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So here's the deal, I basically never write Journal entries except to explain why I don't write journal entries.  If I know this thing is going to say the exact same thing for ages and ages, I might as well use it to make up for the OTHER thing I suck at: responding to personal messages and comments in a timely fashion (or at all).  Thus, here are my standard answers to all the standard questions/comments/requests I've gotten, right here whenever you need 'em!

Hey, that new picture you posted is really great!  I love it!

Hey, that new picture you posted really sucks.  I hate it.

Do you do requests/art trades/commissions?
Sadly, no.  I've tried in the past, but the blunt truth is that I SUCK at time management.  Just getting my own projects done on time is a constant struggle, let alone stuff that someone else asked for unexpectedly.  Every time I've tried, the requested stuff just doesn't get done, and that's bad.  Sure, I'd LIKE to do more stuff for other people, the added exposure would be terrific.  But there's lots of stuff I'd LIKE that just don't happen.  So, no requests or whatever.  Sorry.

Can I use your picture for _____?
Whatever it is, go for it!  I know some people get really uptight about others using their artwork in ways outside their control, but I'm not one of them.  (If I was, I wouldn't go posting my stuff all over the Internet to begin with)  I mean, I'd LIKE anybody who posts a picture of mine elsewhere to mention who originally drew it, but I won't loose any sleep if you don't.  Basically, as long as you're not slapping my art onto a sea of merchandising and making millions of dollars for yourself, I don't care... and if you think you're gonna make millions of MY crappy doodles, I just feel sorry for you.

Can I get some feedback on this thing I did?
Um... Could you ask somebody else?  I'm too much of a "if you're doing what you wanna do, who cares?" kind of guy to have much in the way of constructive feedback.  The exception is when i'm so invested in something that it sparks fanboy ranting, but then you wouldn't have to ask me about it in the first place (heck, you'd have to ask me to STOP)

Can I draw one of the characters from your webcomics?
HECK YES. Fanart is one of the most awesome creations in human history.  MAKE SOME OF IT!!!  DO THAT THING!

Uh, my fanart was going to have some *insert NSFW thing here* Is that okay?
This is another one of those "If I couldn't handle it, I wouldn't put my stuff in the Internet" things.  I'd be happy to go the rest of my life without thinking about somebody else getting off to one of my creations, but if it's gonna happen, I know better than to think I can stop it with some disclaimer.  Actually, I have this paranoid fear that some troll might commission some rule 34 of my stuff specifically because I dared to say you couldn't (stranger things have happened on the web)  So if you MUST, knock yourself out.  Just keep it someplace where I don't have to look at it, 'kay?

Could YOU draw *insert NSFW thing here*?

Wait, you draw webcomics?
Yup, Far Out There and Conventional Wisdom. A pretty good chunk of the stuff in my gallery comes from one or the other.

When are you gong to do more of that comic with the cute alien?
Uh, yeah... probably shouldn't have ended that last one on a cliffhanger, huh?  Believe me, I WANT to do more, but it's another matter of me already having too many things that aren't getting finished on time.  BUT ONE DAY, WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT, THERE WILL BE MORE.

Are you going to be at *insert convention here*?
Generally speaking, I only go to cons in the Southeastern US, and then only ones that my friends are also going to.  Aside from the fact that I can neither afford to travel on my own nor successfully put together any kind of plan on my own, my main reason for going to cons is so I can run around and find things to draw comics about.  Thus, I can really only do cons if there's people I trust around to watch my junk while I'm roaming the floor.  The side effect of this is that my con plans are often in a state of flux, since they depend so much on other people's plans, so it's hard to keep one of those "My Convention List For This Year" things.  Basically, just watch Conventional Wisdom's Facebook page for convention news when I know something.

Hey, I'm going to *insert convention here*, wanna come with me?
Thanks, but I've made it a policy to only travel to/room at cons with people I already know really well (or, at least, can be vouched for by people I already know really well)  It just cuts down on the drama by a factor of LOTS.

