Magic World Destroying Girls

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Panel 1
AN EPIC SCENE OF DISTRUCTION!!! Set in a 1920s-esque world. New York City is crumbling, people are running and screaming as a GIANT POINTED FINGER FALLS OUT THE SKY AND DEMOLISHES EVERYTHING BENEATH IT. [this pointed finger is rather reminiscent of a child's hand... how strange] Poor little flappers are dropping their purses and being helped along by handsom men in suspender suits. It's all very tragic and horrible. Also, everyone is an elf, not a human, so give those poor, adorable flappers cute little pointy ears.

Sound Effects: BOOOOOOOOSH [or crash or whatever]

Panel 2
The Pacific Ocean, yet another scene of horrible apocalyptic destruction. The [rather child like] hand of god SCRAPES over the sea, creating a massive tsunami. Hawaii and some whales get hit by the finger and fly off planet earth into orbit.

Sfx [for finger]: skshhhhh!
Sfx [for Hawaii and whales]: FWEE!

Panel 3
This panel is covered in static as if it's being watched from a very old television. The [still child like] hand demolishes Tokyo tower! [of course it does, everything attacks Tokyo] Regular Japanese citizens become tourists in their own land and start snapping pictures like crazy. Note - 1920s, draw some cute little elf geishas! Also note - humans may not have invented cheap disposable cameras until recently but Japanese elves invented them in the 1920s, obviously.

Sfx [for tower]: SCRNCH!
Sfx [for Japanese]: click click clickity!

Panel 4
The living room of an expensive house, furnished in fantastic old fashion. A man and wife [yup, still elves] watch the tellie avidly [it has the same static texture as the last panel]. It looks like they've stopped in the middle of whatever they were doing, as the man has in his arms a stack of huge old books. The wife is probably wearing an expensive evening gown, the man is probably wearing a typical work shirt, rolled up to the elbows, with nice pants and suspenders. The wife looks stunned and afraid, the man just looks deeply annoyed.

Tellie: Heaven help us, it's hit Tokyo! The giant hand is striking at RANDOM! WHERE will it fall from NEXT?!

Panel 1
A small panel with the earth in the foreground and visible from outer space, the hand POISED to POKE AGAIN.

Panel 2
[A large, important panel] Two little girls sit in their father's study, playing with a beautiful antique globe of the world. All around them the walls are covered in book shelves up to the ceiling, wherever the wall might be visible there are tacked up scrolls and hangings of all sorts. Black leather upholstered chairs sit in front of a cluttered desk. [draw as much of this as you like, just fit the girls, the globe, and the door behind them.] Behind the girls, the door of the study slams open and silhouetted in door way is one very angry father, still carrying books.

Girl 1 [hands on globe]: TEE HEE! I'll spin this time! Wherever your finger lands, that's where your SOUL MATE will be from! <3 <3

Girl 2 [finger poised over the globe]: yay! <3

Sfx [door]: slam!

Panel 3
The father, now directly behind his children, flips out and starts whacking them with a giant book.




Panel 4
Girls run for the door with their arms over their heads, screaming.


Panel 5
Father closes his eyes and sighs, frowning angrily, cute pointy ears droop. He tosses his Whacking Book aside.

Panel 6
Whacking Book flies true and whacks the globe.

Sfx: BONK!

Panel 7
Globe crashes to the ground and Father cringes.


This is for the Comic Team Contest ~> [link] It's weird for me to be a writer. XD I don't want to draw though, as it's a western comics competition. Also, I cannot say how AWESOME it would be to see someone else draw my script. XDDDDDD THAT WOULD BE SO MUCH HILARIOUS FUN FOR ME. O_O OH MY GOSH PICK ME PICK ME! I've never been "THE WRITER" before. [aka person who sits back and watches artists slave away. Whip optional but recommended.]

ehehehe. Please enjoy this script. I hope it would be fun to draw as well. [geisha, elves, flappers, antique studies, hawaii flying off into orbit ... what more do you want? <3]

My second script about a world destroying substance. XD First fruit loops, now a globe, next ..... a toilet?!!? A Tom Cruise action figure?!?!?

ps. This is more accurately titled Magic World-Destroying girls. X3

Hey pencilers, I'd be happy to list your drawings of my script here, so please comment and let me know when/if you post some. I'll likely also write a journal supporting this event as well. ^^
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Well, I thought it was entertaining! Entertaining enough for me to read the whole thing... (usually I just say "aaah too much text no time no time!")

