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Ghost Water

By blix-it
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I love it when koi ponds are really dark and black and there are leaves floating on the surface. And then a little orange speckled face drifts out of the leaf shadow. c:

(I also love it when koi are not very graceful. There was a pond I was staring at in a mall once that was surrounded by some kind of leafy decoration plant. The plants that grew too close to the water were getting obnoxiously eaten and tattered.) 

Thanks for looking! If you're interested in prints please see my etsy shop! 8D

Daniel Smith watercolor
Arches 140lb cold press
Fish was done separately in ink on cold press and then inverted and overlaid in photoshop.
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Oh wow, how absolutely gorgeous! What beautiful colour gradient you have here and such a lovely composition! 
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This is absolutely freaking gorgeous.
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Love the palette you choose. Amazing result!
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Beautiful colors. I love watercolor for pieces like this.
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beautiful work!
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Very pretty! Yui Happy Sparkles Icon 
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Love it!
I love koi -- nothing quite so amusing as a bunch of desperate fat koi flailing over each other to get at bits of food.
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I feel bad that I enjoy their fat desperation so much??? I shouldn't. They just want to eat the food. ;_; I always try to throw some food farther out so the littlest ones can eat it too.
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It's so beautiful! How can someone just create such beautiful things? D:
These colors make me feel warm and this picture is just a pleasure to look at! When I got money, I will buy this as a poster ;-;
I fell in loooooveeee~
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it looks like a luxury picture
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That'd be an amazing wall scroll!
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hehe! Exactly! ^^ A wallscroll is exactly how I sell it at shows, as well as posters. c: 
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my thought, when I saw it was that it would make a nice bookmark.  Also I love the white fishy, and am glad that you told us how you made it.  I really appreciate when an artist is willing to share their knowledge with others. 
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