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Daniel Smith watercolor
Arches 140lb Cold Press paper

Tha's right. Run away gagging. Unwatch me in terror!!!!! I fanship them. <3

It started here.

But eeeeeh I did restrain myself!!! I drew them as adversaries here, not loves. 9__9 uuuhm I thought maybe blood bending would be more interestingly represented by red chrysanthemums ... instead of blood splatters or something. And baaaaah I added to Korra's tattoos and put more designs on Tarrlok's coat. I don't have to animate them, so ornateness can happen! >8D

:| I love them. I made a wallpaper of this for myself. Click download file if you'd like a wallpaper, there are two sizes. I never have my own art as my wallpapers, or even around me ... but I just wanted this pairing so bad. It's so silly. ;__; Also, you can see the paint details better on the download. >< It was a big painting.

That wave pattern on the cloth around them. It was on the DVD box set for season 1 from the first series. <3 <3 <3

Alert, I'm just going to let the spoilers fly in this author comment, so if you don't wanna know, you better quit reading now. XDDDD


*face in hands* ......... I could cry. My favorite. HE DIED. Supposedly? I'm just going to assume he died unless there's such a thing as "motorboat explosion bending." Probably not. I'm just so happy that finally blood bending has its own plot. It was my absolute favorite thing in the original series and I was heart broke over Katara not learning it better and using it. >< AND THEN. 8D OH YES. <3 <3 <3 so happy so happy. Tarrlok, I love you forever. You may join my collection of "Favorite Jerks." You will be immortalized alongside such famous personages as Dr. Facilier, Dark Link, Gideon, Boromir, and Vincent. <3 (Good job if you're able to guess all the series those names come from.)

WAAAAAAh there will be a season 2 right? There will be?! T___T Wikipedia says so.... but what if they change their minds?!

>< I'll just be over here, writing my fanfiction. EEEEE <3 I'm not going to lie. Tarrlok teaching Korra how to blood bend makes me skweeee. X3 God, I never finish any of my fanfiction, or post it anywhere, but I've never felt so tempted to do so. ><

If/when there is a season 2, I suppose I will pick a new pairing. Or maybe I will draw Korra and young Katara, learning to blood bend together! (screw timelines.) That was what I was really wanting to draw, Korra and Fire Nation Katara ..... AND THEN TARRLOK APPEARED and stole everything for me.

Hm. I know what's going to happen. I will scratch through the entire Anime Expo artist alley, searching for Tarrlok fanart. Maybe there will be some buttons somewhere? But seriously, I will probably return to my table sad and empty handed. Maybe I will settle for Tenzin fanart. And Korra fanart. And Asami fanart. *sob sob* AsamixBolin, anybody?

I'm sorry I'm so weird aaaauuuuh eject me from this fandom, I mess it all up.

I'm sorry I always write such piles of stuff in my author comments.

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I ship them too, don't worry 😂

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AAAAAAAH OMG I WANT THIS IN MY LIFE. Tarrlock. 4 EVER :heart: :heart: :Heart:!!!!!!!!
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FANTASTIC use of watercolor!
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SQEEEEEE! i love them 2gether too!^.^
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So, first, you paint flowers amazingly. That and loving this pairing would ordinarily be enough for me to love an artist, but you're appreciation for Dr. Facilier just inspired me to watch you.

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THAT DR. FACILIER. <3 <3 <3 I have a small art pile of Dr. Facilier paired with Maleficent. More like he accidentally manages to conjure her up with some really magnificent hoodoo. She offers him unlimited access to her magic in exchange for destroying Princess Aurora's life. It's a very easy task. Apparently Prince Charming trains to defeat dragons, but when he's attacked by the dark, he dies pretty quietly. That done, Maleficent takes her dragon form and thrashes through New Orleans, burning down most of it.

And then Maleficent and Dr. Facilier retire to some nice island, maybe Trinidad, and spend the rest of their darkly magical lives selling spells but mostly lounging on a beach and drinking Coke with rum.
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thats amazing.
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thats amazing.
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thats amazing.
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I really love the vibrant colors!
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I just want you to know you are my watercolor spirit animal and I love you for it.
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Um, so I set this as my background... but now I can't get anything done because I just keep staring at my background. It's so pretty. *creepy stare*

also, I echo your sentiments about Tarrlok. When I was first watching the series, I liked it but never got into it until Out of the Past, so I didn't really look at any of the characters extensively. Then, everything changed when I read a Tarrlok/Korra fic and only the avatar, master of all four elements, could stop it, but everything was Tarrlok and everything hurt a lot. I'm late on the boat (oh god boat why) but I now support Tarrlok and his jerkish ways. And Korrlok. And really bad Avatar references. i'm sorry, it's late and I've been on tumblr far too long forgive me for making you read this D:
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why do your females always look like flailing idiots
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Now I ship that. :I

Gorgeously drawn! Really love how you included Naga and Amon in the background like that. The composition is just so beautiful with those flowers everywhere.

Wasn't the series just epicness on a plate?? c':
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(I actually thought Asami and Bolin was a likely probability towards the end.. and honestly, i still see it as a probability in season 2...)
-.- And, am i the only one who likes Bolin better than Mako?
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Don't say sorry! You have done a fabulous job and given so much love to Korrlok!
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this is stunning!
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Oh WOW! Breathtaking!
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