I'd be tempted to draw this but... but... I think if I tried to put it into two pages I'd die... ^^; But that's just because I'm terrible at drawing tiny details and I never draw the pages big enough in the first place. (Plus if I drew it I'd want to do something other than traditional Western style because I'm no good at that...)

Well, if somebody DOES draw this, I'd love to see it. Is it getting officially drawn?

I wish there was a way to get some of the author comments into the drawn version, though, those are seriously part of the fun (arrow pointing at Whacking Book, with label, "Whacking Book"... ? No, wait, title on front of Whacking Book is... "Whacking Book".) (I know I'd be sooo tempted to do something like that...)

(And what is up with the "bad grammar" comments?? I didn't see any "bad grammar". Some people just aren't understanding the tone of this, or something, sheesh...)
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Congrats on winning the Comics Team contest with this script! It's very fun and silly without being unbelievable, plus the panel descriptions are perfectly clear for the penciller.
QuestingRaven's avatar
Very cute. I might take a stab at this one :)
Haleyon's avatar
It's simply crazy! I really like the orbiting whale part XD

The script itself is veeeery wild, the comic will be even better, I bet.

Just what inspired you to write such an awesome story?

And congratulations for winning the first place! You deserved it! :w00t:
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Thank you very much for congratulating me. >< It is fantastic to be a part of a contest with others such as yourself. : D

aaaaah.... this story comes from my friend and I in 3rd grade. We would spin a globe just to see where our finger would land. At a point, I remember wondering what would happen if our fingers actually landed on spots.
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just a question... Are the father and the girls elves too?

XD really funny script by the way!
blix-it's avatar
lawl, they're totally elves. And not that it matters, but their names are Candy[daddy], Trixie, and Queenie. And the mother's name is Halifax. XDDDDD

Thank you, I'm glad it got a laugh out of you. X3
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This makes me want to join the competition :D

I'm not sure I have time but awesome, awesome script.
blix-it's avatar
JOIN IT. O___O I DEMAND IT. XDDD How can you resist drawing Hawaii in orbit, dropping hoola girls all over the place?
acid-creature's avatar
becauz, I has no time!!! :noes:

Or I totally would.
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I quite like. It's cute and humorous slightly generic but still entertaining.
blix-it's avatar
Can't deny it's genericicity. XD But I'm very glad it gave you a laugh. A laugh is about all I'm good for in two pages, deep content eludes me.
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This is my favorite of ths contest. I'm hoping to pencil it.
blix-it's avatar
for realsies? because nothing could make me happier. X3
Digitkame's avatar
Yeah the penciller round is coming and I hope I'll get to make a pencilling of your script. It's my favorite!^^
blix-it's avatar
ah! guess what! X3 I made it to the next round, so I do hope you follow up on this wish of yours! : D
Digitkame's avatar
Really?! Congratulation! Sorry for replying a little bit too late cuase I just got back from China. I won't let you down!
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I love the concept and the energy. You have a storytelling style here that is both interesting and engaging.

This seems a little typical of neo indie comic scripts.
There's an idea of putting as much crazy stuff in a comic as you possibly can that has gotten old to a lot of people..

Plus, your execution seems a little rushed.
As a rule, you should never put "<3" in your comic script. Plus, I see a few typos in there that threw me off.

As for dialogue, some of it seemed a little childish.
One that jumped out at me was
"What have I told you about playing with magic things in my magic study."
This is a grown man, one who is intelligent and probably articulate. It might sound better as

"I told you not to play in my study!"
It's magic, we get it. You really don't have to explain so much. You should trust your audience a little more with inferring what you're trying to say.

