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Arcanine Caldera Spirit

By blix-it
I don't think I ever uploaded this Arcanine!! oAo My DA gallery is incomplete!!!! (uuuu no surprise there...) I wanted to paint an arcanine that was more like a legendary god pokemon. <3 Except it isn't really that much of a god, it's just an old wild powerful thing. The locals leave treats out for it, and when they see their porch is scalded in the morning it's considered a blessing the same way being pooped on by a bird is (oh so lucky.)

<3 Giant fire floof. c:

Daniel Smith Watercolor
Arches 140lb cold press

Posters are up in my etsy! c: Give it a fav!…
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Omg. This is something mindblowing
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Holy crap wow! now THAT'S some unique fanart! I am honestly in awe.
I really love these long portrait-styled pieces that you do - it's like they take your eyes on a journey from top to bottom <3

The lava, rock and smoke textures melding into one so seamlessly add even more appeal to the flow. I'm rambling my arse off now I know, but I just don't have the right words to tell you how fantastic I find this piece, so I'll just add it to my favourites and hope y'get the idea haha!
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How gorgeous! Lovely colors, shades and curves - I can almost feel the heat!! :love:
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I always like the way you do smoke and water and lava and that kinda thing.
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All the patterns and textures... just gorgeous! It does look like a divine being *-*
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Really beautiful work :la:
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So cool! All the tiny perfect swirly details... And it's real watercolour?! You have an amazingly steady hand!
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As usual, your paintings are stupidly gorgeous.
BreWStudio's avatar
Really like the style :)
Teremiao's avatar
Whoa, gorgeous!
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This is so gorgeous.
blix-it's avatar
thank you for thinking so! ^^
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Most inspiring <3
Why2be's avatar
Aouch !!!!! This is wonderful !!!
The lighting is crazy :-)
landipan's avatar

Btw, are you coming to any GA Cons this year?
JamJams's avatar
Wow, this is so awesomely done!
Pachabel's avatar
Where do I start?

Everywhere. //motions hand vaguely//. Beautiful all over. Your patience with your medium of choice shines through beautifully on the texture and precise detailing of this. It really shows off how much time and work you've put into making watercolor work for you. The colors are absolutely stunning as well. Just... //clenches heart//. This really shows off your understanding of the shapes and how to arrange a composition as well. <3
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Absolutely amazing! Love 
JKingSnake's avatar
I have this print up on my wall! My partner and I bought it at NYCC this past year!
blix-it's avatar
Thank you! I do go to NYCC every year (that I can get a table) so it was probably me in person or my minion who you saw there! 
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Wow, gorgeous. You have amazing control over watercolour! All the lines are colours are beautiful
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