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Painted several months ago. >< Too shy/nervous/lurker to upload it. But I decided today that I wanted to make postcards of it for Sakura con. :3 So I should probably be courageous enough to upload it.

I painted it right after the Nintails one. c: In the same sort of setting and style.

Some years ago, my grandmother (now deceased) gave my mother some peony shoots. I've always imagined Bulbasaur would be a girl, peonies would be her favorite, and she would hide in them! oAo Except that she'd make the peonies all bend to the side when she sits in the middle of them and her poketrainer would scold her and have to tie up the peonies to all stand up again. :/ Gardening ...

More pokemon:

Watercolor, 6 x 8 or so.
paint: Daniel Smith
paper: Arches 140# Cold Press
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what software do you use?

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It's watercolor paint on paper. c:

This is really beautiful!
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How cute! I love the style and use of water colors. Very nice looking.
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can you tell me what you think of my bulbasaur
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My fave pokemon!!! :D
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This is truly amazing. c':
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Immediate reaction to seeing this was "Ohhh thats effin' pretty."
It looks very happy and its so cute
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Bulbasaur is easily my favourite pokemon, you really do it justice with this painting. Your Color suits extreemly well and your technique is amazing
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I'm not a fan of pokemons..bu this..this is going into my favs
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Amazing work! Well done.:)
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Aw this is so pretty/cute. I love Bulbasaur! :P
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Aww! What a great painting of Bulbasaur! It's such a cute Poke'mon anyway and it looks like it's having a good time relaxing in the flowers. I love Bulbasaur, it was the best of the original starter poke'mon by far, I think. Ahh, Poke'mon, I remember when they started showing Poke'mon in America, I saw the first episode and I was hooked! I was in to Poke'mon for a LONG time...I have no idea what's happening with it now, there a loads of new Poke'mon I've never heard of...but I sure used to have fun when I kept up with it.
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I love it, so adorable <3 bulbasaur is my fave pokemon
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Bulbasaur is one of my favorite pokemon. This is adorable! :meow:

Also, the peonies fit Bulbasaur's design really well.
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