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Unicorn 20 Panel 1
This mint/chartreuse/brown/black/gray color scheme is delightful to me, I'm not sure why! This is one of the funner things I've painted in a while!

This is a panel from a short comic called Unicorn! I am doing what I do every night painting magical lesbians! It is a short story about ladies sassing each other, playing croquet, losing a ball in a forest, and instead of finding they ball they distract each other and stuff gets naughty. :D There is some question about a unicorn, it might resolve itself. 

Unicorn is part of a collection of short stories that is being kickstarted as a wonderfully naughty book! The book is called Score! and it is published by Filthy Figments, a website dedicated to lady and nonbinary creators and readers making and reading erotica. <3 (It is definitely a wonderful website.) Boys are allowed, I GUESS.

As I write this, Score! is currently on kickstarter, it has one week left, and it is 2/3 funded. c: This is definitely a doable goal! :D Which is why I am here on the internet poking people to go read smut. 

Go look at the kickstarter if you haven’t seen it! See if it is a thing for you! 

Thank you for looking at all my paintings ~~~

Arches 140lb Cold Press
Daniel Smith Watercolors
Winsor and Newton Ink
and instant coffee which is wonderfully fun to paint with

Unicorn Page 11 Panel 1
I am excited to announce that I have a comic in this soon to be printed sports comic anthology "Score!"

My part in this is a lost croquet ball resulting in a naughty trip through a dark forest.

The anthology really looks awesome so far! Right now we're about 1/3rd funded. I really want to see this book in print! :D
Fate Fatale Orion
I drew this for The Lovers card in Fate Fatale Tarot! It is a Fate Grand Order tarot deck that is currently accepting preorders until June 11th. c: 

Here is the etsy shop for preorders:…

It has been a really great project to do!!! ;_; 


We all worked really hard! despair 
Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask Umbrella Wedding
I love the umbrella falling scene in Sailor Moon Season 1! I love it so much I needed to draw it. The whole plot around Princess D's formal ball was fun and it was one of my favorite early parts of the manga when I read it as a kid. (Princess D has given me lasting questions about what Umino looks like without glasses.) 

This poster is available in my etsy!

Daniel Smith Watercolor
Winsor and Newton Ink
Arches 140lb Cold Press Paper
Futaba's Favorite Chair
This character is so cute! I like her. I painted this for a Persona 5 show at Honey and Butter macaroon shop!

They do super cute macaroons! Here are some they made for the show:…

It will be a one day pop up event with art and cookies, on April 14 2018. c:

The show even got a tweet from Atlus which is really awesome!…

Daniel Smith Watercolor
Prisma Colored Pencils
Arches 140lb Cold Press

Quick Project Info:

Point Right FAQ
Point Right Fate Fatale Tumblr (lots of useful asks on here)
Point Right organized by Cinnamoron and blix-it


Fate Fatale is a tarot card deck that will be a giant collaboration with a bunch of artists! Our goal is to print both majors and minors, so we are hoping for a bunch of artists to want to participate! The FAQ has the most detailed info on what we're looking for, what portfolio to submit (a DA folder of your 10 best is great!) scheduling, and what it pays so do have a look at the FAQ if you're interested! c: 

It will be a really pretty printed project, with both the box and back of card having gold foil on them! 

We are open to a variety of styles and mediums! We are most interested in a manga or indie style, but as long as an artist has a good handle on color/contrast, composition, and anatomy these foundations glow in all styles. c:

Thank you for viewing our project and considering applying!  
- A+C


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