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The Greedy Mr. Wicked
I can tell you something
About a short, greedy man
Of Yellow and of Purple
With a thing for gold.
A short, greedy man
With a strange pink nose
and crooked nose hairs,
An ever-present smile
And a taste for treasure...
Lots and LOTS of treasure!
He's a funny, greedy man
With a rival in Red
That has cleaned his pipes before.
But this greedy man
Is surely as strong
As he is stinky!
In the chair of his home
You can hear him snore...
But whever a challenge comes,
He's always coming back for more!
He may seem a loser,
But he's surely a winner!
Though I think it would help him
To avoid being such a whiner...
...At least I'll say this:
He always enjoys it
When things go his way.
But at the very least
He knows how to play.
He's traveled through mountains
And under deep seas,
Collecting wild treasures
With the greatest of ease.
He's almost unstoppable
And you can bet he won't fail
To collect all the loot
Before that train can derail!
He's a tough little man
With a hefty bank account,
And as many
:iconblitzman:BlitzMan 3 0
A Goofball Poem
My ears have wax so very waxy
I think I'm going to hail a taxi,
and have it take me 'cross the town
hoping it won't knock someone down.
I stepped in the cab and took a ride,
the driver at work with very much pride.
But I soon heard a very loud bump,
and it very quickly smelled like a dump!
And even with my nose so stuffy,
The stench, to me, was more than enoughy.
And I saw some trash from out of town,
so the other driver must be a clown!
The cab had hit a garbage truck!
I tried to get out, but the door was stuck!
It seemed like I was out of luck,
and I quickly thought to myself... Oh F***.
:iconblitzman:BlitzMan 2 3
Changed for the Worst
Who are you?
You don't look like
the same person I know...
You don't look like
the same guy
that I've been observing
for days and days...
You look different.
Why am I asking?
I'm asking
because you look different!
I'm asking you this
because I can't recognise you!
You look different,
You act different,
You sound different,
You even SMELL different!
What happened?!?
...You don't care what I think?
...Fine. I'm outta here.
I'm out because
I'm not going to look at
someone who is a jerk.
I'm not going
to stick around and spectate
as you behave like a weenie.
You've gone from the high road
right to the low road
and I'm not gonna follow anymore.
I'm not going to follow you,
and I'll try to stop others
from following you as well.
...Because you don't deserve the attention!
You don't deserve it!
Your skills are on level
but your attitude is not!
What's wrong with you?
How late did you stay up?
Have you been doing drugs?
What is this terrible,
TERRIBLE emotion I smell?
I'll st
:iconblitzman:BlitzMan 2 10
The Hands
There is a phrase
that I once heard...
I had once heard
that the noble pen
outstrengths the sword...
But neither the strong sword
nor the noble pen
can do a thing...
...without a hand.
The hand...
The tool to guide all tools...
The output for all art...
The greatest control we have...
And our mightest tool of all...
It is with our minds,
that we create our plans,
through this game called life...
But it is through our hands,
That we convey our plans,
through this game of life.
Our mouths can speak our minds,
but our bodies act our minds.
Even the hands convey this act.
Your tools are strong,
and your mind is mighty,
but your hands are precious.
Without your mightiest tools,
you may as well be nothing.
So I tell you this.
Protect your precious hands,
for all that you are.
Protect your mavelous hands,
and protect your marvelous talent.
:iconblitzman:BlitzMan 1 2
Seven Stars
I see seven stars,
Each with its own heart.
I understand the riddle
Used to tell the stars apart.
Each star's a mighty friend,
Shining bright and true.
Perhaps there is a star out there
That's just the one for you...
The Star of Green is kind
And full of generosity.
It loves to help out others
and fill the world with glee.
The Golden Star is strong
And will never let you fall.
When danger comes your way,
You will know it will stand tall.
The Star of White's a clever soul.
A trickster? Yes indeed!
It will know just the game to play
to share the thrill you need!
The Star of Blue is very smart.
A clever, cunning mind.
If puzzles ever lock you down,
He knows the key to find.
The Crystal Star's a sight to behold.
A light that never dies.
Its endless wonder 'n' splendor
WIll be known through many eyes.
The Star of Red's a mighty soul.
Its courage is unshocked.
You'll surely know to heavily trust
It'll leave the baddies clocked!
This Violet Star, with bountiful love
Holds out its heart to the
:iconblitzman:BlitzMan 3 3
If you must block me,
Then I have to block you too.
It's all in fairness.
