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Mac OS X Leopard 1.30

Heres a theme ive been working on

Just a heads up i will be correcting the titlebar colors and traffic lights to the lastest leopard look and the taskbar thanks.
Leopard Trafficlights have been replaced with real ones - credit to purfumeNK
New inactive Traffic lights
Corrected Traffic light positions
Removed Rollup in Safari Substyles
Redone Title Captions
Matched Menubar to Titlebar
New Trafficlights thanks to riot
Added Unified Styles of both Substyles (rounded,leopard)
Currently only for Windowblinds 5 only next update will have the frames for non windowblind 5

Currently only for Windowblinds 5 only next update wil have the frames for non windowblind 5

Pack Includes my personal lucida grande fonts
WindowBlinds 5 Skins with shadows

cheers and enjoy :)
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exactly what i wanted, nothing else worked nearly as well. thanks!

Great, i like it

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can you please send me the explorerframe.dll? (back and forward buttons) Thanks! :D
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U need to get Styler. It's absolutely free. Then find a Mac OS X Styler Toolbar in DeviantArt, go to C:\Program Files\Styler then find a folder called TB. Once u download the toolbar RAR file, copy all the stuff and put into TB. Then open Styler. Choose the toolbar. You should have the buttons. Comment if didn't help. ;)
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I like it! Except that the taskbar is from Mac OSx Tiger. But Anyway i'm giving you a "Wow." :)
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The taskbar is the tiger version of mac!
Anyway I like it.
im new to all this, and ive been looking how i can change my normal Windows XP Theme to this theme, ive downloaded it but dont know how to actually use it, can somone tell me plz?
hey i luv tis deviant but dont know huw to install so it would be really helpful if u give me a hand
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This is awesome. I wish it would be for WB7 on Win 7. Any chance you update it?
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why is it leaving a black background behind the back and forward button D:,is there way to fix it coz this theme is so awsome .
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amazing! thanks! i've download and it works. :)
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looks great
have you released non windowsblind version of this theme????
Hey can someone please show me how to use these WBA files??? Or at least give me a link to a vid that shows me how? I am kinda new to this stuff so.. Please :)
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You need a piece of software called WindowBlinds, costs and in my opinion, unnecessary...just stick with downloading visual styles. ;-)
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Ignore him, it's worth twenty bucks.
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Nice dude...Thx!!!
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This is really good! I just wonder how i can get the "Finder File Edit View Go Window Help" Thingys ^^
I just love mac and im trying to make my XP look just like leopard and all that stuff, im using your theme now and the RK launcher, (flyakite OS X v3.5 ftw!) but as i said i just need to know how i can get theese things on my XP: "Finder File Edit View Go Window Help"
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nice one thanks, will give it a try
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Is there a firefox theme that matches the rounded sub-style? If so, please link me that theme :D
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