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D: It is written

Jamal and Latika from the movie slumdog millionaire
Scene inspired by the end credits part

I'm guessing it gets an oscar today. it is a nice movie. Reminds me of movies back in the Philippines that were made in the 80's complete with a dance number at the end. Only this film was efficiently made better and the story isnt as overkilled comparably. Also the situations are very similar to my country (kids disfigured by gangsters for more pity when begging, call centers, slums. etc)

a must watch film

i tried doing vector designs coz the background as too plain. First time to try this style, wasnt hard as I thought.

Another dev with just a pic and no sound

music: Latika's theme- Slumdog OST
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Wow this is really beautiful artwork. I think I love it!
Such an incredible movie!
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this is really sweet! Great job ^_^!!!
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thank u, appreciate it
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ohhh Slumdog Millionaire hahaha
blitzmeister's avatar
panoorin mo, its nice
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Cute. You did a nice job with them. :-)
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thank you glad u like it
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galing xD di ko pa napapanood yan e dami nagsasabing maganda daw :3 kaso I can't read it :/
@sheila: lol at female blitz XD
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maganda ung movie, kamukha ni kulot ung bida konti. Mahirap yan mabasa, parang da vinci code at national treasure style tapos singkit ka pa. pero mahirap talaga basahin un
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The girl somehow looks like a female blitz. D:
Nice work on the vector designs, btw; I like the lower left design best. And

...I saw what's written. ;P
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didn't see my avatar looked similar to the Latika while I drew it. It kinda does look like it. thanks, i think i'll try more vectors especially on the shirt contest entry im making for devart.

The title must have been an indirect hint of sorts, must have been easy to see ^^;
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"Must have been", "must have been"? It actually seems intentional. :roll:
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It was intentional, I just didn't anticipate the title to be that coincidental with regards to it.
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