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Watercolor Meadow Pattern

By blix-it
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My first 'successful' attempt at repeating pattern making in watercolor. >< Kind of successful. I haven't actually managed to print it on stuff yet! I kind of intended it for sheer scarves, but then ended up not printing scarves. 8( Right now this pattern is just up on my (not very populated) redbubble.… Cruise by and give it a fav?

It was kind of fun at least to get this pattern to repeat. ^^ 

They are Dawnsing and Queenie from Floral Frolic by the way! 8D 

Floral Frolic is a children's book I worked on!…
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this is so beautiful. very calming too, makes me want to take a nice nap on that grassy field.
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Such beautiful palettes and AWESOME art. Much love!
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It's so calming.
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The repeating patterns make it even more mesmerizing than usual! Seems successful to me!
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Uah your artworks are so beautiful! I love watercolors, and you make such nice colors with it :)
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Absolutely gorgeous!Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] 
Seeing your beautiful art is always the best stress reliever for me <3
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Oh my goodness, it's so cute! Love it!
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woahh the colors are so lovely!!! 
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your avatar is cute. o3o
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thanks ;;v;; 
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What a cool stuff *-*
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