Why am I even mention that here?  That's, like, the one topic that's SURE to get a direct response from me in a timely fashion!

Well, that's everything I can think of.  Anything else that's not coming to mind probably doesn't get asked often enough to warrant inclusion here, so I'll wrap it up.  You now know ALL THE ANSWERS EVER.
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LOOK!  I wrote another entry!  ...and I guess that's just a secondary surprise to the fact that I ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING ON DEVIANTART!

Yeah, sorry about the lack of... anything.  Life got really, really complicated over the summer, and regular routines are only just now starting to become a thing again.  I've actually got a bit of a backlog of pictures that I've been meaning to post here, just give me some time to get around to actually putting them.

Also, to everybody who's faved or watched over the summer: THANKS!  Sorry I wasn't around to respond in a more timely and direct manner!
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I know, I'm scared too!  Actually, I'm writing this as sort of a blanket apology to anyone who added me to their watch list or faved something or (you poor poor souls) actually requested something over the past month or two.  Real life spent said month or two getting VERY hectic, which made it harder and harder to keep up with anything on dA.  Thankfully, things are finally settling down a bit and I should be able to start, you know, doing stuff again.  So, yeah, sorry if I totally left you hanging recently, I didn't mean it!
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1. Favorite Digimon Season?
Tamers, no question (My opinion of the other seasons tends to fluctuate, but Tamers is always on top)

2. If you could have any type of Digivice (all types) which one would you have? What color?
I have trouble choosing between 02's D-3 and Tamers' D-Power.  But then, the D-3 came in Black, and that's pretty awesome.

3. Who is your favorite Chosen Child/Digidestined of all six seasons?
Probably Rika.  Aside from the fact that she has probably the smoothest, most believable character development of any main character, she also got to rock an awesome "I'm so edge and dangerous" trench coat that one time.  (Man, my priorities are strange)

4. If you could have one of the Digimon that is already partnered up with a Digimon character, what Digimon would you have?
Oh gosh.  Gabumon would probably be the most fun to hang around with, but Impmon's would probably be more entertaining... actually, screw them.  Gatomon.  Hands down.

5. Who is your favorite leader? (Taichi/Tai, Daisuke/Davis, Takato, Takuya, Masaru/Marcus, or Taiki)
My dislike of the goggleheads is well documented, so this OUGHT to be a tough one.  But it isn't, 'cos Takato's awesome.  He's basically a subversion of the classic gogglehead traits: awkward, uncertain, and vulnerable as opposed to brash, cocky, and annoying.  Out of the "normal" leader characters, I'd say Taiki, since he's the only one who actually acts like a real leader.

6. Would you rather turn into a Digimon [like spirit evolution] or have one for a partner?
Partner.  When you start turning INTO DIgimon, it stops being Digimon and becomes Power Rangers (I'm looking at YOU Frontier)

7. What crest would you have if you were a Chosen Child?
Probably Imagination, or something along those lines (Is there a Crest of Day Dreaming?)

8. Who/what is your favorite Digimon villain?
Duh, Emperor/Kaiser Ken!  I mean, come on!  BlackWargreymon had potential, too, but like most of 02, that potential was squandered.

9. What is your favorite Digimon movie?
Tie between Our War Game and Revenge of Diaboromon (of course, Our War Game got remade as Summer Wars, which was cool)

10. Have you watched all the completed seasons? (Seasons 1-5)
...confession time: I never finished Savers.  I got through MOST of it, but still haven't gone back to watch that last batch of episodes.  I've seen all the first 4, though.

11. Are you watching the sixth season, Digimon Xros Wars?
I'm TRYING to, but I keep falling behind.  It's really annoying, too, because I've really enjoyed what I've seen so far.

12. Digimon Adventure or Digimon Adventure 02? (as in, what series did you like more)
Adventure.  I really REALLY wanted to like 02 more, but just crashed and burned too hard in the end.  Adventure may be less ambitious, but it is more consistent.

