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Ginkgo Birb Watercolor

By blix-it
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+_+ I'm actually updating deviantart it's a miraclleeeeee!!!! Mostly it's that I had stopped subscribing to Core membership (money ;_; ) and then I had a bunch of files on that needed to be deleted before I was ever allowed to upload stuff ever again!! 

I finally deleted files!! I can finally upload new work again!!!

HAVE A BIRB. :love:

I like to imagine this birb is collecting stars from the giant ginkgo in the sky for his shiba friend that's stuck on the ground. He really had to fly up high to get those star seeds off the sky ginkgo. <3 

Daniel Smith Watercolors
Arches 140lb Cold Press Paper
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Adorable work!
Saw the original at Dragon Con. Didn't buy it when I first saw it. Came back to buy it and it was gone. Riperinos me. 
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this is so cute <3
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Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!
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So cute.
The golden/brown hues are beautiful !
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I love your style!
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CUTE! I love the shape of the leaves!
And were you not able to upload from your stash? Or did you actually just have to delete it?
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I think what happened is has a limit of 2gb for unsubscribed members and I had more stuff on there than that. I just didn't realize that files impacted the ability to upload more gallery images. Apparently these things are connected.
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I know that while it's uploading, it 'saves to' so that's probably why. I'm pretty sure they do that for if you get interrupted while uploading.
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That's so pretty =D ♡♡♡♡
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This is lovely, what a beautiful color combinations! Really love it!
This is beautiful!
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Oustanding! It's alive! %D
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I really love the colors!
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