:iconblitzman:BlitzMan 2 11
Death of the Balance
I've committed a crime
against the universe
And I wish to be slain
for my deeds...
Do you wish to know why?
Because I have disturbed the balance.
I have unevened the darkness
and offset it from the light.
I have tried to destroy one
by using the other.
I disturbed the balance...
I damaged the balance...
I destroyed the balance...
Do you wish to know why?
Because of the darkness.
The darkness that chills...
The darkness that thrills...
The darkness that kills...
And the breaker of wills...
I have tried with all might
to destroy this darkness.
Do you wish to know why?
Because of the light
that prevents my sight...
The light that mends...
The light that bends...
The light that trancends
from the stone law...
The law that has been set
for ages that have passed
and has been obeyed blindly
by the creatures of all...
I have tried with all might
to strengthen this light.
Do you wish to know why?
Because of the darkness...
Because of the light...
Because of the pure, endless chaos...
The chaos
:iconblitzman:BlitzMan 1 4
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
your butt is wide,
and mine is too.
But I respect,
an ass so large.
With mass like ours,
WE should be in charge!
We can just sit down
upon any fool
and show the world
who's uncool.
Large and in charge.
That's the way it should be.
Large and in charge.
That works for me!
:iconblitzman:BlitzMan 9 15
lol, joke account by BlitzMan lol, joke account :iconblitzman:BlitzMan 11 45
That Bad Place...
I went downtown and stumbled across
this one place...
It did not seem bad at first,
so I went in...
...And I was soon shocked...
The folks inside were mean and rude.
Not a single soul was a pleasant dude.
I showed them my works letter for letter.
They always said they could do better.
When I stood for myself, even the leaders were full of crit.
It was then I knew that this place was full of Schitt.
So I left that place and never came back,
because nobody there really new Jack.
I never dare to look back on
that bad place...
But I will warn everyone
who would be new
to that bad place.
Never go in.
The locals there are mean,
and rude,
and crash,
and selfish,
and unfriendly,
and stubborn,
and just not nice.
Just never go in.
It simply isn't worth it.
:iconblitzman:BlitzMan 4 20
My Theme: Writin' Dirty
They see me rollin'.
They hatin'!
They scrollin' 'n' tryin' to catch me writin' dirty!
(Tryin' to catch me writin' dirty!
Tryin' to hit me hard 'n' wordy!
Tryin' to say I'm writin' dirty!
Just because I'm hard 'n' wordy!)
My words are so loud,
They screamin'!
They hopin' that they can slam me hard 'n' wordy!
(Tryin' to catch me writin' dirty!
Tryin' to hit me hard 'n' wordy!)
Tryin' to catch me writin' dirty.
(Wanna think I'm writin' dirty?)
Gettin' up to the sun that's blindin' me,
Sittin' my ass down at my PC,
Gotta turn it on and go check art-D,
Gonna check my page and look in my MC,
Clickin' all the messages its linkin',
Must clean the 'Watch while I'm still blinkin'
Maybe write a poem 'bout what I'm thinkin',
Or add a rant up to my stinkin'
DA journal 'cuz I'll just rant out
About a thing I may not be likin'.
When I'm done I'd just rather be bikin'.
I can't go 'cuz I know they be strikin'.
Someone jumpin' onto me like Super Mario
'Cuz I'm passin' out gas like fat Wario,
But they d
:iconblitzman:BlitzMan 16 42
It is everywhere...
It is the red symbol
that controls our future.
It is our liquid of life.
It is our sign of death.
It is an icon of chaos.
O wonderous blood...
Blood of the man,
what is thy call?
Shall he continue,
or will his body stall?
Dost the man live,
or dost he fall?
Is the the beginning
or the end of it all?
Ah, wonderous blood...
Your color is known,
and is always shown...
Seen across the worlds
in the eyes of the wicked...
Seen within the mind
in the hearts of the kind...
Seen in the body
that is ever so bloody...
Seen in the breath
that declares one's death...
Be wonderous, blood...
Be wonderous and sweet
for those who shall eat...
Be sweet
in the mouth of the killer...
Be cleasing
in the hands of the killer...
Be beautiful
in the eyes of the killer...
Let your natural art
fuel the killer
so that the world around him
shall perish and fall,
and our wonderous blood
shall cover us all...
Blood... Wonderous, Marvelous blood...
In the name of life, I cherish you.
In t
:iconblitzman:BlitzMan 3 26
Sonic gets freaked... by BlitzMan Sonic gets freaked... :iconblitzman:BlitzMan 24 38
Sonic's so hated..
Oh my lord, Sonic!
Your fans have turned against you!
Why must this happen?!
:iconblitzman:BlitzMan 0 6
Sonic's not amused... by BlitzMan Sonic's not amused... :iconblitzman:BlitzMan 52 24 SuperSonic-What?? by BlitzMan SuperSonic-What?? :iconblitzman:BlitzMan 38 34