13. Digimon Tamers or Digimon Frontier?
Tamers Tamers TAMERS!!!  To be fair, though, my opinion of Frontier HAS improved since I first saw it (I like the world-building it did with the Digital World), but I still like the realistic, heavy sci-fi of Tamers best.

14. If you could be one character from Digimon, who would you be?
...can I just dig up my of Fan DigiDestined and be him?

15. Do/did you watch the English dub, original Japanese, or other/international dubs?
It depends on which I saw first.  I still have a soft spot for the dubs of seasons 1-4, since that's what I heard first, but since I saw Savers subbed first, I can't stand the dub.  (One weird thing: I also prefer the MUSIC in the Saban dubs over the originals)

16. Who is your favorite ‘loner’ or ‘rival’? (Yamato/Matt, Ken, Jenrya/Henry, Koji, Tohma/Thomas, or Zenjirou)
What the... they think HENRY is the "loner" in Tamers?  Rika AND Ryo are in that season and they picked HENRY?  WHAT THE CRAP?!?!?!?!?
...anyway, to answer the question: Rika.  I love ya, Matt, but this girl that kick your bleach blond butt.

17. Do you prefer Taichi/Sora, Yamato/Sora, both, or neither?
Sorato, baby.  One thing the second half of 02 actually did right (OOOOOOH SNAP!!!)

18. What’s the first thing you think of when you see/hear the word ‘Digimon’?
"Dun dun duuuuuh... dundun duh dun duh... dundun dun duh duh DUUUN DUUUUN!!!" :D

19. What is your favorite Digimon pairing? (crackship/canon/yaoi/whatever)
Rika and Ryo, with Takao and Jeri in second. (Yeah, I don't get very crazy with this sort of thing)

20. Favorite secondary character? (as in family members/other kids/etc.)
Oh gosh... uh, I dunno... the two tech girls working at Hypnos in Tamers?

21. Do you think that there should be a continuation of Digimon Adventure or do you think that it’s best to leave it as it is?
I'm all for a GOOD continuation, but the end of 02 leaves me with very little hope that it could be done.

22. How about a continuation series to Seasons 3/4/5?

23. Favorite female character?
Well, I've already mentioned Rika, like, 20 times so far, so I guess I'll just say her again.

24. Favorite male character?
Takato (have I mentioned I enjoyed Tamers today?)

25. If you were given the chance to create a whole new Digimon series, would you take it?
What kind of a question is THAT? A quick search through my gallery will reveal that I've already been toying with it for a WHILE now.
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So, I've been trying to get a new journal written for a WHILE now, but dA would never actually post the thing,  If you're seeing it now, then I guess that means it finally went through.

But that's not the important thing.  What you're all REALLY thinking is "WHOA!  He's actually writing a new journal?  But he NEVER writes journal entries!  Something BIG must have happened!"

Well, yes.  Something big has happened... seeing as how I'm writing this IN MY NEW APARTMENT IN WASHINGTON DC!  That's right!  I'm off in a scary new land! ...and, um... that's about all there is to report.

Actually, I take it back.  This isn't really that big.  Never mind.  Go about your business folks, nothing to see here...
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Yes, believe it or not, I'm writting ANOTHER journal... and once again, it's for totally silly reasons: I forgot to add all the group icon things which were the whole point of the LAST journal.

...yeah, I know.  These journals aren't very exciting are they?  Well, the alternative is my doing ACTUAL journal stuff and whining about how bad it is trying to make travel/hotel arrangements for Anime USA this year, so consider yourself lucky.

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OHMIGOSH!  What incredible world-shaking event event could possible be so drastic that it actually drove me to WRITE A NEW JOURNAL ENTRY?!?!?!?

...nothing, really.  I just got sick of seeing that same "Oh hay, Geocities is gone" thing every time I checked in. RIP OFF!!!

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Man, I don't really know why I even pretend that I'll start put stuff here on a more regular basis.

