I would work as a team for it. She would draw, I would paint. 
Here are some other of our works we've done recently: 

Cinnamoron and I have been doing some illustrations together since we became roomates about a year ago. >< Some of these images are from OTHER PROJECTS EEEEEEE that have yet to be written properly about. If we could do a short story for Amya, it would be so much fun!! It would be our first printed thing together. 8D

So please go visit Amya's kickstarter! You could help fund it or share the link with other graphic novel lovers. <3 

Amya also has a DA!

Hope everyone has a safe trip back to school lately ~ good luck with all your new school work!!! oh ho ho I'm graduated!!! Until I go back for a graduate degree *sob*
AND I fail at updating any online account ever. >< I'm sorry. ;_; I used to love posting online and now I like better to hide under a rock. 8D 

Here's an Otakon map!!!! I'm gonna be in the DEALER HALL this year with Cinnamoron!!! c: Not that the AA aint cool anymore, it's totally cool, just that getting a table in there is proving impossible so I made the switch. ;____; Here's hoping dealers' booths are good!!!! I'm scared but I'm gonna do it!! Come see me! My table helper Caitlin will be selling stuff, I will personally be hiding under the table, occasionally grabbing at passing ankles. That zombie hand on your foot is mine. 

HEY LOOK I made bags. 

They've definitely been well loved, so come early at Otakon! I've been running out. 8( And it's hard to get more of them. You also could snag one on etsy if you so desired!

See you at Otakon! 
Girl from Anthrocon who bought a blanket and I was going to ship it to you, please email me, your address has vanished from my possessions, I've torn apart everything I had at the show and I can't find it, I'm sorry, PLEASE EMAIL ME AT LILINDAR@GMAIL.COM TO GET YOUR BLANKET.

I'm kind of still in awe of how many people actually purchased this scarf on etsy!!! Thank you so much. c: It really warms my heart. I wanted to note that Thursday the 13th is the last day for ordering this scarf. I do want to restock it in the future, but that could be some weeks or months away. The reason Thursday is the last day is that Friday is when I'm going to Katsucon! The scarves are 2/3rds gone already from online sales, I think Friday at Katsucon will see the rest of them gone completely. 

If you would still like a scarf, I plan to ship them out immediately! c:

-OR- if you're going to Katsucon, come see my on Friday and you may still be in luck. Here is my Katsucon map!

Amanda and I will be right there! 

Thanks also for the birthday wishes today. c: They're very kind.

DX Have you not looked at it yet?? IT'S SO ANGRY!!! And soft and huggable. >_>


I guess this isn't really a life update, I'm too tired and bedraggled to be writing life updates, in part because NYCC is HAPPENING and I'm kind of afraid. o___o;;;; This was a really expensive show just to do. Probably the most expensive show I've ever bought a table at. So uuuuh. I hope NYCC lives up to its hype. ^^;

Mostly I just want to go to bed.. 

Also, check out my flat mate's kickstarter!!

Get it while there's getting I guess. XD Because after the kickstarter is done, there won't be much getting left available.

We're now just 200$ away from stretch goal number 3! 

Which means the two stretch goals I've been a part of are now done and happening! You get stickers and an extra charm from me in addition to the regular pledge at all pledges 20$ or more. c: 

I've begun finishing the art on both stretch goals, but will probably not wrap it up for a few weeks yet. 


I really hope we reach stretch goal #3!!! And I personally also am hoping the kickstarter will be backed by at least 100 people. X3 This is Losing Altitude's second try at funding and I'm SO happy to see it blowing past the previous kickstarter in every way!! 


Walk as far from the door as it is possible to go while remaining in the exhibit hall (go diagonally right) and you will find us! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. :| Pardon me while I prissass about this table location. So distant, it is beyond uncharted oceans where you might find dragons. That's the bright side. 
And Celestia too! On We Love Fine's new shirt contest!

Celestia is by Cinnamoron, Zecora is by me!

They aren't competing submissions, they're in separate categories! Please go give both of them lots of love?? <3 

You can also fav them here:
Sun Sister by Cinnamoron  Remedy to Gravity MLP Zecora by blix-it

I'll post Zecora on DA maybe tomorrow or the next day. @_@ I'm still trying to collect myself after AB and A-kon.
I'm sitting here. 

All three of us are together in that lower left corner.


Probably that title and the link to the project are enough, but I guess there's some expectation that when one clicks on a journal to read it, there would actually be words to read??