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So I checked in on here recently and I saw a journal in my watch, and--Honestly I don't check journals much because they RARELY have any information that interests me, but this time was different. I saw it was someone posting a gripe about a recent or upcoming video game based around wrestling. And it was one of those WWF/WWE titles notorious for its custom wrestler features and such, but I don't know too much about that since I technically never cared for them. From what I know, the closest I've ever come to that kind of thing is Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 & 4.

So he goes on about how this custom wrestler system has features that allow for sharing these things online and--I've already seen something like that thanks to YouTube and I can honestly say this: the idiots are still in full swing. I'm gonna say they're idiots because there are's always at least one dozen people who have to try and recreate something that already exists. Not a spoof or reference but as much of a copy as they can make it! And this guy--the one from the video on YouTube--searched ONE THING and found loads of results for what he was trying to find.

Lemme take a few moments to nitpick at that: I know that in some cases imitation is a great form of flattery... I mean--frick, it's HALLOWEEN RIGHT NOW!! It's the holiday for costumes and candy binges!! For this one day you're likely gonna find people dressed up as ghosts, chickens, plumbers, and POWER RANGERS! But WHAT is THIS?!? I know it's a virtual environment and such, but for :censored:'s sake! WHO'S PLAYING THIS GAME?!? WHY DO WE HAVE TO GET SO MANY KNOCKOFFS OF THE SAME FREAKING THING?!? Is it like a :censored:ing IMPERATIVE now for communities like this to be spammed with utterly unoriginal CRAP?!?

Hang on, I'm not done with this yet! This isn't the only place we'll see this! MMOs and other online games are valid victims as well! I regularly play a game called Champions Online, and--Hell, anyone who's played that long enough will know EXACTLY what I'm talking about; all of those clones of Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Deadpool, and the HULK running around! I wouldn't mind seeing these so much if they weren't so frequent and so AWFUL! I mean, 'Deadppol'? 'Hulck'? 'Iron Guy'? None of them are genuine parodies, either, so you can see how lazy these players are! It's :censored:ing terrible!

But enough about that. The part where the journal starts to NOSEDIVE in my honest :censored:ing opinion is that he claims that social media is killing console gaming. He's sniping at the networking potential of the XBox One and the PS4 and as well as the manufacturers' attempts to stay ahead of the gaming technology race! I don't implicitly favor either console, but I don't yet despise them either. In fact, I honestly don't really care for them! As far as I care, the game selections for them so far are absolute :censored: mainly because of their manufacturers; Microsoft and Sony. Most of the standout games on those consoles so far have been First/Third-Person Shooter games and I'm tired of that too! I see enough of that on STEAM, for Gaben's sake! Now I don't implicitly hate FPS games. I have a few exceptions; Duke Nukem 3D, Unreal Tournament, Borderlands 2, Left 4 Dead--If they're genuinely fun, I'll grab them, but that's one thing I agree with the journal author about. It pretty much stops there, sadly; The only reason I'd gun for either an XBox One or a PS4 is because the next Kingdom Hearts game is slated to be released on them. I DO NOT WANT TO BREAK THAT CHAIN.