Well, I've got a mildly meaningful thought this time: Geocities officially goes the way of the Dodo today, which means that my old, neglected site Blitzkrieg's Digimon Vault is finally gone for good.  It's not like I was ever really going to do anything with it again, but still, I put a LOT of hours into that thing back in the day, so it's sad to see it disapear into the void.

Well, at least I've still got EVERY SINGLE FILE (give or take) saved on my old computer, so I can still resurrect the thing if I ever get around to it.  That's No. 6,265,789 on my List Of Things I'd Really Like To Do One Of These Days (it's right between "travel across the whole state on foot" and "form a Pink Floyd tribute band that only performs songs by other artists that sound like Pink Floyd songs")

Oh, and the on the topic of Geocities closing, I LVOE the "tribute" layout xkcd currently has in honor of the event.  It's so painfully true (though it's missing an obnoxious midi playing automatically)

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Hey, Animazement was a few weeks ago,so there's not much point in keeping that journal entry about it up, right?

So, um... yeah... I dunno.  I haven't really done a whole lot 'round here lately, have I?  Well, I think I'm going to have more time to just randomly doodle over the next few weeks, so I may be dumping more stuff onto this thing.  That, or I'll just play a lot of games.  Whichever comes first.

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You folks on dA are creative, artistic types, right?  Well, I'd appreciate some input on something:

See, I do face painting at Animazement, a Raleigh based anime convention that happens next week, and the stuff what that I paint is chibis of popular anime characters.  It's a nifty little idea in theory, but there's a problem: I'm a terrible judge of what's "popular."  Me, I just watch what I feel like when I feel like it and don't pay much attention to what everyone else is into at the moment.  In fact, the bulk of the anime I've watched over the past month or so has been 10 years old or more.  Clearly, I'm an old fart.

So, here's what I need: could anyone who reads this take a look at "Face Paint Chibis," a sheet of all the characters I currently plan on doing, and let me know what you think?  Is it what the kids are into these days?  Are there any characters there I should just drop?  Is there anyone you think I totally should add?  Any feedback I can get before next weekend would be VASTLY appreciated.
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...yeah, I just got bored having that same old journal up here, so I figured I'd write a new one.

Soooooooo... how 'bout that local sports team? I know anything about sports.  I draw cartoons for the Internet, for crying out loud...
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It hit me today that I hadn't really been taking advantage of the ability to rant about stuff that the journal feature provides.  So, what could be on my mind to rant about tonight?

...well, this isn't really a RANT, because that implies being angry.  Still, it puzzles the heck out of me.  I've been drawing my webcomic Far Out There for over a year now, slogging along through the obscurity that most webcomics dwell in.  In Big Picture terms, that's still the case.  Still, over the past 48 hours, the comic's hits have taken a significant jump, and I can't figure out why.  For a while now, readership has averaged somewhere between 60 and 100 hits a day.  Suddenly, this week's been WAY above normal. Tuesday was over 400, and today's been about 300.

Like I said, I'll gladly take as many readers as I can get, but I'm still confounded by the fact that I haven't DONE anything unusual to bump up readership this week.  What's more insulting, all the times I HAVE deliberately pulled stunts to pull more readers in, it didn't do squat.  Apparently, the key to getting people to read your webcomic is to lay around like a lazy bum, eating cereal and wasting time watching The Nostalgia Critic.

...hey, whatever works, I guess.

Oh, and just in case you stumble onto this and DON'T already know about Far Out There, check it out!…, everybody else is, and you wanna be just like everybody else, right?  RIGHT?!?!?!?!?
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Actually, it's just because I like messing with the little things at the bottom.

Still trying to grasp how all this dA stuff works, but I haven't broken the internet yet, so I must be starting to get the hang of it...
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Okay, so I finally got sick of apparently being the LAST ARTIST ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH who ISN'T on deviantART.  So... now I am!  For the moment, I'm just trying to get the hang of how everything works while dumping lost and lots of my random art onto here.

Wish me luck!
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