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Daniel Smith watercolor
Arches 140lb Cold Press paper

Tha's right. Run away gagging. Unwatch me in terror!!!!! I fanship them. <3

It started here.

But eeeeeh I did restrain myself!!! I drew them as adversaries here, not loves. 9__9 uuuhm I thought maybe blood bending would be more interestingly represented by red chrysanthemums ... instead of blood splatters or something. And baaaaah I added to Korra's tattoos and put more designs on Tarrlok's coat. I don't have to animate them, so ornateness can happen! >8D

:| I love them. I made a wallpaper of this for myself. Click download file if you'd like a wallpaper, there are two sizes. I never have my own art as my wallpapers, or even around me ... but I just wanted this pairing so bad. It's so silly. ;__; Also, you can see the paint details better on the download. >< It was a big painting.

That wave pattern on the cloth around them. It was on the DVD box set for season 1 from the first series. <3 <3 <3

Alert, I'm just going to let the spoilers fly in this author comment, so if you don't wanna know, you better quit reading now. XDDDD


*face in hands* ......... I could cry. My favorite. HE DIED. Supposedly? I'm just going to assume he died unless there's such a thing as "motorboat explosion bending." Probably not. I'm just so happy that finally blood bending has its own plot. It was my absolute favorite thing in the original series and I was heart broke over Katara not learning it better and using it. >< AND THEN. 8D OH YES. <3 <3 <3 so happy so happy. Tarrlok, I love you forever. You may join my collection of "Favorite Jerks." You will be immortalized alongside such famous personages as Dr. Facilier, Dark Link, Gideon, Boromir, and Vincent. <3 (Good job if you're able to guess all the series those names come from.)

WAAAAAAh there will be a season 2 right? There will be?! T___T Wikipedia says so.... but what if they change their minds?!

>< I'll just be over here, writing my fanfiction. EEEEE <3 I'm not going to lie. Tarrlok teaching Korra how to blood bend makes me skweeee. X3 God, I never finish any of my fanfiction, or post it anywhere, but I've never felt so tempted to do so. ><

If/when there is a season 2, I suppose I will pick a new pairing. Or maybe I will draw Korra and young Katara, learning to blood bend together! (screw timelines.) That was what I was really wanting to draw, Korra and Fire Nation Katara ..... AND THEN TARRLOK APPEARED and stole everything for me.

Hm. I know what's going to happen. I will scratch through the entire Anime Expo artist alley, searching for Tarrlok fanart. Maybe there will be some buttons somewhere? But seriously, I will probably return to my table sad and empty handed. Maybe I will settle for Tenzin fanart. And Korra fanart. And Asami fanart. *sob sob* AsamixBolin, anybody?

I'm sorry I'm so weird aaaauuuuh eject me from this fandom, I mess it all up.

I'm sorry I always write such piles of stuff in my author comments.

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I ship them too, don't worry 😂