WELL THIS CALENDAR IS A THING. Or at least it WILL be a thing if it's funded.

And if it gets funded I get to make art for it???? For the month of April!! I really want this calendar to be funded. ;_; I've got some rough drawings already done up because patience isn't something I have.
I don't know if anyone at all will be interested. T_T But maybe.

Two slots only.
1.:iconhelixel: ref:…
2.:icondemongoddessslayer: ref:…

And thank you to :iconmechacharibdys: and :iconnahalenna: for also being interested in commissions! >< <3

These are waist or bust up watercolor portrait commissions, 40$, about 5x7 inches or slightly different shaped depending on composition needs. Includes just one character and a background of my choice (expect things like flowers, trees, windows, but not hugely rendered bgs). You can make suggestions for background elements if you want.

I will draw:
romance, but rated r or lower, not ready to go to rated x yet
gay stuff
strait stuff
all the genders

I probably suck at:
machinery related things, but hell, I'll try it

I'd love references if you've got them

40$ includes a high res scan of your commission (when my new scanner comes in the mail).

Shipping, if desired:
5$ in the US
7$ to Canada
10$ to everywhere else

I guess you could leave a comment here if you're interested or note me?? I don't at this point have samples because it's been years since I did online commissions, but I do have a gallery full of images. Does that count? D8
It's available online now!
Etsy + Storenvy

My brand new art book, created as a group project with Cinnamoron

***Limited quantities of books (presently, 10 books) are signed by both artists! I've signed in silver on my cover, Amanda has signed in gold on hers.

This is a unique book in that it has no front or back cover, exactly. From whatever side you pick the book up at, you'll read to the middle of the book, and then you flip the book over vertically to right side up the other artist. In this way, both of us can sell the book at our own shows and always appear to be the featured artist. :P It's pretty great.

More pictures coming as soon as I can pull myself together enough to handle some photography. This listing is for those of you who don't even care, just, BOOK. Here are a couple illustrations that are featured in the book:

+ 5.5" inch square book
+ 24 semigloss pages on 80lb paper of our most popular canine art, accompanied by a few sketches of our characters (noteably: my character Sedna and Amanda's character Kana.)
+ hard bound
+ soft touch matte laminated cover
+ endsheet printing (that paper in hardbound books that attaches to the interior cover)
+ 80lb semigloss interior pages

Uuuuuuhm it's pretty much just a really nice feeling book with pretty pictures of wolves and foxes who sometimes take a human form. It isn't hugely plot driven. Expect a pile of eye candy and a cover so nice to pet you rub your face against it.
Okay before ECCC or art books are discussed, just go check out Cinnamoron's postcard giveaway. X3 And you better check out her art if you haven't done! D8 But by now you've probably seen it because she and I are at every con together so hey.

Self explanatory. If you're gonna be there, here's a map to find us in the middle of everything else that will be super distracting to you.
If I don't see you, it's okay, I understand. You're at the pony booth. I'M THERE TOO OH HO HO.


I suck at announcing new awesome merchandise! So please pardon me, I'm skipping over the effort to make a big announcement that awes, inspires, and ropes you into spending money immediately. Instead I'll just say, ART BOOKS. Cinnamoron and I have both wanted to make an art book for absolutely years. We've wanted to join group projects to make an art book. We've wanted to begin group projects. We've wanted to make our own books. We've wanted to make fan books and fan comics. WE'VE WANTED TO MAKE ALL THE THINGS, but we never ... actually.......... have. For all the excuses. So instead of making more excuses, I feel like I decided not to come up with anymore, and to FINALLY make an art book.

This book I regard as being the first art book or group project with Amanda out of hopefully many more in the future, whenever we get together it's a huge idea spoodge. This is a beautiful little book, printed so that one side is her art, one side is my art, and you flip it over so both covers look like they could be front covers! It's hard bound, 24 pages, matte laminated cover, and filled with our canine art. It's kind of based around her character Kana (fox girl) and my character Sedna (wolf monster) and a romance between them that mostly is ridiculous. XD The book includes a lot of them, and a few other illustrations we've done of wolves and foxes and coyotes.

I'm absolutely in love with this book. X3

We had a test run of books at Ohayocon, but this is the big huge print run of books! Available first at ECCC, and then when we come home the books will be available online.

ajsdf;laksdflasdf This project is important to me, because I want it to be the beginning of more! I want group comic projects, collab illustrations, and fanbooks, so bad!