As it is now, I could only see a demographic of preteen girls, mostly. But if you're happy with that, than more power to you.


(P.S. your title is a little misleading... it sounds like this is a story about a magic world that destroys girls. Thought you should know. You might want to title it "Magic World-Destroying Girls")
blix-it's avatar
oh also, if you can remember any typos beyond the title, do point them out. I do try and spell right at least.
blix-it's avatar
yeah admittedly, I'm a manga artist, my audience is definitely a pile of girls. XD This contest is maybe not for me, as western comics are usually serious, the audience is typically men. Eh.

Unfortunately, I can definitely not be serious enough to make that man an articulate, intelligent person. haha, I really appreciate you taking the time to read my script and offer your opinion though. I value the thoughts. Hilariously, our tastes in material may be polar opposites.
thetifftiff's avatar
I'm curious as to what manga you've read. I'm not trying to be a troll and this is far from a flame, it's a legitmate question as a curious fan of comics from various places, though the ones I like best tend to be manga so I'm curious as to why you think that all manga is aimed to a more girly audience.

Before you feel the need to point it out, yes I am a girl, but I've read quite a bit of manga aimed at guys - in fact most of what I've read has been aimed at guys.

Also your audience is no excuse for bad, redundant grammar. 'Magic things in my magic study' isn't something an adult would say even if this were aimed at five year olds, you're just making an excuse for your grammar instead of striving to be better at it.
blix-it's avatar
copying and pasting this reply to each of you, so you all get it, and understand/get off my back about it.

to *PSOWILL ::
well, ok, if I'm going to give a serious answer. ... my comment needs to be read differently. Actually it probably needs to be spoken instead of written.

"yeah admittedly, I'm a manga artist, my audience is definitely a pile of girls." <~ I didn't say this because all manga audience is a pile of girls. I said this because MY audience is. I... write what I write ... because I want to........... I like it. And mainly girls like it. I used to draw a webcomic, the audience for it was female. That's just the way it went without any premeditation and I value the demographic what I write and draw collects.

"This contest is maybe not for me, as western comics are usually serious, the audience is typically men. Eh." <~ You cannot deny it. What I personally write and draw clashes with common standards in western comics. I tried it anyway because it made me laugh.

~fear-is-spreading ::
I do definitely appreciate all you've said and the time you've spent considering it. Admitedly, my mind closed to you when you replied to the comment I left on your piece, you seemed so closed to another's opinion. However, I believe I should not have said anything at all, and I apologize. Please understand though, I bothered typing at all because like you, I did actually like your script.

I agree, the best stories appeal to a wider demographic. .... I must break this to you though - there are those among us who don't care. I fully support you in striving to be the best you can be, however there are fundamental differences in your goals and my goals. I have had ABSOLUTELY all that I can take of fitting my art into a mold, constantly considering how it might be more marketable or how I might get a publisher interested in me, how I get a bigger audience..... it no longer matters. I will write exactly as I will, people will like it or they won't. This is for ME, no one else. I cannot tell you the pain that has led up to my choices, but please accept my nonchalant attitude as necessary, part of me, and part of my writing. You don't have to LIKE it, but you do have to live with it, and learning to live with living is the most difficult thing any of us will ever do. If my goal is only to please myself, then better people are welcome to rise up and show me what it's like to actually be talented.

=thetifftiff ::
I hope what I've said up until now has given you a more informed perspective, although I won't promise its given you a better perspective.

However, my days are long. I spend a fair amount of time politely dealing with others that don't deserve it. ... I definitely don't get online to continue that trend and to that end, I'm blocking you. If you can't start a decent conversation, then I don't see any reason why I should end it decently. Good day.
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So manga is for little girls and western comics is for big boys, eh? :unimpressed:
blix-it's avatar
YUP. And don't troll with me.
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