Anyway, one of the claims that he's breaking out is that social media is destroying console gaming and I feel a little offended because I have a 3DS and a Wii U. BY NINTENDO. And I've got one word: MIIVERSE. It's this little community system built into the Nintendo Network that uses your Mii as an avatar and you're practically signed up by default when you use the Wii U online. To be perfectly honest, though, the Miiverse hasn't really gotten in the way of my gaming on these consoles because I'm not particularly social, but I am still having a lot of trouble finishing New Super Mario Bros. U because of that and the game's difficulty; I fail a stage and I see 3 messages from RANDOM PLAYERS on the Miiverse pop up on the black screen. New Super Mario Bros. U is practically a :censored:in' advertisement for how the Miiverse works in regards to games, y'know? It's annoying! I understand what this guy's getting at, BUT you're not gonna like what I'm gonna say next...I think he's overreacting.

I dropped a comment requesting his thoughts on my stance as a Wii U owner and he stays away from it to keep is pressure on the other two non-handheld consoles and--Get this: He calls them glorified PCs.

Really? Really?! You're gonna take a gaming console and classify it as an overly-pimped-out Personal Computer?!? Caustic opinion much?!? You DO realize the length of the implications that can be brought forth by saying that, right? Take a moment to think about it: You just implied the XBox One is running on Windows 8. You also suggested you can install something like Linux on it. And it probably won't take too much effort to hunt down an emulator for it that can allow it to play GameCube games, will it? I think I WOULD like to be able to play Luig's Mansion on an XBox One! That would be :censored:ing awesome, wouldn't it?

Listen, I get it. I understand what the problem is. Microsoft and Sony are fighting to better professionalize the art of console gaming by fighting to put as much graphics and/or processing power in their consoles as they can. Having juggled a few computers myself, I GET IT. But the snipe at advancing communication between gamers in the very consoles they play--in my absolute honest :censored:ing opinion--is CROSSING THE :censored:ING LINE. The Wii is Nintendo's FIRST home console to have online network support, and it was the BEST thing to happen to the Mario Kart series & the Smash Bros. series as far as I give a bleep! Being able to jump online and play your friends over the internet was FREAKING. AWESOME. I will NOT change my opinion about that. As far as I know, Nintendo is doing the social connection thing RIGHT. They're using the right games and the right amount of allowance. I think I can say Microsoft's pulling a close second, and Sony has freaking LittleBigPlanet, but Nintendo is still the reigning king as far as I care. Why else would they name a console the Wii? It rhymes with 'we'! Because THEY WANT TO BRING PLAYERS TOGETHER. And the Wii U is taking it to the next level, whether we like it or not!

Long rant short; Shoot the Xbox One? Go ahead! Shoot the PS4? Feel free! Shoot the Wii U? Even indirectly? I can't stop you! But don't pile gaming hardware and information technology in the same cesspool unless you want to rage at the gamer communities, too! If you're gonna hate the games, then I say be willing to hate the gamers, too, because I say they should deserve as much rage as the manufacturers themselves!

This is--...:censored: it, I'm gonna cut the outro short. R.A.P. out!

"Yeah, I dare ya! Ragequit! Come on, make us both happy!"
~The Scout :iconscoutplz:

UPDATE: I got a note from the author of the other journal entry this one is in reaction to (Scott, I'm going to kill you if you were involved in that). He brought to my attention the stingy business practices of Microsoft and Sony, particularly involving the favor of cloud servicing over backwards compatibility. I would like to point out that I purposely ignored those details because they've already been raged about elsewhere...FAR elsewhere. Throwing my own opinion about that into the open would be an exercise in utter redundancy at this point, especially when I consider how the 3DS cannot play the GBA games that the NDS could. Nintendo's moving forward, too...They're just not going overboard like the others.

:O_o: ...Holy :censored:, this whole journal and the other is like a collective praise of Nintendo, now that I look back on it all. I'm not saying it actually is... It just looks that way. :paranoid:

"Oh fat man, PLEASE! This is getting awkward!"
~The Spy :iconspoyplz:


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